Gajim - 2019-11-08

  1. Anonymous User I'm not sure what the issue is when connecting to my server
  2. djx @wurstsalat - thanks, I'll check that
  3. antoniomorais360 Hello guys! I did a massive translation to Brazilian Portuguese (1000 words) on the indicated site ( and I'd like to know how often the translations are updated or if there is any way to do it manually. Tks.
  4. antoniomorais360 BTW, I am using the night builds.
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  7. wurstsalat antoniomorais360: thanks for contributing translations. For gajim, these are pulled to master typically before the release of a new version.
  8. wurstsalat Anonymous User: there seems to be a stream error while connecting?
  9. Anonymous User wurstsalat What type of stream error?
  10. wurstsalat 11/7/2019 19:42:38 (I) nbxmpp.client_nb: -------------xmpp_connect_machine() >> mode: FAILURE, data: Error on stream open... 11/7/2019 19:42:38 (I) nbxmpp.client_nb: Disconnecting NBClient: During XMPP connect: Error on stream open
  11. wurstsalat But I cannot really help you there ;)
  12. Anonymous User I don't really have a clue on what the issue could be
  13. Anonymous User Conversations works just fine
  14. Anonymous User So I'm not really behind the reasoning on why Gajim fails where Conversation doesn't, it just doesn't make sense
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  16. marmistrz It appears that gajim showed yesterday's messages with the wrong timezone, i.e. I'm currently in UTC+1, but the timestamps for yesterday's messages seem to be in UTC+2
  17. marmistrz But the timestamps for current messages are fine
  18. marmistrz (these were all messages from Conversations)
  19. marmistrz test
  20. marmistrz test message from Conversations now - also correct timestamp
  21. marmistrz all the affected messages were sent when my gajim was offline
  22. mrdoctorwho Hi everyone
  23. mrdoctorwho There's a little problem in Gajim's MAM handling process
  24. mrdoctorwho Gajim requests a non-existing MAM id and the server responds with item-not-found error
  25. mrdoctorwho But Gajim doesn't make another request to catch up with changes, one without the mam query id
  26. wurstsalat mrdoctorwho, this is on the list of things to do before 1.2 release "MAM: item-not-found recovery" see
  27. mrdoctorwho wurstsalat: thanks, but what do I do now?
  28. wurstsalat 🤸‍♂️
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  30. wurstsalat mrdoctorwho, I don't know, maybe lovetox can help. this was also asked in the issue I linked
  31. antoniomorais360 ‎wurstsalat‎: is there any way to translate the night build version, even if only locally?
  32. wurstsalat antoniomorais360, you can manually download the .po file, put it in the "po" folder of gajim, and then install gajim. I think it's not possible to use these translations by launching with, therefore you would have to install it
  33. wurstsalat I think .mo files for gajim are really only generated by
  34. mrdoctorwho lovetox, do you have any suggestions?
  35. antoniomorais360 I am using windows 10 x64 with portable version. I cant find any .po file, only many .mo files inside share\locale\pt_BR\LC_MESSAGES
  36. wurstsalat they are probably not shipped? Don't know. I was talking about Linux and forgot you were using Windows.
  37. wurstsalat we could kindly ask asterix to pull translations from pootle and push them to master. why do you want them so bad?
  38. antoniomorais360 I am trying to implement in a company, as a default local chat instead slack, but the translations are only with 40% probably...
  39. antoniomorais360 I actually have poedit pro, what can help auto translating many other languages .. may I can contribute more with another languages, translating only missing words and marking as "need work".
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  44. lovetox antoniomorais360, just compile your po files to .mo files with poedit
  45. lovetox then replace the in the folder you found
  46. lovetox mrdoctorwho, you have to open the logs.db go to the last_archive_message table
  47. lovetox and delete the row that has your archive jid
  48. lovetox marmistrz, maybe your server had the wrong timezone/time
  49. lovetox and when gajim requested mam messages, it takes whatever the server says the time was when the message arrived
  50. mrdoctorwho lovetox: thanks
  51. antoniomorais360 Tks @lovetox. I created the the .mo file and put it in pt_BR folder. Well, I use my windows in English and I don't find where should I change the UI to portuguese. Should I put the in other folder to replace de default language?
  52. wurstsalat antoniomorais360: gajim defaults to the system's default. There is no language setting. So your best choice withoit changing system's language would be replacing the default .mo
  53. antoniomorais360 Yeah.. I can't found in my version. Gajim Portable night build.
  54. marmistrz I still have the wrong timestamp, but only for those messages which were sent were gajim was offline
  55. marmistrz i.e. from today's 19:05, which are shown as 20:05
  56. asterix There is no default. English strings are in Gajim itself
  57. wurstsalat ha right. asterix, would it be difficult to set up regular automated pulls from pootle?
  58. debacle marmistrz‎, in many (most?) cases I get the timestamp, when Gajim *receives* a message, not when it was sent.
  59. asterix wurstsalat: I don't really like automatic commits ...
  60. wurstsalat asterix: I see!
  61. antoniomorais360 The problems for non-English users: a) The translations are not completed in many languages. b) The user cannot change the default language. c) The translations on gajim site does not have regular update in new versions. d) there is not a where I can update the language file. In that cases, the gajim is half-English and half-non-English. Change the entire windows default language does not sound as a good option BTW.
  62. asterix I understand, but why would a user want a windows in english and apps in another language?
  63. asterix Translations are in daily packages / tarballs BTW
  64. asterix But probably not daily windows packages
  65. antoniomorais360 In my case, I am translating, and was very hard to see where I was applying the language.
  66. antoniomorais360 I understand. Do you think a "" should be a good way?
  67. antoniomorais360 because any could open and even direct edit
  68. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Fix opening URIs from sandbox