Gajim - 2020-02-06

  1. prof.p Hello there. What is the purpose of the Cache.db?
  2. prof.p Can/should it be deleted when moving the installation to another device?
  3. bullgard4 [Debian stable, Xfce 4.14, Gajim 1.1.2-2, gajim-omemo 2.6.27-1] My friend (also in Germany) sent me a picture (.jpg) file. I received this picture all right. He sent me two movie (.mp4) files. I received them but mpv and VLC Media Player cannot decode them. How to analyze and troubleshoot?
  4. asterix prof.p: it can be deleted yes. It's only a cache to not query things we hace it cache. It will be recreated on next start
  5. prof.p thank you very much, asterix
  6. lovetox bullgard4, why do you think this is a Gajim problem?
  7. lovetox file sending does not make a difference between video files or pictures
  8. lovetox its all just a "file"
  9. bullgard4 lovetox, because I used Gajim when I experienced this result.
  10. bullgard4 lovetox, What is jus a file?
  11. bullgard4 +t
  12. lovetox zero and ones
  13. lovetox bytes
  14. lovetox it does not make a difference what the file contains
  15. bullgard4 Do you want to annoy me?
  16. lovetox no, you asked what a file is
  17. lovetox if the file transfer was encrypted you could test unencrypted
  18. lovetox otherwise i would look at what the problem is vlc has with the file
  19. bullgard4 lovetox, You stated: "[17:55:45] ‎lovetox‎: file sending does not make a difference between video files or pictures." - Your statement is wrong. I experience the opposite. I stated this clearly here in this channel.
  20. bullgard4 lovetox, Yes, I probably should test the transfer of the unencrypted file.
  21. lovetox there are many points where the file could be corrupted
  22. lovetox first on the sending side, then on the server where it is stored
  23. bullgard4 Unfortunately my test partner is not available at the moment. I need to postpone that.
  24. lovetox then are you sure the file is corrupt, and no just your system is just not able to play that file?
  25. lovetox is it possible you send the same file via another channel
  26. lovetox to see if the same problem occurs again, then you could rule out Gajim
  27. bullgard4 Yes, I can also test by using another transmission path in order to narrow down the prroblem. I will think about using another convenient transmission path. - Thank you.
  28. raver bullgard4: have you verified the file integrity?
  29. raver Sha or md5 sum
  30. lovetox yeah that would also be a path7
  31. lovetox though probably harder on a smartphone
  32. lovetox assuming your parnter sent it from there
  33. bullgard4 ravenI have only checked the numer of bytes at the sener and at the receiver (=me).
  34. bullgard4 sender
  35. raver That's not an indicator
  36. raver Space on disk depends on many things
  37. bullgard4 Why not?
  38. raver Disk format
  39. raver Block size
  40. raver Etc.
  41. raver That's why check sums exist
  42. bullgard4 Right. I will scrutinize that a bit closer.
  43. raver lovetox: I bet there exist an app for checksum generation 😂
  44. raver Maybe it could be a feature for Gajim, too have the file transfer display the checksum for a file from both ends
  45. bullgard4 I need to go. I'll keep that in mind what you told me. Cul
  46. raver Maybe it could be a feature for Gajim, to have the file transfer display the checksum for a file from both ends
  47. wurstsalat raver: I don't think displaying every possible info would be helpful. but there are file transfer mechanisms in the works which make use of checksums
  48. raver wurstsalat: ✌️ yea I do not like overloaded guis too. It was Just a thought
  49. asterix If jingle is used, we already check integrity. Sender sends us checksum and we verify
  50. lovetox everyday 10 spammers register
  51. lovetox i now have a daily user delete script
  52. gerald ibr?
  53. lovetox no in gitla
  54. lovetox gitlab
  55. saltybones where do turn off if my gajim sends typing notifications or not?
  56. saltybones i can't find it anymore. :p
  57. bronko saltybones, Gajim - Preferences (Ctrl+P) - Personal Events
  58. saltybones ah....didn't know that was called a chat state
  59. saltybones thanks!
  60. Hund Is it possible to change the timestamps to 24h clock? :)
  61. Hund In Gajim.
  62. saltybones Hund, WHY!
  63. saltybones why did you have to point that out to me
  64. saltybones I will never be able to unsee it
  65. Hund :D
  66. bronko Hund, the default is to show the time representation from the users Locale settings, you can override it in Gajim - Preferences - Advanced Configuration Editor - search for 'time_stamp' and read the Description, there is an example
  67. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Use network-available signal for connection status
  68. debacle I see this: [21:05:42] ‎Hund‎: Is it possible to change the timestamps to 24h clock?
  69. lovetox as bronko said it depends on your locale