Gajim - 2020-01-05

  1. saltybones hm....
  2. saltybones I am currently getting "gajim is ready" generic notifications on Ubuntu. Can I switch that to get the message contents?
  3. wurstsalat Never saw that message..
  4. saltybones Hm...
  5. saltybones ah
  6. saltybones there is a Ubuntu privacy setting "Show message contents in popup" that was disabled.
  7. saltybones bug?: When changing the name of a group chat the tab name does not update.
  8. wurstsalat saltybones, it does update for me in current master
  9. saltybones ok
  10. wurstsalat are you on current master? any logs indicating an error?
  11. saltybones I think I might be a bunch of commits behind and my server version is ancient.
  12. saltybones So if it works for you I am satisfied. :)