Gajim - 2020-01-01

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  2. bot Roman Riabenko created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9937: < File not sent when dragging to roster >
  3. prof.p Manjaro KDE 18.1.5
  4. prof.p Manjaro KDE 18.1.5
  5. prof.p Manjaro KDE 18.1.5 When I click on an picture in a Gajim chat, it will be opened 3 times. 1. Okular (standard png-viewer on my system) 2. Okular (additinal instance9 3. Dolphin (in a new tab) How can I stop this. I just want the picture to be openen once in my default viewer. Had the same issue with Gwenview instead of Okular. Don't know how to configure this.
  6. prof.p I am using the Url image preview plugin for GAJIM version 2.3.24
  7. prof.p Gajim 1.1.3
  8. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9937: < File not sent when dragging to roster >
  9. wurstsalat prof.p: did you set a custom application for images in gajim's custom preferences? Gajim > Preferences > Advanced. if so, you can try to set standard applications. that did the trick for me
  10. prof.p wurstsalat‎: thx. How could I do this? Here I see only setting for Webbrowser, E-Mail Client and Filemanager. No settings for image viewer here.
  11. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9935: < "A programming error has been detected, its probably not fatal but you should probably report it to Devs anyway" >
  12. wurstsalat prof.p: file browser setting is relevant here
  13. prof.p PERFECT!
  14. prof.p thanks!
  15. prof.p was suffering from this for MONTHS!
  16. prof.p it's working!! waaaaah
  17. prof.p never would came to this as solution for myself!
  18. prof.p (because it's called filemanager, but I had problems with the image viewer.)
  19. stp I think I updated the OMEMO Plugin and after a restart of Gajim I think it's not compatible with the Gajim version I have installed. I then downloaded Gajim-Portable-Master-64bit-2019-12-30.exe but that file seems to be corrupt. It can't be executed and doesn't even get an icon in Windows Explorer. Please could you guys reupload that file or so?
  20. wurstsalat prof.p: yes, same for me. next version will handle that differently anyway :)
  21. prof.p ok, cool!
  22. wurstsalat stp: the plugin branch has to match the gajim branch, so for gajim master you'd need plugins master branch
  23. lovetox i think he knows this wurstsalat
  24. lovetox stp i upload something gimme a moment
  25. stp 👍
  26. lovetox stp try one of these
  27. lovetox
  28. stp lovetox: thanks, but it says "not found".
  29. lovetox
  30. lovetox stp ^
  31. stp lovetox, thanks very much for the fast helped. I installed it and I can run it. I had some error messages during the installation about some txt and info files not being able to be overwritten, however when looking into my Gajim installation directory those files didn't even exist. Judging by the file names and extensions they seem to be uncritical anyway.
  32. lovetox weird