Gajim - 2020-02-27

  1. bot Xadjulya created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9994: < OpenPGP Error >
  2. beelze
  3. beelze What are these errors? Also, seems some icons are missing…
  4. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9994: < OpenPGP Error >
  5. wurstsalat February's dev news are out:
  6. wurstsalat whops, this one:
  7. 403 hi guys... for some weeks now, i have a strange behaviour. When my wife writes me from conversations, i will receive her message in conversations, but not on Gajim (at home). During the day, i can receive her messages in my Gajim instance at work just fine... I now started gajim with --verbose and found two interesting lines, maybe you could have a look and have an educated guess where to look further?
  8. wurstsalat 403, the solution is described here:
  9. 403 wurstsalat, wow thanks.... i'll check it!
  10. wurstsalat beelze, I'm not sure where these 'has errors' status comes from. did you do something that triggered it?
  11. 403 wurstsalat, so ist this one of my clients which has fallen behind, or is it the client of my wife actually? Can't find the offending sid =>784180093
  12. wurstsalat 403 hm I'm not sure, maybe wait for lovetox to answer that ;)
  13. 403 seems to be offline atm.
  14. 403 I'll see next time i'm on this pc whether it worked or not ;)
  15. 403 thx anyway, its at least a start.. this bugs me for weeks now...
  16. 403 finally had soem time to look into it
  17. 403 gotta go... cu :)