Gajim - 2020-01-22

  1. bot Alexandria P. created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9958: < Gajim alerts about programming error when waking Arch Linux machine from suspend >
  2. wurstsalat prof.p: thanks, I'll have a look
  3. prof.p wurstsalat: thanx a lot! BTW, mp3 was played with last Clementine; don't know if this is of any interest, though.
  4. wurstsalat prof.p: I guess it's about some messageinput import which is no longer available from gajim master (refactoring)
  5. prof.p wurstsalat: Will this be fixed? Is there a workaround/hot fix I could apply in my local py-file of the Now Playing PlugIn?
  6. wurstsalat prof.p: as I said, I'll have a look (as soon as there's time)
  7. prof.p Ah ok, sorry; I've understood your second message as feedback from the look already.
  8. wurstsalat prof.p: that was just a guess :)
  9. prof.p Fair enough 😜
  10. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9958: < Gajim alerts about programming error when waking Arch Linux machine from suspend >
  11. lovetox Eduard,
  12. prof.p is there a way of getting a gajim windows nightly without having to run the MSI-Installer-Package? Just interested on the executables. a nightly portable would be perfect.
  13. lovetox there is usually here
  14. lovetox
  15. lovetox but upload of portables seems not to work currently
  16. lovetox i will upload the latest nightly in a few minutes
  17. prof.p thanks lovetox but this executables here have to be intalled via full installation-process, right? there is no way of just unpacking it?
  18. lovetox no why would you need that prof.p ?
  19. lovetox whats the difference if a installer unpacks the files or you do it manually
  20. Link Mauve prof.p, you shouldn’t need a plugin to publish what you’re currently listening to, Gajim does that natively if you tick the checkbox in a right click on your account, Personal Events, Publish Tune.
  21. Link Mauve With the benefit that only people who expressed an interest in it will receive it.
  22. lovetox that does not work on windows Link Mauve
  23. Link Mauve Ah, why that?
  24. Link Mauve How does Windows publish the currently-playing song?
  25. lovetox because players use dbus to tell gajim what is running
  26. lovetox and im not aware of any music player on windows who uses dbus
  27. Link Mauve That’s the same as on Linux then.
  28. Link Mauve What do they use instead?
  29. lovetox no idea, never looked into it
  30. lovetox im not aware of anything like dbus on windows
  31. lovetox probably you have to hook into each player somehow
  32. Link Mauve DBus should work there too.
  33. lovetox only if the application ships and uses it on windows
  34. lovetox which for example for spotify client is not the case
  35. lovetox neither for windows media player
  36. lovetox so im not sure what other software is used to listen to music on windows
  37. lovetox but at this point i lost interest
  38. Link Mauve The plugin wouldn’t work either right?
  39. prof.p lovetox: installer a.) might need administrative rights on a machine in order to be installed as it is changig the system b.) installer creates registry entries c.) installer creates entries under software d.) installer wants to copy files the portable os not doing all of this. it leaves no traces.
  40. lovetox most of that is not right
  41. lovetox prof.p, a installer does not generally create registry entries
  42. lovetox our portable installer just unpacks the files to a location
  43. prof.p lovetox -> WIndows: Add or Remove SOftware.
  44. lovetox also not
  45. prof.p okay... I wonder how the entry got there...
  46. lovetox becuase you used the not portable installer?
  47. prof.p Win10 64 bit. With the Gajim Nightly 32 bit.
  48. prof.p I used this one:
  49. lovetox thats not a file or a link
  50. prof.p
  51. lovetox so not sure where you got it from
  52. lovetox yeah, thats the normal instlaler
  53. lovetox as i said i have to upload the portable
  54. prof.p ok, sorry then
  55. prof.p sorry for the misconfusion
  56. prof.p where would I get a portable installer from?
  57. prof.p officially... nightly...
  58. lovetox > ‎lovetox‎: as i said i have to upload the portable
  59. lovetox please wait a moment
  60. prof.p sure. no pressure.
  61. prof.p I understand now that the portable will *not* be built automatically, like the AUR gaijim-dev packages or the Windows-Nightlies-Executables on
  62. wurstsalat Link Mauve: I guess you're right, the plugin depends on dbus as well, and it explicitly does not work on windows. so we should probably obsolete it for the next gajim version
  63. Link Mauve Why not for the current and past ones too?
  64. lovetox why? some plugins only work on linux whats the problem with that?
  65. Link Mauve lovetox, this one is already part of Gajim core.
  66. lovetox no you misunderstanding something
  67. lovetox the Now Listen plugin, offers a shortcut, that pulls the currently playing song from dbus, and pastes it into the message input
  68. lovetox so you can easily tell people hey that song is great
  69. lovetox even if they are not subscribed to your tune pep node
  70. Link Mauve Is that any useful?
  71. debacle When I login, every time I get a dialog: > Unable to join Groupchat > gone > OK I assume, that a group/channel/room/party has dissvolved. What now?
  72. wurstsalat debacle: remove it from your bookmarks ;)
  73. wurstsalat > Is that any useful? Link Mauve: special use case I guess
  74. Link Mauve wurstsalat, sounds like a good button to put in the dialog!
  75. wurstsalat lovetox, how does gajim handle a 'gone' currently?
  76. lovetox shows the error on the error page i assume
  77. lovetox wanted to add a remove from bookmarks button there
  78. lovetox to make this easier
  79. wurstsalat would be a good idea I think :)
  80. debacle wurstsalat, which one?
  81. debacle I'm in a lot of MUCs. Gajim does not tell me which one is gone.
  82. debacle Btw. s/Groupchat/group chat/, if I'm not mistaken.
  83. lovetox yeah debacle, hard to find out, guess you have to look at your bookmarks and see which you are not joined
  84. lovetox this is better solved now in master
  85. lovetox where the groupchat opens and shows a error page inside the groupchat
  86. wurstsalat debacle: which version is that? I remember adding the groupchat's jid to that dialog
  87. debacle wurstsalat, 1.1.2 (on Debian 10/buster)
  88. debacle lovetox, against your own will you are convincing me to package master for Debian experimental :-)
  89. wurstsalat :D
  90. wurstsalat debacle, let me check
  91. Eduard lovetox: thanks.
  92. wurstsalat debacle, hm no, that happened after 1.1.3 I guess
  93. lovetox debacle, just test and try it yourself
  94. vasilis1974greek
  95. vasilis1974greek
  96. Link Mauve This is a known spammer, you can ban on sight asterix, lovetox.
  97. lovetox now we would need that muc message retraction xep
  98. lovetox :)
  99. prof.p lovetox, was offline for quiet a while. is there a location I can check for your uploaded portable gajim-nightly?
  100. lovetox
  101. lovetox i uploaded it for you
  102. lovetox normally it should be generated daily, but this seems broken currently, didnt investigate yet
  103. prof.p Thank you very much, lovetox!!
  104. prof.p The "Client Icons" plugin has a problem in current nightly. It hast to be activated after every start of Gajim to work properly. At first time after start-up the wrong icons are displayed.
  105. prof.p Gajim 1.1.92 GTK Version: 3.24.13 PyGObject Version: 3.34.0 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.9.93
  106. prof.p Clients icons version 7.8
  107. wurstsalat prof.p, in tooltips it works though (both contact list and participants list)
  108. wurstsalat has to be something about disco info not being available at start
  109. prof.p Alright, confirmed.
  110. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ChatControlBase: Rework drag and drop
  111. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ChatControlBase: Rework drag and drop
  112. wurstsalat prof.p, seems like tries to fix that error in "Clients Icons" (the fix needs work though)
  113. wurstsalat I added feedback to that MR
  114. prof.p thank you very much, wurstsalat
  115. prof.p wurstsalat, any news about the alt+n pressing of the "Now Playing" PlugIn? Maybe I missed something here...
  116. wurstsalat prof.p: I'm not sure if we really need that plugin, and if it's worth fixing?
  117. prof.p well it used to work before... sure a lot of users (like me) loving it... ;)
  118. lovetox prof.p, did you not say you use windows?
  119. lovetox this plugin is not for windows
  120. prof.p lovetox: using Linux and Win. PlugIn gets installed on both systems. It's not telling contrary.
  121. wurstsalat prof.p: you shouldn't be able to enable the plugin on windows
  122. prof.p ah ok. just installed the "Plugin Installer" and it was giving me the option so..."
  123. wurstsalat prof.p: "installable" would mean you can copy it to the plugins folder manually as well (but there is a check whether it is actually activatable)
  124. wurstsalat lovetox: what would you say: should the now listen plugin get a fix or not?
  125. genofire does somebody know, why in mucs are stop-symbols on the buddylists?
  126. wurstsalat genofire: I investigated a bit. that icon says "icon not found". It tries to find an icon which is not available. something goes wrong while building that icon's name.
  127. wurstsalat for your example it searches for "irc-muc-active" (or something lile that), which is not available as an icon
  128. genofire appear the name of icon in terminal (without any debug env variable)
  129. wurstsalat genofire: no, it does not (I added print statements)
  130. wurstsalat I had no other transports at hand to test this ;) but I'll open an issue about this tomorrow!
  131. genofire \o/
  132. lovetox yeah transport code is not very well maintained
  133. lovetox hm wurstsalat about now listen
  134. lovetox yeah lets fix that
  135. wurstsalat lovetox: ok!
  136. lovetox you want to do this ? otherwise i take a look
  137. lovetox *sigh* looked into it and its painful
  138. lovetox this should be fixed in Gajim rather than the plugin
  139. wurstsalat I haven't had a look yet ;)
  140. wurstsalat But I'd not make this a priority :)
  141. lovetox_ .
  142. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *82bd54b9* < > [now_listen] Refactor plugin *64d05826* < > [now_listen] Update manifest.ini
  143. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0682b8af* < > MusicTrackListener: Parsing xesam:artist correctly - xesam:artist is always a list of strings rather than a single string - Moved the parsing logic into MusicTrackInfo
  144. lovetox prof.p, now listen should now work
  145. lovetox but you need new gajim nightly and new plugin version
  146. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *f29512e7* < > [client_icons] Fix attribute error *e3d75d84* < > [client_icons] Update manifest.ini
  147. bot Philipp Hörist closed a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: [clients_icons] Directly use NetworkEvent name attribute
  148. prof.p You guys are genious.
  149. prof.p thanks
  150. prof.p PlugIn "Client icons" is fixed for current release
  151. prof.p you guys are ingenious!!
  152. prof.p i confirm. Now Playing Plugin is fixed under Linux!
  153. prof.p Now listening to: "MAURIZIO MICELI - SILENT REVOLUTION" by Maurizio Miceli - from MGMIX022 - MAURIZIO MICELI : SILENT REVOLUTION
  154. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Change popup notification logic
  155. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Groupchat: Add invite page