Gajim - 2019-11-24

  1. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß I have issues in uploading files with gajim (server is prosody)
  2. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß "Der Server schlägt einen unsicheren Transportweg (http) vor.
  3. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß (The server wants to send over an unsecure protocol)
  4. amam5 Hello everyone
  5. amam5 Is there any way to structure group chats differently? Tabs on the sides or something?
  6. lovetox yes amam5 depending on your Gajim version
  7. lovetox Thomas Klein-Hitpaß, set up HTTPS for your server
  8. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *6cb37a41* < > ServerInfo: Match the correct FORM_TYPE
  9. saltybones Hm...I have a muc in which gajim pops up the omemo keys whenever I send a message but they're all set to green. Anybody got an idea what might be going on?
  10. wurstsalat saltybones: maybe an inactive fingerprint not trusted?
  11. saltybones would I know?
  12. wurstsalat "Show inactive" and check. Which version are you using?
  13. saltybones wurstsalat, unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem after restarting.
  14. saltybones But there are no untrusted inactive fingerprints, so it probably was not that.
  15. saltybones oh, and I am on master and two commits behind
  16. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß lovetox: I did and Dino and conversations have no problem
  17. asterix Thomas Klein-Hitpaß: they maybe don't requirr HTTPS or a valid certificate ?
  18. lovetox Thomas Klein-Hitpaß, you didnt, otherwise Gajim would not report an insecure transport
  19. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß Is there any example of an prosody.conf with working http_upload with gajim online?
  20. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß I get this in the gajim logs:
  21. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß urllib.error.URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: Hostname mismatch, certificate is not valid for 'anon.domain.tld'. (_ssl.c:1076)>
  22. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß while 'anon.domain.tld' is a anonymous vhost. I dont want gajim to use this anonymous one.
  23. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß I configured gajim to use domain.tld, not anon.domain.tld
  24. lovetox Thomas Klein-Hitpaß, Gajim uses what your server announces
  25. lovetox this is a question for
  26. lovetox if you cant aquire a valid https certificate you can work around that in gajim in advanced config editor search for httpupload_verify
  27. lovetox and set it to False
  28. Link Mauve “2019-11-21T14:44:39 wurstsalat> Link Mauve,”, could you add a print(src_name) before line 416, so I can see what we’re asking Gstreamer to parse?
  29. Link Mauve Also, could you try this patch first? It should only remove the second traceback:
  30. wurstsalat Link Mauve: will test both as soon as I'm home :)
  31. Maranda Hmm Gajim doesn't support markers?
  32. wurstsalat Maranda: not yet, but there is a MR
  33. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß Omemo Error:
  34. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß 24.11.2019 20:18:13 (W) gajim.plugin_system Error executing <bound method OmemoPlugin._message_received of <omemo.omemoplugin.OmemoPlugin object at 0x
  35. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß Is this a server problem, too?
  36. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß and, I cant open the plugin manager...
  37. lovetox restart gajim from console
  38. lovetox and look for errors
  39. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß This is the error
  40. lovetox the error you posted is a error on receiving a message, it has nothing to do with opening plugin manager
  41. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß I cant open the plugin manager, because there is no menuentry for that.
  42. andrey.g Thomas Klein-Hitpaß, it is in main menu: "Gajim" --> "Plugins".
  43. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß Yes, but there was no available button
  44. Thomas Klein-Hitpaß I now use gajim daily and it works