Gajim - 2019-12-03

  1. C-Keen Hey! I have an omemo attachment question. When I get an aesgcm link and click on it I get [Error 101] Network is unreachable. When I use an external tool I can access and download the file just fine. How can I debug this or where did I go astray?
  2. Maranda 101 doesn't sound like an error
  3. Maranda 101 http code is for switching protocols 🤔
  4. C-Keen hm...
  5. C-Keen Is there a place where more information might get logged to?
  6. wurstsalat C-Keen, this is not an error Gajim is generating. maybe a wrongly configured system proxy?
  7. C-Keen wurstsalat, I have configured a Tor proxy for all connections, and I am connecting through it to my server
  8. wurstsalat could well be the issue here
  9. C-Keen wurstsalat, other URLs in gajim, like http(s) works
  10. Maranda wurstsalat: still Gajim reporting "Error 101" sounds clunky if I may
  11. wurstsalat It does indeed (error pass-through)
  12. wurstsalat but Network is unreachable is what comes back, so there is the problem
  13. C-Keen wurstsalat, comes back from which component? The proxy?
  14. C-Keen that would help diagnosing the problem
  15. lovetox yes thats the problem C-Keen
  16. lovetox we cant download stuff over proxy yet
  17. lovetox clicking on a https link opens your browser so this has nothing to do with Gajim
  18. lovetox we cant open a aesgcm link in the browser, because its encrypted
  19. lovetox we have to connect ourself to the server and download the file
  20. Wiktor lovetox: it's not a problem that it's encrypted as the client (browser) can decrypt it while downloading client side:
  21. C-Keen lovetox, ah I see, thanks
  22. bot Philipp Hörist created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9909: < AttributeError: 'NonBlockingClient' object has no attribute 'start_disconnect' >
  23. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _python-nbxmpp_ < >: #93: < AttributeError: 'NonBlockingClient' object has no attribute 'start_disconnect' >