Gajim - 2020-01-16

  1. allie anyone know where the style.css goes in Linux?
  2. lovetox allie as i said in gajim install folder data/style.css, its already there
  3. lovetox you need to modify it
  4. allie lovetox: there's no style.css in the package. there's gajim.css and default.css, but that's system-wide
  5. lovetox ah sorry its gajim.css
  6. hannibal lovetox: could you add a tag to gajim_1.1, like gajim-
  7. Link Mauve Is there any reason to modify the system CSS instead of creating a theme?
  8. wurstsalat Link Mauve: themes inside gajim don't support every value there is in gajim.css (if that's what you meant)
  9. Link Mauve Oh, I see, thanks.
  10. wurstsalat Themes cover colors and fonts mostly, while gajim.css features stuff like special listbox entry height, border-color, ...
  11. Link Mauve Wouldn’t it be nice to add the latter to the themes too?
  12. debacle lovetox, I can't reproduce yesterdays problem anymore (deletion of bookmarks did not work). Heisenbug. Maybe Gajim, maybe Biboumi, maybe my setup, but now it just works.
  13. mrdoctorwho is there a way to increase font size in gajim on windows?
  14. Link Mauve mrdoctorwho, in the theme editor, like on any other operating system.
  15. mrdoctorwho thanks
  16. mrdoctorwho it was kinda deep into the settings
  17. lovetox i look into it hannibal
  18. lovetox done hannibal
  19. asterix debacle: thanks for your new tests
  20. debacle asterix, np
  21. debacle This might be a Gajim question or an XMPP question, I'm not sure: I have two transports in my roster. To one of them, so I can see that in the XML console, Gajim sends a disco query, to the other it doesn't. What might be the differences of the transports, so that Gajim handles them differently?