Gajim - 2020-01-17

  1. djx I just had a strange thing when trying to attach a file in a conversation with Desktop Gajim on Windows. It froze up, and I couldn't even end the process, even with process hacker
  2. djx I looked at the wait chain and it says: "One or more threads of Gajim.exe are waiting to finish network I/O"
  3. djx All I did was hit the attach icon, I didn't even see something pop up to start selecting a file.
  4. wurstsalat djx: I haven't seen that happening, but I don't think we can do anything about that. if it happens reproducible, you could try to gather logs, but I doubt it shows in gajim's logs
  5. djx is it a python issue?
  6. djx It's my usual setup of trying to put Gajim through a proxy
  7. wurstsalat hard to say. the file chooser did not even open you say? we ask gtk to open a file chooser when you click the attach button, that's it
  8. djx yea it didn't even open, the whole window just froze there
  9. lovetox djx: on what version
  10. djx Windows 10. Gajim 1.1.3, GTK+ 3.24.1
  11. lovetox yeah we will not use python threads in the upcoming Gajim version any more
  12. lovetox so this problem should be gone
  13. djx I see.
  14. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9953: < The chosen language for spellcheck should be remembered + support for multiple languages at the same time >
  15. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9953: < The chosen language for spellcheck should be remembered + support for multiple languages at the same time >
  16. debacle lovetox, do you think the current Gajim master (and nbxmpp, of course) is OK for packaging in Debian experimental? So that more people can test the new stuff? Or is it too volatile?
  17. wurstsalat debacle, how often could these be updated?
  18. debacle wurstsalat, depends on my laziness
  19. debacle I update Dino about every three, four weeks for example
  20. debacle I don't want to have a "nightly build" or something automatic
  21. debacle because I try it out myself, before I upload
  22. lovetox no debacle, at the moment you cant go back without doing some things manually
  23. lovetox this would put lots of work on us because people would open many issues
  24. lovetox which i have no time dealing with
  25. lovetox there is also no big feature thats worth upgrading, mostly UI stuff and some things under the hood
  26. debacle lovetox, good! I'll ask again some months from now
  27. debacle Btw. who of the Gajim crowd will come to Berlin 26. to 29. of March? XMPP sprint!
  28. prof.p Hello, what will be the next version number of Gajim and when will it be released?
  29. wurstsalat prof.p, most likely Gajim 1.2, but there is no release date yet
  30. prof.p thank you for your reply, wurstsalat; not even a high level estimate, like "summer 2020" or smth like that?
  31. wurstsalat prof.p, when it's done :) lists some points of the roadmap
  32. prof.p thankx
  33. christian Hi, I am new to XMPP with Gajim. Is it possible to insert images from the [CTRL+C] cache directly into a [CTRL+V] chat window? Thanks :)
  34. wurstsalat christian, next version will have that feature
  35. christian nice! thanks :)
  36. prof.p christian‎: for the moment I drag pictures from the file-browser onto the chat
  37. christian > prof plugin needed? can't get it dragged and dropped into my window, at least the image won't show up. or do you mean by "send file"?
  38. prof.p works in linux, not windows.
  39. prof.p wurstsalat, lovetox are you aware of this OMEMO 16 bytes bug?
  40. andrey.g prof.p, it looks like a confusion: 16-bytes is not about OMEMO (, it is about simple AES-GCM file encryption (, after which key/iv pair is appended to URL-link in plain-text and put into a message, which then is transmitted with a standard OMEMO-encryption (with no such issue).
  41. andrey.g [omemo] Support 12bit IVs on httpupload files (07.08.2017)
  42. lovetox yeah in stable 12 byte ivs are supported
  43. lovetox in master i think i removed this by accident some days ago, will add it back
  44. Christian If I switch from Windows to Linux, can I move the profiles (settings) to Linux, or should I rather not do that?
  45. lovetox wild experiment
  46. lovetox i would not do it
  47. lovetox if you try, do only the config
  48. lovetox and nothing else
  49. lovetox you will see on first start if your accounts are setup or it didnt work
  50. lovetox on windows there should be a file that is named "config" in the userdata folder
  51. lovetox move that to ~/.config/gajim
  52. lovetox then start gajim
  53. Christian thanks, will try :)
  54. rogerwilco75 Hi, I'm running Gajim/Conversations on Linux, Android and Windows. I'm about the reinstall that Windows machine soon. Is there a way to export my contacts with all their device fingerprints so I won't have to add them one by one? I spotted some synchronize feature in Conversations but have no clue how that works and I don't know whether it'd work with Gajim. Thanks.
  55. rogerwilco75 Jabber/XMPP/OMEMO that is
  56. lovetox rogerwilco75, are you using the installed version or portable on windows?
  57. rogerwilco75 installed
  58. lovetox then you dont have to do anythin
  59. lovetox just reinstall
  60. rogerwilco75 basically I'm looking for an online (LAN) or offline (file) export/sync between the 3 platforms
  61. lovetox ah sorry
  62. lovetox misunderstood
  63. rogerwilco75 say if i were to dozer my linux flat, what would I do then?
  64. lovetox save %APPDATA%/roaming/Gajim
  65. rogerwilco75 ok, thanks
  66. lovetox after Gajim reinstall before first start put it back there
  67. lovetox look that you use the same Gajim version as now
  68. lovetox if thats not possible, do a instlall of a newer version now before reinstlaling
  69. rogerwilco75 will take a look at that folder - assuming it's some sort of "Mozilla like" profile folder.
  70. lovetox yes
  71. lovetox but just save the whole folder
  72. lovetox but we are talking just about windows
  73. lovetox on linux this looks different
  74. rogerwilco75 ok, thanks. the fingerprints of users are stored in there? and re android, well i guess titaniumbackup will have to do it again.
  75. lovetox re android join
  76. rogerwilco75 yeah, currently on linux. had a look at ~/.config/gajim not much in there
  77. lovetox and on linux, you need to store multiple folders
  78. lovetox you need to store ~/.config/gajim
  79. lovetox and ~/.local/share/gajim
  80. lovetox important part for omemo is, dont start Gajim before you put back the folders in the right place
  81. lovetox and make sure to use the same versions as you have now installed
  82. rogerwilco75 hehe, yes, just looking at the latter. :) is there a wiki about this? (as i wasn't successful finding one.)
  83. lovetox probably not, we should write one
  84. rogerwilco75 yes, meakes sense. prior to keys being created.
  85. rogerwilco75 thanks again. i think that i have enough to work with now. appreciated!
  86. lovetox yeah come back if you encounter problems
  87. rogerwilco75 tyvm. I shall. :)
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