Gajim - 2020-02-24

  1. stefan hello
  2. stefan does anybody know how to analyse omemo problems with ejabberd 18.12, gajim and conversations? quite often, it doesn't work..
  3. asterix stefan, 90% of problems is that all keys are not trusted everywhere
  4. stefan a user had only gajim, and sending omemo messages was ok. now he has conversations on a mobile phone too. there are only error messages, no possibility to trust a key..
  5. stefan I read something that there could be a problem with ejabberd pubsub configuration. but I don't know enough to get it to work..
  6. stefan at least i would like to check if my server has everything enabled that is necessary for a working omemo function.
  7. lovetox Provide debug logs if you can
  8. stefan I need loglevel 5 (debug) in ejabberd?
  9. asterix Gajim logs