Gajim - 2019-11-13

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  2. JG Conversations hello. when i login in gajim and try to recover server messages it says "his message was encrypted with OMEMO and could not be decrypted"
  3. JG Conversations any help please. i am using gajim 1.1.3 in windows 7.
  4. wurstsalat JG Conversations, look at the fingerprints, are they all trusted? same for your contact
  5. JG Conversations wurstsalat, pardon. i really do not know where to look for the fingerprints. I guess i should read gajim docs first....
  6. wurstsalat to the right of the message input, there is a shield icon
  7. JG Conversations unable to locate, can i paste screen shot in the ?
  8. lovetox beside the encryption symbol
  9. lovetox you need to activate encryption for the chat to see it
  10. JG Conversations the three bars?
  11. lovetox go to the chat where you receive those messages
  12. lovetox activate encryption
  13. JG Conversations there is an orange exclamatory mark in the encrption icon. it can't be clicked.
  14. lovetox then your omemo plugin is probably not working
  15. lovetox or disabled
  16. lovetox look at the plugins
  17. JG Conversations checking
  18. JG Conversations i didn't side loaded the plugin. just installed and is running
  19. lovetox do you see the omemo plugin and its activated?
  20. JG Conversations in gajim --> Plugin --> Plugin Installer
  21. lovetox what do you want to do anyway
  22. JG Conversations there is not omemo plugin
  23. lovetox what does it mean to recover server messages
  24. lovetox you cant recover old omemo messages
  25. JG Conversations i do when login in
  26. lovetox again what do you mean with recovering
  27. lovetox receiving messages that were sent while you were offline, is not a recovery
  28. lovetox the word recovery means you had the message once, lost it, and want to get it again
  29. JG Conversations i meant i exchanged messages with my friends last night on mobiles; now i want to see them again
  30. JG Conversations they are visible at
  31. lovetox first step would be to install the omemo plugin
  32. JG Conversations but when i try to see them again here it says "his message was encrypted with OMEMO and could not be decrypted"
  33. JG Conversations lovetox, i installed. do i need to restart the gajim ?
  34. lovetox no normally not
  35. JG Conversations still same message is shown "his message was encrypted with OMEMO and could not be decrypted"
  36. lovetox but thats to late, your contact needs to encrypt that message for your gajim device, if the gajim device was not setup properly before the messages are now lost
  37. JG Conversations i think i need to re-login
  38. lovetox no the messages are lost for your device
  39. JG Conversations lovetox, oh.
  40. JG Conversations okay
  41. lovetox but it should work for the future, if your omemo plugin is now working
  42. JG Conversations thanks lovetox wurstsalat !
  43. JG Conversations thanks again !!
  44. JG Conversations i am trying to switch to xmpp. is there any easy-to-understand tutorial ?
  45. JG Conversations tried xmpp wiki but it is huge........
  46. lovetox nope, but you can ask here
  47. JG Conversations lovetox, i can ask here about xmpp ?
  48. lovetox yes
  49. JG Conversations lovetox, thanks !
  50. DebXWoody Hi. What is the Sync Schwellwert (Sync Threshold) setting? I didn't find information about it.
  51. wurstsalat DebXWoody, it's about how many days of MAM messages are retrieved from the server
  52. lovetox when joining a groupchat
  53. lovetox or how much time back you want to sync to your client, with other words
  54. DebXWoody OK, but if I close the tab and reopen. There is no message. Is there a setting to fetch and display always x messages from MAM?
  55. wurstsalat DebXWoody, they are displayed in your history though
  56. lovetox CTRL + H
  57. wurstsalat DebXWoody, they are not displayed in the chat window if you reopen it (atm)
  58. DebXWoody wurstsalat: OK, thanks.
  59. JG Conversations individual messages can be encrypted. can group messages also?
  60. wurstsalat JG Conversations: yes
  61. JG Conversations i could enable OMEMO in one to one chats but in group chats MUM like this, the encryption icon is grayed out
  62. JG Conversations *MUC
  63. DebXWoody JG Conversations: Is is just possible when it is not an anonymous MUC.
  64. JG Conversations DebXWoody, you mean it is possible in anonymous MUC?
  65. DebXWoody JG Conversations: You can just encrypt data, if you know the person. In a anonymous muc it is not possible.
  66. JG Conversations got it
  67. JG Conversations How can i get the list of my own resources and the fingerprints?
  68. JG Conversations Also how do i identify them like which one is browser's, which one is Android's, which one is Gajim's. Because i use same JID at home and work
  69. lovetox shild button in any chat
  70. lovetox you can only identify them by the fingerprint
  71. JG Conversations i can see THEIR fingerprints by shield button
  72. JG Conversations but how can i see my OWN Fingerprints
  73. DebXWoody JG Conversations: Plugin OMEMO Settings
  74. JG Conversations let me try install OMEMO Settings
  75. lovetox No they should be in the same view
  76. lovetox look for your own jid
  77. lovetox if there is none, there are no other devices known
  78. DebXWoody In the Plugin are the device IDs. The FP are displayed in shield like lovetox described
  79. JG Conversations got them
  80. JG Conversations it shows i have 4 fingerprints (or device IDs). And it shows fingerprint ot current device ID.
  81. JG Conversations Like my current device ID is 120475899
  82. JG Conversations thanks. I have four devices- Gajim, Conversations, Browser 1, Browser 2. I want to remove Browser 1 and Browser 2. How can i identify which one is which?
  83. lovetox you look at the browser what fingerprint it has
  84. JG Conversations these are the device IDs 1588091758, 1204275899, 237, 1156044174
  85. lovetox forget the device ids, they dont help you no client shows them
  86. lovetox you can look at a client what fingerprint it has, thats all you can do
  87. lovetox and if you dont want to drown in fingerprints i suggest not to use omemo with the browser
  88. lovetox if will generate many fingerprints
  89. JG Conversations yes....... true..
  90. anotheragency If I understand correctly, I think that is what the resource tag is for. If you add yourself as a contact maybe you will see it?
  91. lovetox no anotheragency
  92. lovetox resource is nothing permanent, a resource can change on every connect
  93. JG Conversations Contact is always one; devices like wired connection, wifi, browser, clients generate different resources
  94. JG Conversations This is the format
  95. JG Conversations
  96. JG Conversations This picture explains it
  97. Link Mauve lovetox, do you already do this?
  98. lovetox we have MR open for that
  99. Link Mauve Cool. :)
  100. wurstsalat
  101. Link Mauve Anything blocking it?
  102. lovetox only my time to review it
  103. Link Mauve Ok.
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  106. stp Hi, I asked yesterday about Gajim in mobile environments. I've now looked up what all those years ago was cited as the necessary XEP for reliablity in mobile environments and it's XEP-0198. I then was out that Gajim supports it :-) This has now made me much more interested in something like a Pinephone or another device with a Linux ROM.
  107. lovetox i can only tell you now, Gajim is not made for a Phone, and it will not be adapted for a Phone
  108. Zash Might get away with "Tablet" 😛
  109. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *36ecf673* < > Remove unused method
  110. wurstsalat These register/unregister changes from today do look useful :)