Gajim - 2020-02-22

  1. ellenor freezing (only in the start chat window) while trying to join a conversation de novo in gajim 1.1.93+41457a98a770
  2. ellenor nvm
  3. mrdoctorwho /home/mrdoctorwho/gajim/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gi/overrides/ Warning: ../glib/giounix.c:410Error while getting flags for FD: Bad fil
  4. lovetox we show the chatstate which we receive
  5. lovetox stuck on composing means, the last thing we received was composing
  6. lovetox or are you saying it shows composing and afterwards you receive a message from the contact
  7. ellenor lovetox, i'm saying it shows stuck on composing when nothing else does
  8. debacle With (almost current) master, I get my messages contacts in multiple conversation, if I have the same contact in multiple accounts. E.g. I am both "" and "" and both have "" as contact. Now "juliet" writes to my "joe" account, but I get two conversations, both as "joe", and as "mr.average". Is this a known issue?
  9. debacle With (almost current) master, I get my messages contacts in multiple conversations, if I have the same contact in multiple accounts. E.g. I am both "" and "" and both have "" as contact. Now "juliet" writes to my "joe" account, but I get two conversations, both as "joe", and as "mr.average". Is this a known issue?
  10. lovetox contact history is merged across account if thats what you mean
  11. debacle lovetox, but in 1.1.x (I believe) I did not get multiple notifications for the same message, right? I have the impression that the already confusing handling of multiple accounts got worse?
  12. lovetox you should not get 2 notifications
  13. debacle lovetox, Is there any way/workaround to prevent Gajim from merging conversations across accounts?
  14. lovetox no
  15. debacle Maybe I should just use Gajim with one account only and use Dino for the other.
  16. debacle But Dino is not as good as Gajim :-(
  17. lovetox where do you get 2 notifications?
  18. lovetox system notifications? or icons in the roster?
  19. debacle the former, lovetox
  20. debacle not sure about the latter
  21. debacle lovetox, btw. I use appindicator plugin, if that were relevant
  22. ellenor minimally reliable MUC block feature - when?
  23. ellenor (just has to do nicks, nothing else)
  24. lovetox what do you expect from a block feature for MUC
  25. lovetox debacle, cant reproduce it
  26. lovetox does it also happen if your smartphone is not logged in?
  27. lovetox maybe it has to do with carbons
  28. lovetox or disable the appindicator plugin for a minute
  29. ellenor > lovetox has written: > what do you expect from a block feature for MUC nick ignore. ignore on the client side mesnages from a nickname (optionally with nick change chasing) as if they had never been sent, or hide them from any view given to the user while still logging
  30. lovetox so right click on roster contact -> block does not work for you?
  31. ellenor > lovetox has written: > so right click on roster contact -> block does not work for you? ignorant shitweasel. That only works for private messages
  32. ellenor blocking from the nicklist in a chatgroup does place a strike over the chatter's nick but does not make messages in that chatgroup sent by them disappear as if they had never been sent
  33. gerald lol, and you're wondering why you're getting banned :)
  34. ellenor > gerald has written: > lol, and you're wondering why you're getting banned :) wisearse
  35. lovetox he probably has some mental condition
  36. debacle lovetox, I do not even own a mobile phone :-) only the Librem 5 development board is collecting dust somewhere... No, no other clients are active at the moment.
  37. bot TilP420 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9986: < Idk why. >
  38. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9986: < Roster: Error while pressing edit account >
  39. lovetox debacle, please gather a debug log when you receive a message that triggers 2 notifications
  40. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9986: < Account window options dialog throws AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_boolean' >
  41. debacle lovetox, OK, will try to
  42. debacle Btw. is there any plan to change Gajims behaviour of merging conversations from different accounts? It's probably not *that* important, but it is one of the few things in Gajim that are really confusing to me every day.
  43. lovetox i think we already store the messages per account
  44. lovetox its just not taken into consideration on loading messages in the history window
  45. debacle I see
  46. beelze Is there any way to reduce current minimum widths for windows (or panes whatever). Badly suffering from these limitations 😀
  47. wurstsalat beelze: why is that? which one makes you suffer the most? ;)
  48. beelze
  49. lovetox at the moment you cant modify the minimum width
  50. lovetox but looks tiny anyway?
  51. lovetox maybe 200px
  52. beelze I can't narrow the chat pane. And some of the text is invisible :-(
  53. wurstsalat that looks more like a misconfigured window manager to me
  54. beelze wurstsalat, this issue appears only when gajim window width is smaller than some value
  55. beelze I'm sure it's not WM related
  56. beelze
  57. beelze
  58. lovetox beelze, i dont see how we can influence this
  59. lovetox seems like gtk problem with your WM
  60. lovetox it does not resize correctly
  61. beelze
  62. beelze If I pulling pane splitter (between roster and chat panes) the chat pane itself just moving left after it reached some «minimal» width
  63. beelze *pulling left
  64. beelze Yoou mean that width is WM or gtk-related?
  65. lovetox yes we have a minimum width
  66. lovetox but i dont see how this is related to the problem that your text is cut
  67. lovetox if you reach the minimum width then the content of the window should resize so that everything is visible
  68. lovetox and how, when and what resizes is controled by GTK
  69. beelze please let me explain again, ok? :-)
  70. beelze
  71. beelze
  72. beelze
  73. beelze chat pane behaves exactly as it has a minimum width, yes?
  74. beelze I believe that setting this «minwidth» value to some smaller value will solve my problem
  75. wurstsalat hm all I see is a width-request for 200 px width
  76. wurstsalat for the scrolledwin
  77. beelze looks like the minimum width is 800px approx
  78. beelze (in my case)
  79. lovetox beelze, what i see on your screenshot is that the chat tabs on the left vanish
  80. lovetox is this because you cut the screenshot, or do they really vanish
  81. beelze lovetox, yes, the left (chat tab) pane is vanishing
  82. beelze scrolled horizontally outside the window viewport
  83. lovetox ok yes i can reproduce that
  84. lovetox so how big is your screen?
  85. beelze that's strange too because it's expected to rightmost and leftmost panes will never should be scrolled outside a view (because there is no horiz scrollbar)
  86. lovetox yeah thats true, this should not happen
  87. lovetox but if i now add that it does not move outside the viewport, is then your problem solved?
  88. lovetox i have the feeling you want to make the chat smaller bug cant?
  89. beelze lovetox, yes, it will solve a problem
  90. lovetox ok i will have a look
  91. beelze my primary display is 2560 px wide but the most part of it's width is occupied by browser. And I want to see both messenger and browser without overlapping.
  92. beelze Oh, and another FR – how can I get the Gajim focused when I just look on it? ;-) Just a joke of course :-)
  93. lovetox i use i3 WM, and there is a option that focus moves with the mouse
  94. lovetox so comes pretty close to looking :)
  95. hannibal asterix, have you found time to regenerate the flatpak repo?
  96. asterix Not yet, sorry. ..
  97. hannibal I checked again, maybe regeneration is not necessary
  98. hannibal asterix, can you try ``` ostree gpg-sign b75a3dcdd06cf596021c877ba20b6f27930f7e3e4d4da52e1cec7eac0939e3e1 KEY_ID ostree gpg-sign 6f72841cac37f92babff6abb3f350d39bed34444f51d6b31cec779849455397a KEY_ID ```
  99. hannibal KEY_ID should be replaced
  100. hannibal in the repo directory