Gajim - 2020-01-14

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  4. taiga Hi. I am using gajim. I haven't used XMPP in a long time.
  5. taiga My status is "Available (desynced)." What does desynced mean?
  6. Link Mauve taiga, it happens when you have more than one account enabled, and their status is different.
  7. Link Mauve This seems to confuse quite a lot of people, I wonder what could be improved here.
  8. Link Mauve How do your other clients, XMPP or not, behave when you use multiple accounts and for instance one of them is disconnected?
  9. taiga Yea. I am confused. I did create multiple accounts (long time ago). It looks like, maybe, my two accounts on gajim or and "Local". I am still confused though. Can I get rid of desynced?
  10. Link Mauve By being online on all of them at the same time, or by disabling the ones you don’t want to be online with.
  11. taiga Okay. I disable "Local" and now "desynced" has gone away. But what is "Local"? Did I create that and forget or is it some sort of default thing?
  12. Link Mauve It is for local discovery, so that when other people are on the same network as you they can chat directly without having to create an account or even know your JID.
  13. Link Mauve It’s specified in XEP-0174 if you’re interested in how that works.
  14. taiga Is there a way that I can use that discovery feature without being desynced?
  15. taiga Wait...
  16. taiga I re-enabled Local so that I can have the discovery feature and "deysnced" returned.
  17. taiga Then I right-cliked Local and set the status to "Available" and now "desynced" is gone.
  18. Link Mauve Just like you did, by making all of your accounts online. :)
  19. taiga Thanks for your help.
  20. Link Mauve taiga, how do other chat clients present this same information?
  21. Link Mauve That some of your accounts are offline?
  22. taiga I don't know.
  23. Link Mauve Ok.
  24. taiga Not applicable maybe.
  25. taiga The only other chatting I've been using recently is SMS/MMS on my phone and WhatsApp on my phone, and Signal on my tablet.
  26. Link Mauve Ah yeah, none of those support more than one account right?
  27. pep. Link Mauve, I think other clients don't have an option to set your status :x
  28. pep. I don't think dino has, Conversations either
  29. Link Mauve They either tie you to your ISP or to a single account they control.
  30. taiga Yea, I don't use a status on them and I guess I only have one account each.
  31. Link Mauve pep., status is maybe not the issue, but if you can’t connect it might be an issue right?
  32. pep. If you can't connect, Conversations leaves a thing in the notification area saying "this account is not connected" (when it should)
  33. pep. and also shows up as failing in the account manager thingy
  34. taiga I see the checkbox option for this chat room "notify on all messages". I don't know what this means. As opposed to notify for no messages, or notify for some messages?
  35. pep. Dino.. I don't know about the notification, but it does the same in the account manager
  36. pep. taiga, sure. You might want to be notified only on message that name you, or contain a specific word
  37. taiga But it's just a checkbox, a yes or no option. I understand what it does when it is checked--it notifies me of all messages. But what does it do when unchecked? It doesn't ask about a filter.
  38. pep. I don't use gajim much, maybe others know
  39. taiga Thanks pep. I appreciate your acknowledging my question even though you don't have an answer.
  40. taiga But that is pretty funny nonetheless. This is the gajim chat. :>
  41. wurstsalat taiga: 'notify on all messages' notifies you bot just when you are mentioned (someone writes your nickname), but on all messages
  42. taiga Okay. Thanks wurstsalat‎.
  43. wurstsalat but I see that text string might lead to confusion
  44. taiga Is there documentation for this somewhere so I can RTFM rather than bugging you kind people.
  45. wurstsalat some things are written down here: but feel free to ask :)
  46. taiga Thanks, I'll ask. I am using 1.1.2 on Debian stable. I joined which has about 3 active chatters. Is there a way I can join the Debian IRC using gajim? Is there an IRC gateway? My XMPP server is
  47. taiga it is at /connect then /join #debian
  48. wurstsalat taiga: there are irc bridges gajim can use. but these have to be provided by the server
  49. taiga Thanks. My server is How do I proceed?
  50. Link Mauve wurstsalat, not necessarily, it’s a deployment policy.
  51. Link Mauve For instance at JabberFR we provide an open one.
  52. Link Mauve To your own server it appears like yet another MUC server, nothing more nothing less.
  53. taiga Well when I pretend it is an XMPP group chat and enter as the server and #debian as the room, it doesn't work. Do I need to do something different to indicate is a an IRC chat?
  54. Link Mauve taiga, ah no, when I say we provide a gateway it means you still have to use it.
  55. taiga I still don't know what to do. :>
  56. Link Mauve Well, either get Debian to install e.g. biboumi at, or join for instance
  57. Link Mauve Note however that all of your communications will go through this gateway, not that we would do anything with them.
  58. taiga Do you know whether Debian has installed biboumi at If so, how?
  59. Link Mauve They have not, otherwise your first attempt would have worked.
  60. taiga So it's not that needs to install the gateway but
  61. wurstsalat Link Mauve: good to know
  62. Link Mauve taiga, both could, the latter would be nice because then anyone from any server could join their IRC service using XMPP.
  63. Link Mauve debacle, any plan to do that btw?
  64. taiga wurstsalat‎: if your good to know was to me, please note that I was asking a question, not making a statement.
  65. Link Mauve taiga, it was obviously to me. :p
  66. taiga Okay then, do you know of ANY IRC room I could try to join from gajim?
  67. Link Mauve The one I gave you the JID of?
  68. Link Mauve Replace #foo with what you want to join, obviously.
  69. debacle Link Mauve, Debian is pretty much an IRC shop. Only few hipsters like myself use ultra-modern stuff like XMPP.
  70. taiga When I try to join a group chat with gajim, it asks me for a server and a room. I don't know how to turn that JID into a server and a room.
  71. Link Mauve debacle, I know, biboumi fits nicely there. :)
  72. Link Mauve taiga, room is before @, server is after @.
  73. debacle I.e. we might install biboumi at the Debian XMPP server at some time, but don't hold your breath.
  74. Link Mauve You could also right click on it and select join room, I think.
  75. Link Mauve debacle, what would be the obstacles?
  76. debacle Mainly, that somebody has to do the work to install and configure it. Somebody with puppet know-how!
  77. Link Mauve Do you need help? :)
  78. taiga Thanks for all your help so far. Could you provide an actual working active JID?
  79. debacle Link Mauve, we can talk in a different MUC about it! There is a very active person and I can imagine he would appreciate help!
  80. taiga Nevermind.
  81. taiga I got it working. Thanks for your patience.
  82. Link Mauve taiga, taiga,
  83. Link Mauve taiga,
  84. Link Mauve Ah, good then. :)
  85. Link Mauve debacle, sure!
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  88. Link Mauve wurstsalat, you should probably remove those instead of closing them, it may have an adverse effect on SEO.
  89. wurstsalat uff, asterix, there is quite some spam going on here as well:
  90. wurstsalat Link Mauve: I think I lack the power to remove them (I looked)
  91. Link Mauve debacle, is it expected that pretends to be in its certificate?
  92. Link Mauve And doesn’t match
  93. Link Mauve You may want to get the people in charge of your IRC shop to fix it. :p
  94. debacle Link Mauve, TLS? Oh, that newfangled fashion stuff... :-)
  95. Link Mauve ;_;
  96. Link Mauve How do they manage to be so much behind? /o\
  97. debacle Link Mauve, I wonder how any IRC clients would accept that?
  98. Link Mauve Do they even check certificates?
  99. Link Mauve Or *gasp*, connect using TLS by default?
  100. lovetox irc clients only use tls if you set it up via correct port
  101. lovetox its like with xmpp accounts back in the old days
  102. lovetox when we didnt have srv entrys
  103. lovetox i dont know why there is not more done about all the spam
  104. lovetox it all comes from the same countrys
  105. lovetox indoneisa, india etc
  106. lovetox vietnam
  107. lovetox really in the mod to just block whole asia
  108. elfchen Are you sure? Email spam still comes primarily from the US, followed by Europe.
  109. debacle Link Mauve, I thing you can just use "" instead of "". In that case, the cert name matches.
  110. debacle all the spam I get is cyrillic
  111. Link Mauve debacle, it doesn’t look like it does, I still get 0 s:CN =
  112. Link Mauve According to `openssl s_client -showcerts -servername -connect </dev/null`
  113. lovetox elfchen, not on our gitlab instance
  114. debacle then OFTC is borked, Link Mauve
  115. lovetox i dont claim our gitlab instance is representative for world spam
  116. Link Mauve It sure looks like it. :)
  117. elfchen I have a few domains registered with a French registry and almost all the spam I get there is French. 😎
  118. lovetox 22 spammers registered just yesterday
  119. lovetox maybe we should lock registration down, but this really hinders contributions
  120. debacle lovetox oh, you were talking about gitlab spam, I was talking about XMPP spam :-)
  121. debacle lovetox, just make sure, every new account has a valid JID and send the registration by XMPP!
  122. debacle lovetox, just make sure, every new account has a valid JID and send the registration link by XMPP!
  123. Link Mauve Or even just XEP-0070.
  124. debacle 0070 ftw!
  125. lovetox yeah sure
  126. debacle only that gitlab does not support XMPP and that would need some custom code, that breaks with the next release etc.
  127. wurstsalat last time blocking malaysian IPs worked for a while, didn't it?
  128. apollo13 hi there, I am on gajim 1.1.3 and cannot find the preferences window (gnome3) -- where would I look?
  129. apollo13 I literally cannot find the button to open that menu :D
  130. apollo13 ha, ctrl + p worked
  131. wurstsalat apollo13: the 'Gajim' menu which contains the Preferences menu item should be visible somewhere on your desktop
  132. apollo13 well I would have expected it in the topbar for gnome 3, but nope
  133. apollo13 and the "menubar" only has "accounts, view and help"
  134. apollo13 I'll fetch the source and poke around, probably something stupid in gnome3
  135. apollo13 bbl
  136. bot Hund created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9953: < The chosen language for spellcheck should be remembered + support for multiple languages at the same time >
  137. apollo13 okay, set_app_menu doesn't work for me, if I move it into the menubar all is fine
  138. apollo13 ie in if False and app.prefers_app_menu(): self.set_app_menu(appmenu) else: # Add it to the menubar instead menubar.prepend_submenu("Gajim", appmenu)
  139. apollo13 the "False and" was added by me
  140. wurstsalat apollo13, yes, this is a distribution specific problem
  141. apollo13 yeah, I am digging through gtk to see what causes it
  142. apollo13 although that begs the question if I can tell gnome that I hate app menues
  143. apollo13 oh well set_app_menu returns None, so there is something wrong I guess
  144. apollo13 seems to be a general issue in fedora 31
  145. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9953: < The chosen language for spellcheck should be remembered + support for multiple languages at the same time >
  146. wurstsalat apollo13, yes, I think someone mentioned that before for fedora
  147. apollo13 wurstsalat, ok, I've patched it in my install now, gotta see what fedora bugzilla turns up
  148. apollo13 lets see what bugzilla turns up
  149. lovetox apollo13, would be interested if you find something
  150. lovetox wait set_app_menu() will always return None
  151. lovetox thats how its specified
  152. apollo13 ok, maybe I am wrong because the c docs don't specify it like that
  153. apollo13 either way evince doesn't show anything so it might be a global problem
  154. lovetox what would be more interesting is what app.prefers_app_menu() returns
  155. apollo13 true
  156. apollo13 otherwise it wouldn't run into that section
  157. apollo13 and it is gnome 3, so true makes sense
  158. lovetox are you on wayland?
  159. apollo13 nope
  160. apollo13 X11
  161. lovetox no idea then sorry
  162. apollo13 but I'll try X11 and wayland with a new user, bbl
  163. apollo13 ok, so it doesn't work with a new user either on X11, don't have wayland installed. but it is certainly a gnome/fedora bug and not gajim
  164. apollo13 lovetox: if you are interested in following the bug
  165. wurstsalat apollo13, thanks for reporting!
  166. apollo13 wurstsalat, fixed via -- head -> wall
  167. wurstsalat apollo13: good to know. I'll try to remember for the next one running into this
  168. debacle Gajim shows a biboumi transport with a pound or hash icon, and for a different transport (sopranica) a mobile phone icon. Where do the icons come from? From Gajim or from the transport itself?
  169. debacle Answering my own question: The icons come from Gajim: gajim/data/iconsets/transports/sms gajim/data/iconsets/transports/irc etc.
  170. hannibal The appmenu issue should be solved with MR !548 :)
  171. agent_007 ))
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