Gajim - 2019-12-31

  1. meaz Hi, I've a problem with OMEMO. From Conversations, I sent a message to a contact using OMEMO. When I open this 1:1 chat on Gajim, I can't read my own messages, I have a message saying that the message was encrypted with OMEMO and can't be decrypted... How can I fix that?
  2. DebXWoody meaz, did you trust your own keys via the shield button?
  3. meaz I have DebXWoody
  4. DebXWoody meaz, on Conversations you can see both OMEMO Keys on your profile?
  5. meaz yes DebXWoody
  6. DebXWoody As far as I know, it should work in both directions, now.
  7. meaz ok I had to send one message with gajim to make it works. Thanks DebXWoody