Gajim - 2020-01-24

  1. bot Scheusan created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9959: < Possible Details About Addiction Treatments101 >
  2. wurstsalat debacle, you know what to do when you're seeing any bug!
  3. prof.p Hi. A question concerning the "now listen" plug in. A contact sees a music note on my avatar. That's when my music is playing because I used the Now Listen PlugIn. But at the moment I have no PC started, so no Gajim running... How can I remove the playing overlay icon?
  4. prof.p It seems my state is still playing. He sees a song I used to play 2 days before...
  5. prof.p Playing state is frozen...
  6. wurstsalat prof.p, go to your contact list, right click your account > personal events > publish tune
  7. prof.p Thx
  8. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Groupchat: Add invite page
  9. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Groupchat: Add invite page
  10. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9960: < Transport icon logic for IRC does not work >
  11. wurstsalat genofire, ^
  12. prof.p wurstsalat: the menu item is greyed out. I am on WIndows now, but used to play a tune 2 days before in Gajim@Linux.
  13. wurstsalat prof.p, hm yeah, you probably have to disable that on linux. tune publishing does not work on windows (due to missing dbus), so the menu is disabled, which makes it hard to disable it on windows
  14. hulten Feature request for OMEMO plug-in (or maybe any encryption plugin): Do not just send the message of encryption is not enabled.
  15. hulten Motivation: Sometimes encryption is off (for whatever reason). Even though the chat window shows an unlocked lock, I don't always notice. I don't want to accidentally send unencrypted messages (if this is not intended).
  16. hulten Is there already such a feature in Gajim? (I couldn't find it in the settings.)
  17. wurstsalat hulten, not yet, but maybe we could add a warning if you previously sent entrypted messages with that contact
  18. hulten wurstsalat‎, that would help.
  19. hulten Is it difficult to block the sending of a message, e.g. through a pop-up window saying «Do you really want to send an unencrypted message?»?
  20. lovetox hulten, you are crossing the line between helpful and down right annoying
  21. hulten Most often I already noticed after sending one or two messages unencrypted.
  22. hulten Let me think.
  23. lovetox the question i ask myself is, why did you disable encryption in the first place
  24. lovetox and if not then it must be the very first messsage to that contact, i guess this is not highly sensitive material
  25. hulten lovetox‎, that's a good question, because I never do that, but it still happens sometimes that the encryption is not enabled.
  26. hulten At least today in a group chat.
  27. lovetox thats a bug then
  28. hulten (where encryption is normally on).
  29. lovetox encryption is never switched on or off automatically
  30. lovetox only through the user
  31. hulten Can it be a user I am communicating with, or is encryption on/off one-way?
  32. lovetox if that happens next time check if the omemo plugin is enabled, it can happen on updates that the plugin has errors and then you dont have encryption support
  33. hulten Group chats may complicate things.
  34. lovetox no its rather simple, you switch encryption on, we save that decision, and gajim *should* never change that decision
  35. hulten lovetox, thanks for the tip: I will try to take not what exactly took place next time it happens.
  36. lovetox what other contacts do or not do has no influence
  37. hulten And different devices? Is it device-specific?
  38. lovetox no
  39. hulten So it is not a setting in the local Gajim?
  40. lovetox ah yes, thats what you mean
  41. lovetox you have to set it on each device separately
  42. lovetox enabling encryption on Conversations or another client does not influence any other client of yours
  43. hulten lovetox, yes, that is quite logical (except if XMPP would support account-wide settings of this, but let's not compicate things further—possibly that would also be not a good idea securitywise).
  44. hulten Concerning the annoying versus helpful.
  45. lovetox exactly, because this setting would have to be stored on the server
  46. lovetox where server admins could manipulate it
  47. hulten It would mostly be helpful—so far I have not sent really critical/private information unencrypted. I double-check everything always when sending a passphrase or something.
  48. hulten Issue closed. 😃
  49. hulten And thanks for your help!
  50. prof.p wurstsalat, help
  51. prof.p i cannot disable my music overlay icon.
  52. prof.p am now on linux gajim
  53. prof.p cann we PM, wurstsalat ?
  54. lovetox prof.p, start a music, then stop it
  55. lovetox it might be a bug i noticed that too, it should be cleared when you disconnect
  56. prof.p thanks lovetox
  57. prof.p not working
  58. prof.p status is getting updated to Song: unbekannter Künstler von unbekannter Quelle when i close my player
  59. prof.p this is weird
  60. prof.p yes, please clear this.
  61. lovetox did you try to stop the song rather then close the player
  62. prof.p lovetox. lol. very good question. i have only dragon player here and thats not possible. lol.
  63. prof.p just can pause it
  64. Marzanna Hello. How do i sign in to with my account?
  65. lovetox yeah i have a look later
  66. prof.p ok lovetox, merci.
  67. prof.p ok, got strawberry player lovetox. (a fork of clementine). it has a stop button!
  68. prof.p but even when I am pressing stop gajim status will tell "Unbekannter Titel" etc
  69. lovetox Marzanna, should work now
  70. Marzanna lovetox, oh thanks. it was github not gitlab :)
  71. lovetox we dont have this configured right now
  72. lovetox asterix, could you enable as oauth signin source
  73. lovetox it should be done in config/gitlab.yml
  74. lovetox
  75. genofire wurstsalat: <3
  76. bot Marzanna created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #475: < [OMEMO] TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable >
  77. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #475: < [OMEMO] TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable >
  78. 57 how to change UI language to en_GB?
  79. wurstsalat 57: by setting your system's language to en_GB
  80. 57 wurstsalat, is there another way?
  81. wurstsalat 57: I don't think so. but there is an issue open about this
  82. gerald I just noticed that a xep-0092 (jabber:iq:version) request is responded to with a 503 error ("The server or recipient does not currently provide the requested service") by Gajim, although I have enabled "Client/OS version" toggle under account options. This is on Gajim 1.1.92+e86951bd4.
  83. lovetox thanks could you open an issue?
  84. gerald yep, will do
  85. bot moppman created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9961: < XEP-0092 (jabber:iq:version) request isn't handled properly >
  86. debacle openpgp plugin uses, but that does not exist?
  87. wurstsalat debacle: thats a known issue
  88. debacle wurstsalat, in Debian I can just patch that to a hardcoded gpgbinary="/usr/bin/gpg"
  89. wurstsalat debacle, that method was removed from gajim core (I think while cleaning pgp from gajim core). so it needs to be added again to the plugin I guess. lovetox should know more :)
  90. Eduard Wow, gajim-git is impressive, nice changes and look.
  91. wurstsalat :)
  92. debacle question about XML console: up to 1.1.3 there was one console per account, now there seems to be only one console for all accounts?
  93. wurstsalat debacle, yes, you can filter in current master (see xml console settings)
  94. Eduard wurstsalat, I loved it, a lot.
  95. Eduard
  96. Eduard <3
  97. wurstsalat debacle, in current master, all accounts are shown in the xml console by default. you can select specific accounts in xml console settings
  98. debacle wurstsalat, yes, very nice
  99. debacle thanks
  100. wurstsalat Eduard, if you notice bugs, please let us know :)
  101. Eduard For sure.
  102. debacle Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/gtk/", line 356, in _tree_compare_iters group2_index = AffiliationRoleSortOrder[group2] KeyError: 'none'
  103. debacle happens a lot
  104. wurstsalat debacle, never saw that one!
  105. wurstsalat lovetox, ^
  106. debacle affiliation sounds like MUC
  107. debacle wurstsalat, I'm in many MUCs :-)
  108. lovetox debacle, in what muc does that happen?
  109. lovetox is it public?
  110. lovetox ah you probably dont know
  111. debacle lovetox, exactly :-)
  112. lovetox weird, can you open a issue with that traceback please
  113. lovetox have to look into it
  114. debacle is the MUC name somehow available in this method, so I can log it somehow?
  115. lovetox none should be group or nick, it should not be possible that its none
  116. lovetox yeah add in the top of that method
  117. lovetox print(self.room_jid)
  118. debacle and it's not even Python None, but 'none'?
  119. lovetox yeah really weird
  120. lovetox could be a server error, some wrong values in some wrong places
  121. lovetox im also joined many mucs and didnt see this ever
  122. lovetox must be a special muc
  123. lovetox ok have to go to bed, please send me the jid debacle, thanks
  124. debacle you can't imagine how this single print line slows down Gajim :-)
  125. debacle good night!
  126. lovetox yeah i can, its a sort compare method, it gets called 100.000 times
  127. debacle I will stop it and put the print in an except, so it's called only in case of the exception...