Gajim - 2020-01-27

  1. djx Is there an ETA of when Gajim is going to move away from "python threads" as was mentioned a while ago when I was showing some network bugs?
  2. Chelsea Hi, I'm having a trouble with gajim since I installed it on my computer, it won't connect.
  3. Chelsea It tells me that it couldn't resolve host.
  4. Chelsea gajim.c.resolver could not resolve host.
  5. Chelsea : (
  6. wurstsalat djx: there is a rework of connection handling in progress
  7. wurstsalat Chelsea: well, it does not resolve, so probably a domain issue
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  9. jubalh Hi
  10. jubalh This morning I saw this: anyone got an idea?
  11. wurstsalat jubalh, that issue was fixed a year ago, see
  12. wurstsalat please update
  13. jubalh i cannot just update. its in a released product
  14. jubalh i'll have to take the commits and prepare a patch
  15. jubalh thanks for the link though
  16. jubalh wurstsalat: sounds like different issue to me though
  17. wurstsalat jubalh, why is that?
  18. jubalh totally different message isnt it?
  19. wurstsalat jubalh, are you referring to the initial bugzilla bug or the last comment in that bug?
  20. jubalh wurstsalat: ah for the first one you are right
  21. jubalh of course, sorry
  22. jubalh the second one though?
  23. wurstsalat jubalh, "database disk image is malformed" sounds like a corrupted logs database (may occur after power outages). deleting the logs database should fix the issue. I don't know, but maybe there is a way to even repair that database
  24. jubalh wurstsalat: could you tell me where that database lies so i can remove it?
  25. jubalh (or rather tell the user what re remove. I dont hvae gajim myself :))
  26. wurstsalat jubalh, ~/.local/share/gajim/logs.db
  27. wurstsalat debacle, would you mind adding gajim-urlimagepreview (and maybe gajim-plugininstaller) to the "recommended" packages in debian?
  28. wurstsalat debacle, RE berlin sprint: I'd love to attend some time, but that weekend is already full for me.
  29. debacle wurstsalat When a package "recommends" another, it means, the latter will be installed by default with the first one. Not doing this with gajim-urlimagepreview and gajim-plugininstaller were delibrate decisions:
  30. debacle The first one is a little bit of a privacy issue. Modern email clients do not load any remote content (images) anymore, at least by default. urlimagepreview leaks your IP address to others, but also a bit of your online habits, independent of presence. I prefer, if people decide that explicitely.
  31. debacle The second one is also something, that I would better not have by default. For many "simple" users, it is confusing to have different sources of software on their system, that also behave completely different. And then having the same plugin from different sources will make debugging problems or uninstalling less obvious. So better leave that for the people who a sure they want that! :-)
  32. debacle wurstsalat Too bad, it doesn't work out for you to come to Berlin for the sprint! Maybe you are by accident in Berlin a second Wednesday of any month? Then you could come to our Berlin XMPP Meetup!
  33. wurstsalat debacle, I see, thank you for explaining that :)
  34. wurstsalat debacle, I noticed the regular meetups in berlin, but it's a bit far for me. maybe by accident though ;)
  35. debacle wurstsalat, I'm open to add more plugins to Debian. Not everything, of course, but if there is something really useful or funny or amazing... :-)
  36. debacle wurstsalat, if you happen to come to the meetup, we might think about forcing you to do a talk! :-)
  37. wurstsalat debacle, actually, "Source Code Syntax Highlight" became a valuable plugin for me. at least in current master it works very well. maybe we can add a package for that one when gajim 1.2 arrives
  38. wurstsalat debacle, ha, yeah that would be nice. maybe we can do a sprint in Bremen some time
  39. Holger wurstsalat: That's where you live? I visit Bremen once or twice a year, maybe we could at least have a beer next time.
  40. debacle wurstsalat, "Source Code Syntax Highlight" sounds useful, indeed. I'ld probably use it, esp. at my workplace.
  41. wurstsalat Holger, yes, sure, that'd be nice :)
  42. Holger I'll ping you!
  43. debacle Sounds dangerous, too, all the parsing of untrusted input...
  44. debacle But I'll probably package it. Thanks for the hint, wurstsalat
  45. wurstsalat debacle, packaging it would also be good in regard to the dependencies needed
  46. debacle wurstsalat, yes
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  48. lovetox debacle, i dont think this is dangerous, pygments parses text and colors it
  49. lovetox i dont think there is any attack vector here
  50. asterix wurstsalat, updated
  51. wurstsalat thanks asterix :)
  52. wurstsalat here it is, for everyone:
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