Gajim - 2020-02-18

  1. ellenor Is there a way to get Gajim to use Conversations-style blind trust in OMEMO?
  2. so I upload a file but it doesn't go
  3. Gajim seems not to support http file upload at all
  4. concerto o/
  5. concerto I run Gajim nightly on three KDE systems (all on Debian Stable). On all of them, the user has to enter their login password twice after Gajim starts. Is this an issue with Gajim, or KDE? ๐Ÿค”
  6. concerto In each case the login password is the same as the keyring password, so this shouldn't be happening.
  7. wurstsalat ellenor: It's planned, but not there yet
  8. ellenor the OMEMO or hfu?
  9. wurstsalat http upload is supported
  10. ellenor wrong
  11. ellenor I tested it and it did not work
  12. wurstsalat :D wrong!
  13. ellenor I pick a file within the size limit, it uploads, but it does not then send the attachment to the relevant exchange
  14. wurstsalat you can check server support in the server info window ;)
  15. ellenor server supports it
  16. ellenor works fine in Conversations, anyway
  17. wurstsalat have you checked in the server info window?
  18. ellenor where even is that
  19. wurstsalat in 1.1.3 in accounts > your account > advanced > server info
  20. ellenor i'm on trunk. the fact it is uploading means that gajim is correctly detecting that the server can do uploads
  21. ellenor the failure lies in the send
  22. ellenor of the link to the attachment to the relevant exchg
  23. concerto > I run Gajim nightly on three KDE systems (all on Debian Stable). On all of them, the user has to enter their login password twice after Gajim starts. Is this an issue with Gajim, or KDE? ๐Ÿค” > In each case the login password is the same as the keyring password, so this shouldn't be happening. ?
  24. concerto > I run Gajim nightly on three KDE systems (all on Debian Stable). On all of them, the user has to enter their login password twice after Gajim starts. Is this an issue with Gajim, or KDE? ๐Ÿค” > In each case the login password is the same as the keyring password, so this shouldn't be happening. ?
  25. wurstsalat ellenor: last time I checked it worked well. is that master from today?
  26. ellenor wurstsalat: recent, not today
  27. wurstsalat I'll check in an hour or so, but it should work
  28. ellenor wurstsalat: the upload itself is working
  29. wurstsalat concerto: sounds lile a keyring issue to me
  30. wurstsalat ellenor: yes you said that
  31. ellenor oh, and if I send an attachment from Conversations (which exhibits the expected behaviour), Gajim is utterly blind to it
  32. concerto wurstsalat: how do I check?
  33. ellenor concerto: just for reference, until i disabled use_keyring, this happened to me too on Xfce4 on FreeBSD.
  34. ellenor but that's obviously not the """right""" way
  35. concerto Yeah...
  36. ellenor it wanted to *create* the keyring erri tiem
  37. wurstsalat hm I don't know then. I don't use a keyring myself
  38. concerto ๐Ÿ™
  39. concerto How can we debug this for other users?
  40. concerto How can we debug this for other users' sakes?
  41. wurstsalat ellenor, http upload works fine for me. have you checked without encryption? are your plugins up to date? is nbxmpp up to date?
  42. wurstsalat concerto, let me enable keyring, I check if it works for me
  43. wurstsalat well, I was wrong. In fact, I was using kde wallet for a keyring all along, but without having to enter a master pass
  44. wurstsalat so it does work (for multiple user profiles of gajim)
  45. wurstsalat concerto, you could check if there actually is an entry from gajim in the keyring. else it could be that there is no keyring?
  46. wurstsalat which one is installed?
  47. concerto wurstsalat: `dpkg -l | grep keyring` shows I have gnome-keyring, and it seems the KDE equivalent is called kwalletmanager, which I also have.
  48. concerto wurstsalat: kwalletmanager says that the current wallet doesn't have any entries for 'Form Data' or 'Passwords', but it does say that Gajim is connected to it.
  49. wurstsalat concerto: I'll have a look later
  50. concerto Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  51. ellenor wurstsalat: I checked without encryption. That's the first thing I checked
  52. lovetox concerto, you can start gajim and provide the logs, that would be a start
  53. concerto Cool, on it
  54. lovetox ellenor, provide debug logs
  55. lovetox otherwise we can just take wild guesses what is happening
  56. pep. today I installed gajim on windows for my dad. He was confused because there was no "Send" button (he's a clicker)
  57. pep. Have I missed it?
  58. lovetox no there is no send button
  59. pep. Ok
  60. pep. That's the kind of thing I personally don't even think about :x
  61. lovetox and concerto your problem seems to be that you have 2 keyrings installed
  62. lovetox probably kde is primary
  63. lovetox and it has no key in it, so you have to unlock kde first
  64. lovetox then it finds no password
  65. lovetox then you have to unlock gnome, and then it gets its password
  66. lovetox and that gnome and kde is not unlocked on login is a preference on your system which you can surley configure
  67. bert pep.: hehe, are we brothers?? Also, "one single view" was a must for my dad
  68. pep. heh
  69. pep. yeah I also set it that way
  70. wurstsalat pep.,
  71. pep. wurstsalat, I'm happy not to have any if that's a direction people want to go. I was just asking
  72. wurstsalat I'd be willing to add one (maybe configurable). You are not the first to ask
  73. pep. I hear strong opinions against this Send button :p
  74. pep. wurstsalat, wrong, I'm not asking for one. Just asking if there is one already :p
  75. wurstsalat :D right
  76. ellenor "It's called Enter, papa"
  77. ellenor "It's on your keyboard"
  78. bert ellenor: yeah :) I think some people are expecting a send button because in their mind, writing a message and actually sending it are two very separate things for them, on a desktop at least, look at thunderbird or outlook, e.g.
  79. ellenor Can a plugin create a send button
  80. wurstsalat ellenor, it could
  81. djx How about a "virtual stamp" to send these new-fangled virtual letters?
  82. djx, nah
  83. wurstsalat, in the chat field, but on no other part of the screen, the scrollbar is very narrow
  84. wurstsalat, yes I think you can change that via CSS. it's a GTK styling option
  85. I didn't change it. It's only manifesting in this program
  86. and only in the chat field, not in the user list nor the roster
  87. wurstsalat Yes, you can change that if you want
  88. it seems like it's a bug
  89. I guess I would not do badly to get a screenshot
  90. wurstsalat I't a style defined by gajim (on purpose)
  91. so it's an intentionally-introduced bug
  92. designed to make it harder for me to scroll
  93. wurstsalat you can change it using `.scrollbar-style slider {min-width: 3px; background-color: #a0a3a4}` in gajim.css
  94. wurstsalat Would you call a preference a bug?
  95. yes.
  96. the fact that I have to edit .local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/data/style/gajim.css to get the thing to behave like any other GTK+3 program (which is a graphics toolkit I hate in the first place) is annoyig
  97. wurstsalat Well, there are many other places with custom styles in Gajim ;)
  98. none that are actually ugly though
  99. wurstsalat lovetox, do you know why we apply a custom style to that scrollbar?
  100. ellenor back
  101. ellenor wurstsalat, to make life harder for people who aren't using the adwaita theme?
  102. ellenor 18/02/2020 09:51:19 (W) gajim.c.m.caps ( Disco info malformed: Caps hashes differ: Bkfoza9Y373Xj8EhUwVR+IU+IJ8= != None
  103. lovetox no, i think we can remove that
  104. debacle Which --log-level subsystem/level would I need to see all the XML stanzas, but not much else?
  105. lovetox the xml console?
  106. debacle lovetox, no, I mean on the "real" console/terminal.
  107. lovetox -l .nbxmpp=INFO you can also try
  108. debacle sounds good, thanks!
  109. lovetox i think you can even more filter
  110. lovetox just look at the sub logger that prints the stanza
  111. debacle Will do, lovetox. Thanks!
  112. concerto lovetox: you appear to be right - on a system with only kwalletmanager installed, I don't have the asked-twice issue.
  113. concerto But even on that system, starting Gajim prompts me for my keyring password, even though it's the same as my login password...AFAIK that's supposed to automatically unlock the keyring ๐Ÿค”
  114. concerto lovetox, wurstsalat: ^
  115. wurstsalat concerto, that's good to know, thanks!
  116. concerto Is there some way we can diagnose that?
  117. wurstsalat you having more than one keyring installed?
  118. lovetox concerto,
  119. lovetox 1. Gajim does not prompt for your keyring password, Gajim wants to get a password from the keyring, and your system asks you to unlock the keyring first
  120. lovetox 2. yes you can set that your keyring is unlocked when you login
  121. lovetox but thats not a Gajim setting, you have to configure that on your system
  122. lovetox Gajim can not influence if your keyring is unlocked or not
  123. concerto The folks at #kde implied it may have to do with Gajim - > because Gajim is GTK-based, and it probably only talks to Gnome Keyring
  124. concerto (Which sounds suspicious to me, because Gajim does have a password stored in the kwalletmanager keyring)
  125. wurstsalat well, "probably only talks to gnome keyring" does not stand, gajim is talking to kwallet. it's using libsecret, I think
  126. lovetox we use a python package for that
  127. lovetox python-keyring
  128. lovetox has nothing to do with GTK
  129. lovetox and also it makes no sense, Gajim talks only to gnome keyring, and thats why KDE wants to unlock kdewallet
  130. lovetox ...
  131. lovetox just ask them where the option is to unlock the keyring on login
  132. bot Daniel Brรถtzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: CSS: Remove scrollbar styling
  133. wurstsalat ellenor, ^
  134. ellenor hoi
  135. lovetox hm i remember now
  136. lovetox its because we always show the scrollbar
  137. lovetox and its really big in the standard adwaita and looks kind of ugly
  138. wurstsalat Hm but it't the themes standard, it looks ok to me
  139. wurstsalat Ok I'll adapt the MR to your suggestions
  140. lovetox yeah but almost no application shows the scrollbar all the time
  141. lovetox all use show only on hover with mouse over it
  142. lovetox like we do in the roster
  143. lovetox but in the chat its important to see if you are at the bottom or not with on look, not needing the mouse to hover over there
  144. lovetox actually they look the same to me, roster and chat scrollbar
  145. lovetox i dont see a difference, i think i took the setting from adwaita and just also applied it for the non-hover version
  146. wurstsalat lovetox: I can provide screenshots tomorrow. its definitively wider
  147. lovetox what is wider?
  148. lovetox the roster scrollbar?
  149. lovetox there should be 2 modes, one if you just hover over the roster, and one where you hover over the slider
  150. lovetox but yeah we probably should not change the width as other themes maybe already changed them
  151. lovetox but border and background of the non slider area, i dont see how this makes problems on other themes
  152. hannibal asterix, another update for the flatpak repo
  153. hannibal mkdir -p ${repo_dir}/appstream/x86_64 # only run once flatpak build-update-repo ${repo_dir} ostree --repo=${repo_dir} checkout --user-mode --union --bareuseronly-dirs appstream/x86_64 ${repo_dir}/appstream/x86_64
  154. hannibal to generate a appstream.xml.gz that can be used by software managers to show information about available software in the repo
  155. hannibal correction of last line: ostree checkout --repo=${repo_dir} --user-mode --union --bareuseronly-dirs appstream/x86_64 ${repo_dir}/appstream/x86_64
  156. wurstsalat lovetox: I'll check that tomorrow
  157. asterix hannibal, so everyday after each build of gajim and plugins, I have to run build-upadte-repos and ostree ?
  158. hannibal once a week should be sufficient, content should change that often
  159. hannibal after gajim and plugins have been build the command should be run
  160. asterix I build everyday, so I'll run that everyday too
  161. asterix that doesn't hurt
  162. hannibal that's fine
  163. asterix I just run the commands
  164. hannibal I missed the --gpg-sign (and --gpg-homedir, if used in other commands) options, can you add this to build-update-repo
  165. hannibal you can copy the options from the other commands
  166. asterix I added the gpg-sign, but without gpg-homedir
  167. ellenor > lovetox has written: > yeah but almost no application shows the scrollbar all the time > all use show only on hover with mouse over it > like we do in the roster I use a permanent scrollbar and hate apps which hide it
  168. hannibal asterix, there is a problem with an unsigned commit in the repo; IMO easiest solution is to remove the flatpak directory and regenerate it; don't delete the flatpakref file :)
  169. asterix :/ I'll have to re-find how to rebuild everything ...
  170. asterix not this evening
  171. ellenor how would the gajim developer team feel if I applied a rebranding patch to their work