Gajim - 2019-10-28

  1. erik wurstsalat, sorry for the late reply; the change is still pending. I was interrupted by other priorities which took longer than expected. I'm still planning to do the work, unless someone beats me to it. I expect to be able to start working on it again as early as December
  2. wurstsalat thanks for the reply, erik ! I'm really looking forward to this
  3. saltybones If anybody has a second to update this from I added comments and fixes for plug-ins.
  4. saltybones erik, how late is that reply because I cannot find the context ;)
  5. lovetox_ very late
  6. wurstsalat saltybones, I just did, thank you
  7. erik saltybones: multiple weeks
  8. saltybones wurstsalat, no! thank you!
  9. saltybones erik, so what was it about then? :)
  10. erik saltybones: about my efforts to change the chat window to a more modern rendering
  11. saltybones huh...from what to what? (not that I know anything about this kind of thing)
  12. wurstsalat saltybones, a list box approach to display the conversation. there are lots of this that are not easy to accomplish using a text view to display a conversation
  13. wurstsalat things listed in here for example would become a lot easier to implement:
  14. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9872: < bug? >
  15. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9872: < bug? >
  16. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9872: < KeyError for OpenPGP in app.plugin_manager.encryption_plugins[encryption] >
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  21. joemaro i still have reconnection issues with gajim, only remedy i know off is quitting gajim and launching it again....
  22. joemaro i'm not using a full DE, running the i3 window manager
  23. joemaro i tried the `gajim-remote change status online` command, but it doesn't have any effect
  24. joemaro *change_status
  25. lovetox_ joemaro please open a issue and supply a full debug log when the problems are happening
  26. joemaro lovetox_, ok i'll try to do that one day, github issues's the prefered way?
  27. Link Mauve joemaro, Gajim is using GitLab, not GitHub.
  28. Link Mauve See
  29. rom1dep I think I'm totally missing the point of keyring. How good is that to store passwords behind a strong cypher if any random app/script can interrogate the keyring and `get` any credentials on behalf of any other app?
  30. lovetox i think its just a place to store them all together
  31. lovetox whats the alternativ? every app stores it on different places on your harddrive unencrypted?
  32. lovetox this way even if you dont encrypt your harddrive the passwords are save from outside
  33. lovetox of course if you beeing already compromised with malicous apps then its all lost anyway
  34. rom1dep Yeah, it doesn't offer much. I feel there should be a mechanism for each app to identify itself and sign the passwords with an agreed upon key with the keyring, but then again, if any malicious app can monitor the handshake or read the privkey directly, it's hard to do anything
  35. Link Mauve I think it’s planned for containers to be able to restrict keyring access by default.
  36. Link Mauve See flatpak.
  37. rom1dep I'm tired of flatpak
  38. Link Mauve How else would you authenticate applications in an unforgeable way?
  39. rom1dep That flatpaked libreoffice can't read documents in my home as soon as the path contains a space or accentuated char
  40. Link Mauve That’s a bug which should get fixed.
  41. rom1dep Yeah
  42. rom1dep That, many others, and the storage space creep
  43. rom1dep Also, I don't think security/containerization should be a feature of flatpak, but that flatpak sould merely make use of it
  44. rom1dep Anyway
  45. Link Mauve That’s exactly how it works.
  46. Link Mauve Bubblewrap is the container thing, XDG portal thingies provide access to the outside, and Flatpak is only the glue between packaging and that.
  47. rom1dep Not too bad, then, I guess 🙂
  48. saltybones I am back.
  49. saltybones I am on master.
  50. saltybones *dramatic music plays*
  51. saltybones lovetox, do you know what's stopping me from running multiple gajim instances in parallel?
  52. lovetox you have to specify -p myprofile
  53. saltybones ah...I gave both of them the same name since I am in different config folders
  54. lovetox gajim registers some name on a dbus service
  55. lovetox there can only be one with the same name
  56. lovetox the profile option is used to make it different
  57. saltybones ok
  58. saltybones lovetox, can you recommend something for understanding what runs when and how in gajim?
  59. saltybones It seems startup goes to and then it probably enters an event loop or something...
  60. saltybones Then I somehow end up in _handle_local_options but then the debugger completely loses track of execution.
  61. lovetox command line handling is very advanced stuff
  62. lovetox when is run main loop is automatically started
  63. lovetox first _startup() executes
  64. lovetox then _activate()
  65. lovetox then look at
  66. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  67. saltybones lovetox: thanks!