Gajim - 2019-11-21

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  8. ButterflyOfFire Good morning :)
  9. ButterflyOfFire Toot on Masto :
  10. wurstsalat nice, thanks for the hint ButterflyOfFire !
  11. ButterflyOfFire :)
  12. Link Mauve I have a user who’s configured their MAM retrieval time to ten days, but she didn’t receive anything after reconnecting for less (?) than that, what could have caused that?
  13. Link Mauve Except for a single room where the limit is lower.
  14. Link Mauve Also, is there a way to force-retrieve the hole?
  15. wurstsalat Link Mauve, are you sure it is not received? have you had a look in the history window?
  16. Link Mauve I don’t know.
  17. Link Mauve I asked.
  18. Link Mauve And another user reports only one day is getting downloaded, even if they set it to two days.
  19. wurstsalat Link Mauve, just to be sure, these users are on stable (1.1.3)?
  20. Link Mauve The first one yes, the second one seems to be using Conversations atm.
  21. Link Mauve For the second user, apparently it’s just a display issue, they said that “history disappears when I close it”, but it was only that they didn’t understand the history window.
  22. wurstsalat Link Mauve, yes dynamically loading chat history is on the list, but that needs a significant redesign of the conversation view
  23. wurstsalat erik started to have a look at what would be necessary for that (but did not find the time yet)
  24. Link Mauve Ok, so there is no more user bug to report. :)
  25. Link Mauve Ah, the first user has a big hole of eight days in her history window too.
  26. lovetox_ Link Mauve if you join a channel with one day
  27. lovetox_ sync retrival
  28. lovetox_ and you set it to 10 afterwards, it will not download the last 10 days
  29. lovetox_ sync retrival is counted from the last message received
  30. lovetox_ so if the last message is back 1 day, it does not matter if you set retrival to 10 or 20 days
  31. lovetox_ maybe ask them if this happend on first join
  32. lovetox_ or if they continously have this problem
  33. lovetox_ of missing messages
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  40. perflyst what is a meta contact? does it just sent the message to all?
  41. lovetox_ no, it chooses the most active resource
  42. lovetox_ this is pretty useless if your contact uses xmpp on a mobile phone
  43. lovetox_ actually its hard to find a use case at all right now
  44. lovetox_ but maybe people answer who actually use that, asterix ^
  45. Link Mauve lovetox_, so she set the setting long ago, and just didn’t use her computer for about a week now and when she came back online none of it was downloaded.
  46. Link Mauve But it wasn’t a first join, nor was it the first time she set the setting.
  47. lovetox_ weird, if that continous she should provide logs
  48. Link Mauve lovetox_, I used to use metacontacts to group people who use multiple JIDs together.
  49. lovetox_ yeah but you dont use the metacontact to let Gajim choose the jid or?
  50. lovetox_ so its more like a group feature
  51. Link Mauve I did, because only some of their JIDs were online.
  52. Link Mauve But I guess nowadays I would just pick the one that is online, since I don’t display offline people anymore.
  53. lovetox_ so you let gajim randomly decide where your messages go, i see that this is not a problem for you as your history is merged
  54. Link Mauve Also nowadays Gajim has a quick search feature.
  55. lovetox_ but your contact will have messages all over his accounts
  56. Link Mauve Yeah, well, if they use multiple JIDs that’s to be expected.
  57. lovetox_ yeah but one could just name the contacts "Friend Home" "Friend Work"
  58. Link Mauve Yeah.
  59. lovetox_ i mean i see it would be useful if only one jid is online
  60. lovetox_ but im not sure on how useful, i mean if you use a metacontact it means you dont care to what jid it goes, as you let Gajim decide
  61. lovetox_ so you could just pick yourself the top one
  62. lovetox_ not a hard mental task
  63. lovetox_ maybe Gajim could ask you in the case of multiple online
  64. Link Mauve Sure, that’s just a convenience feature.
  65. wurstsalat Link Mauve: any plans for the a/v part of gajim? :) i see some tracebacks when entering the preferences
  66. Link Mauve Tracebacks?!
  67. Link Mauve wurstsalat, can you paste them?
  68. Link Mauve It works here and everywhere else I’ve tried it.
  69. wurstsalat Sure, after lunch :)
  70. Link Mauve But yes, I’ve progressed on that before the Capitole, but didn’t reach anything worth demoing before it.
  71. Link Mauve Sorry. :(
  72. vanitasvitae I noticed that the Gajim blog is not registered at It may be worth a thought to add it there?
  73. wurstsalat vanitasvitae: I didn't know about that, thanks!
  74. lovetox_ we have a blog?
  75. asterix Meta was used when transports was used (msn, irc). Now we can still use it with ppl that have accounts on several servers
  76. Link Mauve asterix, transports are still used quite a lot.
  77. Link Mauve Especially for IRC.
  78. lovetox_ yeah but not contact based transports
  79. lovetox_ in irc you only have MUCs
  80. Zash wrong
  81. lovetox_ in know facebook seems still working
  82. lovetox_ i dont know how the twitter transport works, can you add twitter contacts to your roster?
  83. wurstsalat > we have a blog? I didn't call it that, but the news section sure looks like it
  84. wurstsalat Link Mauve,
  85. stp Hello, I just changed a groupchat from being public to members only via Gajim. After clicking on Ok Gajim writes "Es wurde eine Einstellung verändert, die nicht die Privatsphäre betrifft" into the message window. That's not really the message I expected. Any thoughts on this?
  86. lovetox stp yeah whats wrong with that?
  87. lovetox it was probably an anonymous public room
  88. lovetox now its a anonymous members-only room
  89. lovetox in both cases your JID is not exposed to other members
  90. lovetox so there was no change to privacy
  91. lovetox Privatsphäre refers to metadata exposed to other members
  92. lovetox not if the room is now "private" in the sense that only specific people can join
  93. stp lovetox, well everybody having access to the MAM archive instead of just members is a change to privacy.
  94. lovetox stp this is not defined by Gajim, the message is what the server tells us
  95. lovetox server says this was a change that is not privacy relevant
  96. lovetox so we display it
  97. Zash MAM things not triggering the privacy related status code?
  98. lovetox no, change from public to members-only
  99. stp ‎lovetox, oh ok, I didn't know that. I had mistaken a server message as a Gajim message before in another situation in the past. I think it would be very useful if Gajim would insert an information before the message to make it clear to the user where the message originates from.
  100. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *7e700683* < > Add In-Band Registration (XEP-0077) support
  101. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *23d5a6e1* < > Discovery: Store Account/Server disco info