Gajim - 2020-01-21

  1. allie what's the correct way to join an existing group chat in gajim 1.1.92?
  2. lovetox ctrl + n and type the groupchat jid or name
  3. lovetox allie
  4. wurstsalat Eduard, any news on the AUR package? :)
  5. prof.p wurstsalat, is there a reason that only the OMEMO-git plugin is in the AUR, but not the others?
  6. wurstsalat you mean other plugins? demand, I guess
  7. prof.p ok
  8. stpeter Gajim has been running on my machine (Ubuntu 18.04) for at least a month and now I can't interact with the menus (Accounts / View / Help). Is this a known issue? Should I restart Gajim?
  9. asterix One montg without restarting Gajim? How much RAM does it use?
  10. stpeter Hi asterix! It doesn't seem to use much RAM. At most ~2% on my old System76 laptop.
  11. asterix Nice then. GTK seems to be better than it used tu be in this regard
  12. asterix For your menu issue, never heard about that. Restarting will probably fixe that
  13. stpeter OK, I will test it and let you know!
  14. stpeter Yes, that worked.
  15. prof.p got a problem with current "Now Listen" Plugin from the Master-Branches ZIP.
  16. prof.p ## Versions
  17. prof.p Now Listen version1.2.2
  18. prof.p crashes when pressing Alt+N
  19. prof.p Gajim v1.1.92 from "gajim-git" package of AUR
  20. Eduard Which license uses the gajim's plugins?
  21. Eduard I didn't found any license there.
  22. genofire Eduard: which plugin ;)