Gajim - 2020-02-12

  1. hungrycreature why does this not work every other xmpp/jabber client I have used does not give me these difficulties it won't let me sign in to any of my accounts, I know the details and server are correct because i use them with other clients all the time but gajim simply rejects any and all attenpts for me to connect to an account this is such garbage
  2. wurstsalat > this is such garbage nice to meet you, too do you get any specific error?
  3. prof.p Hello. Is the file "Gajim-Portable-Master-32bit-2020-02-12.exe" from possibly corrupted?
  4. prof.p It can't be executed (even with UAC) on my Windows 64 bit, winver -> 1903, Build 18362.592)
  5. Link Mauve prof.p, why would you run a 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS?
  6. prof.p Normally this isn't a problem. This was possible one week before (my impression). Usually I do prefer 64 bit versions, but cannot find Gajim portable as 64 bit version here:
  7. bot Narcis Garcia created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9977: < Video session fails >
  8. prof.p Link Mauve: or ist the "Gajim-Master-64bit-2020-02-12.exe" as portable as "Gajim-Portable-Master-32bit-2020-02-12.exe"? It's missing the "portable" which is crucial for my needs...
  9. Link Mauve prof.p, I have no idea, I don’t use Windows.
  10. bob Hey Guys, may I ask why there are not more freguent releases as stable?
  11. asterix Bi, the 64bit upload is broken
  12. asterix s/Bi/No
  13. ellenor i forget, does gajim use hg or git?
  14. ellenor why was OTR dropped?
  15. asterix Git
  16. asterix Because it's not maintained anymore
  17. ellenor lol
  18. ellenor >Some users think it means "Gtk Absolute Jabber Instant Messenger", which is quite flattering.
  19. ellenor I'd go with "Gtk Almost perfect Jabber IM" if it actually worked
  20. ellenor As it is it's "Gtk Almost workig Jabber IM"
  21. asterix Why doesn't it work?
  22. Ellenor Malik asterix: disconnects after less than half of one hour, due to keepalives
  23. asterix Your server doesn't answee to keepalive? You have logs?
  24. Ellenor Malik asterix: my server is prosody. what am i missing
  25. asterix Nothing. Could you provide XML logs when it disconnects? Just open xml console to get them
  26. Ellenor Malik k
  27. Ellenor Malik hi
  28. Ellenor Malik I think I kicked myself
  29. Ellenor Malik How do I open the xml console, asterix?
  30. Ellenor Malik I crashed it by trying to join this MUC because it wouldn't send messages
  31. Ellenor (Invictus) 12/02/2020 05:43:26 (W) gajim.c.m.vcard Received: avatar mismatch: None
  32. Ellenor (Invictus) **
  33. Ellenor (Invictus) Gtk:ERROR:a11y/gtkaccessibility.c:565:gail_focus_notify_when_idle: code should not be reached
  34. Ellenor (Invictus) zsh: abort (core dumped) gajim
  35. Ellenor (Invictus) when i tried to open the XML console
  36. Ellenor (Invictus) so I can't even give you XML logs
  37. lovetox Ellenor (Invictus), this is a GTK segfault in a part of code which should not be reached
  38. lovetox all you can do is report it to and hope it gets fixed or they have a solution for you
  39. lovetox asterix, could you disable the cron job that deletes the win snap packages?
  40. lovetox as it seems upload is still broken from appveyor
  41. lovetox i would like to upload it manually, but next day they are deleted again
  42. lovetox prof.p, i uploaded the 64 bi portable
  43. lovetox please try now, and tell me again in the future if it does not work
  44. lovetox bob, currently the problem is that we need bigger code changes to the core
  45. lovetox to make the code fit for future additions
  46. lovetox this can not be done in small parts without introducing a lot of new problems
  47. lovetox so once these done there should be a stable release, and afterwards more releases in short cycles
  48. lovetox and the problem is also i have a little kid now, and not THAT much time at the moment :)
  49. prof.p lovetox‎, oh thank you very much! will try it out just right about now!
  50. asterix lovetox: done. Won't be removed anymore
  51. asterix Do I stop daily appveyor?
  52. lovetox no
  53. lovetox hm
  54. lovetox i will adjust appveyor to build, but not to upload for now
  55. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *47e1110a* < > CI: Disable appveyor FTP upload Currently broken
  56. asterix Bte, it's a appveyor bug that FTP upload is broken?
  57. asterix Bte -> Btw
  58. prof.p lovetox: works!!
  59. prof.p thank you!
  60. lovetox asterix hm not sure, could also be our FTP, there is a beta mode in appveyor, maybe i will try and disable that
  61. lovetox also we use passiv mode, maybe could try with active?
  62. lovetox dont know what that is though
  63. lovetox or we switch to that
  64. lovetox
  65. lovetox but you would have to write a python script that processes that payload
  66. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9977: < Video session fails with AttributeError: 'GstXvImageSink' object has no attribute 'set_window_handle' >
  67. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9977: < Video session fails with AttributeError: 'GstXvImageSink' object has no attribute 'set_window_handle' >
  68. asterix I'll try tu check is there is a proftpd upgrade
  69. ellenor requirement nbxmpp 0.9.92
  70. ellenor can't get
  71. wurstsalat ellenor: it's available in gajim's repository for example
  72. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0ad64a21* < > CI: Enable appveyor FTP upload - Don't use alternative FTP library - active_mode: false is the default so not needed
  73. lovetox asterix, i found something we can try
  74. lovetox but upgrade ftp server from your side would also be good
  75. asterix Ok, let's see tomorow if upload is ok
  76. lovetox So i found out why some filetransfers between C and Gajim are not working
  77. lovetox or rather the files seem to be corrupt
  78. lovetox if omemo encryption is enabled, C sends the file encrypted
  79. lovetox it does not check if Gajim is actually capable to decrypt these files
  80. lovetox so the files seem corrupt if the transfer finishes
  81. lovetox if direct files transfer is used aka jingle
  82. lovetox for httpupload there is no problem
  83. wurstsalat encrypted via JET?
  84. lovetox yes and no, C uses also other non-standard methods to encrypt jingle transfers
  85. ellenor what is C
  86. wurstsalat ellenor: Conversations (Android)
  87. ellenor thought no
  88. ellenor so*
  89. prof.p Gajim v1.1.93 crashes on start OS: Manjaro Linux, 64 bit Version built from AUR via "yay gajim-git"
  90. prof.p ## Versions