Gajim - 2020-01-02

  1. heinervonmahlsdorf Hello from heinervonmahlsdorf, i try to use OMEMO encryption in GAJIM but the little Icon on the right lower corner from the chat window is only light grey when i try to comunicate with a android tablet or phone. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with Gajim 1.1.3 and 2.5.8-1. In the emantime i have also tryed to activate the Flatpack Version of Gajim.My question is now, what is maybe wrong here?
  2. Wiktor heinervonmahlsdorf: do you have omemo plugin installed?
  3. heinervonmahlsdorf this is the version of theOMEMO plugin 2.5.8-1
  4. heinervonmahlsdorf i see this so in SYNAPTIC
  5. Wiktor Oh right. Do you see omemo options in plugin settings?
  6. heinervonmahlsdorf maybe i have never find This Option : plugin settings
  7. heinervonmahlsdorf wher is this ?
  8. heinervonmahlsdorf oh i have found now in fullscreen the possibility to press the word Gajim, and then i see PLUGINS, and nothing is visible here from OMEMO
  9. heinervonmahlsdorf
  10. Wiktor Looks good 🤔
  11. Wiktor But you say there are no plugin settings? Weird
  12. wurstsalat heinervonmahlsdorf: go to Gajim > Plugins and check if the plugin is activated
  13. heinervonmahlsdorf wurstsalat: i have deactivated the plugin in synaptic and reinstalled and now i can see the plugin , all is ok now thanks
  14. heinervonmahlsdorf Ok , when i have the next problem or Challenge
  15. wurstsalat heinervonmahlsdorf: ?