Gajim - 2020-03-08

  1. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Rework AccountCreationWizard
  2. bert Looks like python3-nbxmpp-nightly from the gajim repo hasn't been updated, whereas gajim-default-nightly has. nbxmpp is still on 0.9.93, but 0.9.94 is needed as of today.
  3. lovetox bert python3-nbxmpp-nightly is the nightly for the stable branch of gajim 1.1
  4. lovetox dont know what you want to use, but if you use gajim-default-nightly, you need nbxmpp-default-nightly
  5. lovetox which is not offered on the server as it seems Oo
  6. lovetox asterix, ^ dont we have a nbxmpp-default-nightly?
  7. lovetox no i think nbxmpp-nightly is the master branch
  8. lovetox so it build today but somehow with a timestamo of 15.2.2020
  9. bert hm, is still on 0.9.93
  10. lovetox yep as the date says its from 15.02.2020
  11. lovetox dont know whats up with that
  12. asterix It failed because make test fails
  13. hannibal asterix, can you check the flatpak plugin build log
  14. lovetox asterix, why did it fail?
  15. asterix lovetox,
  16. asterix hannibal, I do a &> dev/null ...
  17. lovetox oh yeah please install gir1.2-soup-2.4
  18. lovetox its a dependency now for nbxmpp
  19. asterix hannibal, ok I added the commands you tols me yesterday, and I removed the redirection to /dev/null so I'll get logs next time
  20. hannibal asterix, thanks
  21. asterix lovetox, installed
  22. lovetox can you trigger a build manually of the package?
  23. asterix hannibal, I only see that, nothing special:
  24. asterix lovetox, done
  25. asterix hannibal, there is one error, but it's because of dbus I think
  26. asterix gitlab upgrade running
  27. bert lovetox, asterix: thx for fixing the debian package, working now .)
  28. hannibal asterix, is plugin build included in the logs?
  29. asterix yes
  30. hannibal I'm missing org.gajim.Gajim.Devel.Plugin.* in appstream.xml; I assume gajim-plugin directory has been updated before building. asterix, can you execute `flatpak-builder` for one of the plugins and provide the logs, thanks
  31. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: GroupchatControl: Add remove button if group chat not found
  32. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: GroupchatControl: Add remove button if group chat not found
  33. asterix hannibal,
  34. hannibal Looks good
  35. asterix ok I run all of them again and re-update the repos
  36. hannibal Thanks
  37. asterix ok all done
  38. stefan hi
  39. stefan ‎[16:03:42] ‎stefan_‎: I just set up gajim-portable with user_b on a windows pc. there was already gajim-install with user_a. ‎[16:03:58] ‎stefan_‎: i closed gajim-install, started gajim-portable. ‎[16:04:30] ‎stefan_‎: closed gajim-portable (user_b), now gajim-install with user_a says password is wrong? ‎[16:04:37] ‎stefan_‎: is that a gajim or a ejabberd problem? ‎[16:06:02] ‎stefan_‎: probably gajim? setting the original password again in the gajim account made it work again.
  40. wurstsalat stefan, "setting the original password again in the gajim account made it work again." that should not have changed by starting gajim portable
  41. stefan hmm but why did i get the password error in gajim-install after that procedure.. don't understand that.
  42. wurstsalat stefan: did you store it in your system's keyring? I once had an issue with that (the next gajim instance would overwrite the password)
  43. stefan hmm keyring? windows=? i thought the passwords are stored somewhere in %appdata%/gajim for the install version and directly in the program window for the portable version?
  44. stefan I only used the programs in the "normal" way.
  45. wurstsalat that was on windows 7, there is a key vault on windows
  46. stefan hmm i have windows 10 prof 1909 64bit
  47. stefan but it would be an explanation.
  48. wurstsalat control panel > credentials (or sonething like that)
  49. wurstsalat stefan: control panel > user accounts > credential manager
  50. wurstsalat Like shown here:
  51. stefan hmm i found it. there are credentials for gajim.
  52. stefan and... they are not stored for user_a@server, but only for server.
  53. stefan that would explain it, yes?
  54. wurstsalat stefan: yes. which version is that?
  55. wurstsalat gajim version I mean
  56. stefan gajim? 1.1.3
  57. wurstsalat okay. I'm not sure if that has been fixed, I cannot find any issue about this, but I remember investigating :D
  58. stefan so switching to a different windows user profile would be the more secure way of testing different jabber profiles?
  59. stefan should i do the bugreport?
  60. stefan I would expect that a portable version doesn't make usage of a system component..
  61. wurstsalat I agree, for portable it probably shouldn't use the system's keyring
  62. stp Hello! Since I came across the recent Conversations' version's changelog which announced a change to OMEMO encryption I had no update notification for Gajim's OMEMO plugin. What about compatibility in that regard?
  63. hannibal stp: there has been an update a few weeks ago
  64. stp hannibal: thanks! Oh if it's that long ago I probably already got it back then. I thought Conversations would be the leader in that regard and therefor thought there must be an update coming up for Gajim.
  65. hannibal Omemo 2.6.30 is the latest stable
  66. stp hannibal: Ok, I'll check when I'm back home.
  67. stefan sorry wenn ich nerve..
  68. stefan sorry.. wrong window :-)
  69. stefan I just clicked on a xmpp link in windows. nothing happend besides of opening a window to select a possible xmpp client. Is it possible to register gajim in windows as the suitable program?
  70. wurstsalat stefan, should work when you're selecting gajim + check to always use gajim?
  71. wurstsalat asterix, could you push the latest website changes for flatpak links + updated translations? :)
  72. stp hannibal, I checked it, I've got OMEMO 2.6.71 installed.
  73. asterix wurstsalat: done
  74. wurstsalat stp:
  75. wurstsalat asterix: thanks, that was quick :)
  76. stp wurstsalat, oha :-) I'll update Gajim altogether now.
  77. wurstsalat stp: current nightly might be a bit unstable :) network-related changes, quite a lot
  78. stp wurstsalat, Thanks for the warning. I'll go ahead anyway unless you tell me it's pretty much unuseable.
  79. wurstsalat it is usable, and faster, but maybe some things broke. there is also a list of stuff which hasn't been implemented yet
  80. stp wurstsalat, can I read the list anywhere?
  81. wurstsalat
  82. stp wurstsalat, ok thanks, I'll risk the update.
  83. stp Ok, the currently Nightly is up and running. OMEMO plugin is still at 2.6.71 though.
  84. stp Though the whole program feels much faster now wow 👍
  85. bot villeneuve created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #10004: < Error message window pops up shortly after entering the plugin manager >
  86. wurstsalat stp: where do you install the plugins from?
  87. stp wurstsalat, I did nothing manually if that's what you mean. I always just used the plugin manager. Remember I'm on Windows in this case.
  88. wurstsalat ah I see. then you should be able to update via plugin manager
  89. stp wurstsalat, the manager is not working currently. I submitted the bug report already. The same issue was in the nightly I had previously installed which was Gajim-Portable-Master-64bit-2019-12-30.exe
  90. stp When trying to list updats that busy symbol just keeps spinning.
  91. wurstsalat ah that was you. ok I'll check as soon as there is time
  92. stp wurstsalat, no stress :-)