Gajim - 2020-02-19

  1. ellenor Gajim is still not sending attachments to MUCs. Then again, Prosody doesn't seem to be sending them to people in MUCs.
  2. wurstsalat ellenor: If you mean http upload, that works fine for me in MUCs (using prosody)
  3. wurstsalat what do you mean by rebranding patch?
  4. ellenor like what all of the conversations forks do where they change the name and sometimes the icons
  5. ellenor and yes I mean HTTP upload
  6. wurstsalat what do you have in mind for a change in design?
  7. ellenor not really a whole lot. Perhaps change the menu bar to a toolbar. Probably work out why the presence menu in the roster switches to "free for chat" when I go away, and shows "has errors" when there are no errors...
  8. ellenor Literally the only thing I wouldn't actually want to upload to your gitlab would be the change in program name
  9. wurstsalat ellenor: help is always welcome. It's always a good idea to talk about your plans before spending time working on it. the network connection code is currently being worked on, and the status is one of the things which might be buggy at the moment. by 'menu bar' you probably refer to the contact list's menu on the top?
  10. ellenor by menu bar i refer to the menu bar, which has the menus: "Gajim", "Accounts", "View" and "Help".
  11. wurstsalat For a starting point:
  12. wurstsalat There are some sketches, also one for a menu bar replacement
  13. ellenor wurstsalat: this is exactly contrariwise to my aim
  14. ellenor I'm thinking the UI should at this point be cleft in twain. There should be a more GNOME3 style design, and a more traditional design as is used today. Going single track GNOME3 would leave me without a functional desktop Jabber client, since I use Xfce4 and I am not on speaking terms with the Psi+ developers.
  15. wurstsalat ellenor: don't get me wrong, I intended this to be a starting point for discussion :) I do prefer functional design, and I hat using gnome desktop (coming from KDE)
  16. wurstsalat there was specifically this mockup Is that something you are considering?
  17. ellenor wurstsalat: not specifically
  18. wurstsalat What is it then?
  19. ellenor do you remember what toolbars used to look like? generally everything was sorted from the left
  20. ellenor I would have thought that unpacking some of the menus, and leaving some of them as menus, as that mockup does, is reasonable, but not the way that mockup does it. The uni-menu is for the notifications tray.
  21. mrdoctorwho hi there
  22. mrdoctorwho my gajim uses 100% of the cpu
  23. mrdoctorwho it floods the console with "autocscroll enabled" message
  24. bennypr0fane Gajim 1.1.3 is newest, yes? Should that have the text field issue fixed where only one line is visible?
  25. bennypr0fane
  26. bennypr0fane can't find this in bug tracker, buzt I was told here in should be fixed in latest release
  27. bennypr0fane maybe still beta?
  28. andrey.g bennypr0fane,
  29. bennypr0fane andrey.g: no, it's this one:
  30. bennypr0fane It seems to be closed, But I still have it
  31. andrey.g bennypr0fane, yes, you're right. You can see, it has been commited on 29.12.2019. So if your Gajim is not newer, then the fix is defenitely not yet there.
  32. andrey.g bennypr0fane, yes, you're right. You can see, it has been commited on 27.12.2019. So if your Gajim is not newer, then the fix is defenitely not yet there.
  33. bennypr0fane andrey.g: 1.1.3. is current stable, correct? It was released April 2019. Any idea if next release is due rather soonish?
  34. andrey.g bennypr0fane, no idea, I'm using git master (recent or slightly dated).
  35. lovetox ellenor, this is a GPL project, nobody can stop you from forking it and rebranding it
  36. lovetox and about your httpupload problem, open an issue and supply the debug log
  37. lovetox mrdoctorwho, and is it fixed if you close the chatcontrols?
  38. ellenor lovetox: i think it's server side
  39. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: 1.1.3 is the current stable version, yes. that problem will be fixed with the next release (for which no date is set yet)
  40. bennypr0fane wurstsalat: what have been typical release cycles in the past? Is more than half a year unusual?
  41. bennypr0fane Just out of curiosity...
  42. ellenor I think Gajim should interim be renamed Gaxim
  43. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: you can get an overview here
  44. wurstsalat but yes, the upcoming release has bigger changes
  45. bennypr0fane It looks like Gitlab is labelling all releases than came out *during* 1 year as "1 year ago" 😄
  46. ellenor weew
  47. bennypr0fane So is that issue fixed in Git master?
  48. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: yes it is
  49. bennypr0fane Nice
  50. bennypr0fane I might just hop over to that
  51. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: click "one year ago" and you'll see the actual date
  52. ellenor > wurstsalat has written: > but yes, the upcoming release has bigger changes there's a conversation going on in the conversations muc that is related to why I think Gajim should interim be renamed Gaxim
  53. bennypr0fane Oh, thanks
  54. ellenor wurstsalat: I think i know what the problem is with upload
  55. ellenor it's server side
  56. wurstsalat ellenor: did you figue out what exaclty went wrong?
  57. ellenor wurstsalat: are you familiar with Prosody?
  58. wurstsalat yes, I'm running one myself
  59. ellenor mod_muc_media_metadata (I think)
  60. ellenor i unloaded it
  61. ellenor alles gut
  62. wurstsalat ellenor: thanks for the hint :)
  63. ellenor wurstsalat: have you had issues with this?
  64. wurstsalat No, I have never used that module
  65. ellenor ok
  66. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: CSS: Remove scrollbar styling
  67. ellenor White label Gajim: Should I even?
  68. ellenor Also "Gaxim" would be pronounced just like "Gajim"
  69. ellenor if you were to rename to it
  70. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *e9f197c6* < > CSS: Remove scrollbar styling
  71. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: CSS: Remove scrollbar styling