Gajim - 2019-11-22

  1. mrdoctorwho Gajim is freezing for a long time when downloading images, is there any way to get this fixed? Aside from setting limits, the image was 5MB in size
  2. debacle When I write to the same contact from two different accounts, I see the dialog in both accounts afterwards. Like my own accounts were merged by Gajim. Can I configure Gajim to not do that?
  3. wurstsalat debacle, which dialog?
  4. wurstsalat mrdoctorwho, might be url image preview plugin blocking gajim. I saw this on windows, reducing preview threshold to 1mb solved that issue (but yes, this can be improved)
  5. saltybones Hm...haven't started gajim on this machine in about 17 days.
  6. saltybones About 2-3 minutes and I am still waiting for messages to come in.
  7. saltybones But now I am already at 2 days ago...
  8. saltybones and I cannot join one of my groups again because "You have joined too many conferences"
  9. saltybones So it's one of those days...
  10. wurstsalat saltybones, sync threshold too high for your server/bandwidth?
  11. debacle wurstsalat, I mean dialog = conversation, not a dialog = UI element :-)
  12. saltybones wurstsalat, I have no clue. What is a sync threshold? :)
  13. wurstsalat saltybones, the amount of days to synchronise message history in a group chat
  14. wurstsalat debacle, gajim does not separate accounts in history at the moment
  15. wurstsalat there is an issue about this, please check if this describes your issue:
  16. saltybones wurstsalat, actually this was mostly in a 1to1 chat....
  17. wurstsalat 2-3 minutes for ~2 days sounds like a limit somewhere on the way to me
  18. saltybones Oh, yeah, totally!
  19. saltybones I would just prefer if it only synched the last few messages that it would actually display.
  20. saltybones wurstsalat, I am on DB internet atm. ;)
  21. wurstsalat saltybones, gajim on rails, maybe that's what delays it..
  22. saltybones But what is this thing with the too many conferences?
  23. saltybones I still cannot join that group. And I am in it on my phone.
  24. wurstsalat saltybones, I guess a server message, don't know
  25. wurstsalat saltybones, there you go
  26. saltybones yup
  27. saltybones So there is a limit on the number of joined conferences and multiple clients use up multiple entries...
  28. saltybones The great XMPP tire fire is burning bright today.
  29. saltybones
  30. wurstsalat saltybones, assumptions. maybe Zash can shed some light on this?
  31. debacle wurstsalat, yes #9619 seems to be the same problem
  32. Zash wurstsalat: What?
  33. wurstsalat what could be the reason for "You have joined too many conferences" ?
  34. Zash No idea
  35. wurstsalat Zash, okay, thanks for stopping by!
  36. Zash Not aware of anything in Prosody even keeping track of that
  37. Zash no limit on directed presence either
  38. wurstsalat saltybones, do you know the server software your server is using?
  39. saltybones Yes, ejabberd.
  40. stp If have the freezes of Gajim on Windows too, but only when the incoming picture is OMEMO-encrypted. The freeze also not only happens when a preview is being created but also when clicking on the image to view it in the local image viewing programm. During the freeze one CPU core is maxed out.
  41. saltybones Been meaning to change that...for about 7 years...
  42. debacle Problem with HTTP upload: For some reasons, Gajim 1.1.2-2~bpo9+1 seems to change upload file name to "p" and upload only eight ASCII symbols. I.e. most of the time it does this, once in a while HTTP upload works. It happens with and without OMEMO. For weeks I'm blaming prosody, nginx, and systemd-nspawn alternatingly, and only now I had the idea to just try Dino instead of Gajim and it works flawlessly. Any idea?
  43. stp "You have joined too many conferences" is a message from the server. I think I had it before and my provider then adjusted a setting IIRC.
  44. zuglufttier
  45. wurstsalat debacle, what exactly does not work? is the link not generated? what did the server respond?
  46. debacle wurstsalat, the link is generated, and the server (prosody via nginx frontend) serves the file. However, the file does contain only eight ASCII characters and the file name is always the one letter word "p".
  47. wurstsalat debacle, sounds new to me.. plugins are up to date?
  48. debacle HTTP upload is already part of Gajim 1.1.2, so at least that plugin is up to date :-)
  49. debacle Gajim sends out: <request xmlns="urn:xmpp:http:upload:0" size="9" filename="p" content-type="application/octet-stream" />
  50. debacle Which is what I see: eight ASCII characters (plus newline?), name "p".
  51. wurstsalat debacle, and what's the file's original name?
  52. debacle Then the server responds with the slots, and Gajim makes a second, identical request, which the server answers in the same way.
  53. debacle Original file name is something like "funny_cat.jpg".
  54. debacle But I tried all kind of files, not only images.
  55. debacle Even .c and .h files :-)
  56. debacle Hm, when I select the file for upload using the file dialog, Gajim says it does not exist. I can select it, though.
  57. wurstsalat hm, the code doesn't seem to rename the file
  58. debacle Why would Gajim think, that the file I just selected does not exist? It is a normal file, no symlink, I have read access, of course. And Dino can upload the file just fine.
  59. debacle I assume now, that all the stuff with "p" is maybe only a subsequent fault.
  60. debacle Maybe just bad/missing error handling.
  61. debacle I don't have apparmor installed btw. which were a typical source of file access problems.
  62. wurstsalat debacle, sorry, can't help you there
  63. debacle NP, I'm already happy that I can blame Gajim now and do not need to fight prosody, nginx and systemd-nspawn anywmore :-) When I need to upload something and it doesn't work, I use Dino.
  64. wurstsalat debacle, are you on XFCE?
  65. debacle yes
  66. wurstsalat there you go
  67. debacle wurstsalat, you are a bug tracker genius!
  68. debacle yes, that's my problem, too
  69. debacle I'll upgrade my work machine to Debian 10, then it should be solved
  70. wurstsalat :D oh yes, please report if that changes it
  71. debacle (and maybe I should upgrade from XFCE to i3 or sway)
  72. debacle it seems to depend on unknown factors, because I never had the problem at home, where I used to have the same software, some time ago
  73. wurstsalat any user here with XFCE and the same problem?
  74. Link Mauve lovetox: you’re still using a 2018 copyright (here for instance:, it will soon be 2020 you know. :p
  75. lovetox ah yeah thanks
  76. lovetox debacle, weird problem, with the "p" filename, we definitly dont rename files, so this must be the filechooser reporting that to us
  77. lovetox not sure how i can help with that as i can not reproduce that problem
  78. lovetox maybe you can find out some specific circumstances that trigger this problem
  79. stp lovetox, "we definitly dont rename files": I like that approach, but the problem is that I have often trouble sending files via Gajim if the filename includes spaces or certain special German language characters.
  80. lovetox what problem would that be?
  81. stp lovetox; the progress bar goes to 100% and then a window pops up saying "Fehler beim Hochladen" and below that "Service unavailable". Sending the same file renamed to something unproblematic works. In case of the file I recently came across the problem I had to remove all ß letters from the filename. When I just tested it spaces in filenames caused no problem.
  82. lovetox on what gajim version?
  83. lovetox works fine for me on master
  84. lovetox could be a server problem
  85. stp lovetox, install file was Gajim-Portable-Master-64bit-2019-11-12.exe and I'm on Windows 7 Pro x64
  86. stp lovetox, provider is I can ask the admins if you're sure the problem is on their side.
  87. lovetox im pretty sure
  88. lovetox ejabberd had bugs regarding non ascii filenames
  89. stp lovetox, yes, they run ejabberd. Ok, I'll bring it up in their group.
  90. Holger I think only my Nginx upload module had.
  91. Holger They're not using that.
  92. lovetox you could open the xml console
  93. lovetox then upload a file
  94. lovetox and paste the stanzas here to take a look
  95. Holger But they're using a self-written thing which might have such bugs as well of course.
  96. lovetox or leave it i can do it myself
  97. Holger (This one: <>)
  98. lovetox stp was it or .de?
  99. lovetox yeah stp if its
  100. lovetox its a server bug
  101. lovetox i think i reported that long ago
  102. lovetox
  103. Holger lovetox: So you're seeing what exactly goes wrong?
  104. lovetox there you go
  105. Holger Ah.
  106. stp yes, it's I know that they're slow correcting bugs.
  107. Holger lovetox: So the get/put URLs look fine?
  108. lovetox dont know
  109. lovetox
  110. lovetox but on trying to use that puturl
  111. lovetox i get
  112. lovetox 403: Forbidden
  113. Holger Ok too lazy to decode but looks reasonable. Not my bug then. Thanks :-)
  114. stp What would be the reason that they use something self-created especially when it has such bugs?
  115. Holger stp: They wanted proper separation of XMPP and HTTP services. I.e. have the HTTP part handled by Apache/Nginx (possibly on a separate system) without involving ejabberd.
  116. Holger These days there's other solutions to do that but they didn't exist back when Mati wrote the Django thing.
  117. Holger I think that's reasonable and I don't think a bug invalidates the concept :-) But it would be nice if it was fixed one day, of course.
  118. stp Holger, ok, that's a legitimate reason.
  119. stp Holger, isn't it more likely though that they change to another solution or is that django thing widely used?
  120. Holger stp: I heard of one or two other users, but it's certainly not 'widely' used, no.
  121. Holger stp: No idea about their plans. Either way I think the problem is simply that they devote less time to the service than they did in the past.
  122. Holger Soonish I'll ditch the API their Django app uses to talk to ejabberd, which means they'll either have to implement or switch to another solution or stick to the old ejabberd version ...
  123. stp Holger, ok, hopefully they'll change their setup then to something more widely used and thereby well proven. Yes I noticed that they are not as driven like in the past, especially hosting groups on is broken.
  124. stp Holger, oh, so you're putting the pistol on the breast 😂
  125. stp Holger, that German saying sounds strange in English :-)
  126. Holger stp: :-) Yeah. I told him months ago.
  127. stp Holger, maybe that waterpistol didn't have the desired effect 😁
  128. Holger :-)
  129. stp Back to a topic from yesterday: what about my idea about indicating that a info-/error-message originates from the server and not from Gajim itself? For pro-users that might be a non-issue but for others like myself it can be quite confusing the way it's now.
  130. lovetox why would it be confusing
  131. lovetox what does it matter who tells you the message
  132. stp lovetox, because it often happened that I suspected a Gajim issue when it was not.
  133. lovetox stp, that is no solution, most of the things are protocol stuff between a client and a server
  134. lovetox i will not prefix everything with "The server told us"
  135. lovetox if there is a problem fix the problem
  136. lovetox you saw a message which you didnt agree with or understand
  137. lovetox maybe we can adjust that message
  138. lovetox if i said this is a server triggered message, i didnt mean the text is from the server
  139. lovetox the server told us to display a message that no privacy related stuff was changed
  140. lovetox we have a string for that, and this string is translated into german
  141. lovetox so we can improve that string if it is not clear
  142. stp lovetox, so that the text itself is generated by Gajim is news to me. I've set Gajim to German but those messages are all shown in English. Is it a basic rule that every message inside the message window is server triggered?
  143. lovetox almost everything is server triggered, we react to stuff the server sends us
  144. lovetox if he sends us a message from a user we display it, if he shows us that a user is online we write "User is now online" ...
  145. lovetox point is, in the MUC standard only room-logging and anonymous option are marked as privacy relevant
  146. lovetox nothing else
  147. lovetox might not be the best thing, but thats how it is
  148. lovetox
  149. lovetox but i agree the message is worthless that Gajim displays, most users will not know what that means
  150. lovetox it would be better to reflect the change that was made
  151. wurstsalat an icon+tooltip combo for some of these messages might be a good idea, maybe in the banner?
  152. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ServerInfo: Add contact addresses
  153. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ServerInfo: Add contact addresses
  154. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ServerInfo: Add contact addresses
  155. lovetox what would that icon tell us?
  156. wurstsalat Room anonymous/not for example? Wasn't the xep mandating the client to show these changes to the user in some visible way?
  157. wurstsalat Or is it just the server which has to inform the client?
  158. lovetox 1. we show the info in the information page
  159. lovetox 2. gajim informs with a status message if anonymous setting is changed
  160. lovetox the room changed members-only setting
  161. lovetox not anonymous
  162. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ServerInfo: Add contact addresses
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