Gajim - 2019-12-15

  1. allie hi all. is there any way to resize the roster in single-window mode? I'm using a tiling window manager and it auto-emsmallened it, but now I can't embiggen it. so it's like 100 pixels wide.
  2. lovetox hm drag the handle?
  3. bot Benjamin created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9927: < Use separate X11 connection for status-icon, allowing using wayland by default >
  4. saltybones why is the omemo plugin from the plugin installer newer than the one on master?
  5. saltybones or am I imagining that?
  6. wurstsalat saltybones: where do you see that?
  7. solen Hi, I have a blocked contact. On Gajim I can see a strikethrough nick but I still receive messages from this contact. Conversations blocks messages from this contact. <Gajim 1.1.2, Debian>
  8. Maranda solen: that's odd
  9. Maranda The problem sounds to be serverside
  10. solen Maranda, yeah, but why does C. this contact?
  11. solen *block
  12. Maranda Dunno it's the server that should do the blocking not the client anyways
  13. Maranda So just the fact messages are still getting routed means there's some quirk on the server
  14. solen Maranda, ok, thanks
  15. Maranda If Conversations also does the blocking client side discardin' stanzas, i have no idea
  16. saltybones wurstsalat, well, I pulled everything and launched and then gajim was throwing a lot of errors and a newer version of the plugin was available in the installer
  17. wurstsalat could you state which version is installed/which is available? note you have to *install* latest nbxmpp master
  18. wurstsalat saltybones: 2.6.69 is on master
  19. saltybones oh...well...then maybe I simply did that
  20. wroot Hi. Your PayPal donate link leads to a page saying your session expired. Happens in any browser, yet i am able to donate on other sites/projects.
  21. wurstsalat asterix ^
  22. wurstsalat wroot: thank you for the hint!
  23. asterix Ok, I need to check that. Will do ASAP