Gajim - 2019-10-26

  1. lovetox stp search your gajim installation for gajim.css
  2. lovetox put this in there
  3. lovetox * { -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: true; -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: true; }
  4. lovetox and life with the ugliness :)
  5. lovetox and live with the ugliness :)
  6. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d7af6eb2* < > Chatstates: Never stop message processing inside that module Clients adding chatstates should not disrupt Gajim
  7. Demosthenex i'm testing gajihm with ejabberd, and i'm pleased that the http upload function works. however i understood that gajim has xhtml-im support, so my users should see thumbnails instead of just urls for uploads. how can that be enabled?
  8. Demosthenex i get the basic result if i add the image preview plugin, but i was hoping to use the server side thumbnail
  9. bot Sebastiaan Lokhorst created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9871: < zeroconf: shows self in roster >
  10. bot Sebastiaan Lokhorst closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9871: < zeroconf: shows self in roster >
  11. lovetox Demosthenex, im not aware on any serverside thumbnails
  12. lovetox image preview plugin is all there is
  13. Demosthenex
  14. Demosthenex according to the deprecated http upload plugin that was merged into main, xhtml-im is already supported
  15. Demosthenex "When the upload is completed, a thumbnail will be sent to the recipients with XHTML-IM. If the recipient doesn't support XHTML-IM, they will just see the URL instead. Gajim supports XHTML-IM and will always display the thumbnail."
  16. lovetox ok but this has nothing to do with serverside thumbnails
  17. lovetox and no we dont send a thumbnail to the user
  18. lovetox 1. we cant encrypt that
  19. lovetox 2. what for when we have a image preview plugin
  20. saltybones lovetox, why 1.?
  21. lovetox because omemo can only encrypt the body of a message
  22. saltybones huh...interesting
  23. saltybones Is there a reason for that?
  24. lovetox no
  25. Demosthenex uh, remember, this isn't generic url support, i'm talking specifically about http uploads. that is server facilitated, and server stored.
  26. Demosthenex i didn't expect that if i paste url to see a thumbnail
  27. Demosthenex but if i send an http upload to the server as part of a multimedia message, and the server send the recipient a URL to pull that file, and the server makes a thumbnail, that note indicated that the xhtml-im support in gajim would show the thumbnail from the server
  28. lovetox no that not did not indicate that at all
  29. lovetox you are assuming stuff that never happens
  30. Demosthenex though i do concede that perhaps it isn't needed if you have the preview plugin because that works for all urls
  31. lovetox there is no multimedia message, there is not server sending someone a url, there is no thumbnail generated by the server
  32. lovetox what really happens is, i upload a file to a server, the server tells me the url i just uploaded
  33. lovetox then i send that url to the other user
  34. lovetox nothing more
  35. Demosthenex , "thumbnail: true|false: This option specifies whether ejabberd should create thumbnails of uploaded images. If a thumbnail is created, a <thumbnail/> element that contains the download <uri/> and some metadata is returned with the PUT response. "
  36. Demosthenex now perhaps that's just returned to the poster, and they must send the URL of the thumbnail to the other part
  37. lovetox ok, i didnt know that ejabberd could do this
  38. Demosthenex s/part/party/
  39. lovetox yeah Gajim simply does not support that
  40. Demosthenex no problem at all
  41. Demosthenex i was trying to test it anyway, i can't seem to get a thumbnail ;]
  42. Demosthenex but the image preview plugin is a completely acceptable workaround
  43. lovetox its also not in the standard for httpupload
  44. lovetox so this seems some custom improvement of ejabberd
  45. Demosthenex i appreciate that gajim supports http upload, because i noticed trillian was using their own image servers which isn't very private. this is a good alternative for my users.
  46. Demosthenex oh, that's new
  47. lovetox but lets say i send that to the other user
  48. lovetox yeah i could show the thumbnail, and download the real picture in the background
  49. Demosthenex it just means that you don't client side generate the thumbnail, which isn't a big deal
  50. lovetox i think this is just to imitate other messengers, that show a blurred out thumbnail, with a loading bar
  51. lovetox which is cool
  52. Demosthenex i thought more in-band like slack
  53. Demosthenex but again, image preview plugin does that for me
  54. Demosthenex so i consider my problem solved ]
  55. Demosthenex =]
  56. lovetox problem is, inline it really has to be very small
  57. lovetox like 1 kb or something
  58. lovetox i think the approach with communicating a thunmbnail link is nicer
  59. lovetox :)
  60. Demosthenex we have an extended family and friends gaming clan, and though we use mailing lists and mumble for private comms, someone started a slack group which got popular, i'm trying to push to use our existing Nextcloud w/ XMPP installation to replace it. gajim supporting message archiving is a big deal, i have to test it with MUCs
  61. Demosthenex btw, i didn't see any description in ejabberd over what size the thumbnail is
  62. Demosthenex this way we have private xmpp multiuser chat with history, and file uploads in-band
  63. saltybones hm..if you want an open source replacement for slack there are some other options, though
  64. lovetox he wants to use his nextcloud :)
  65. Demosthenex nope. i'm a long time fan of xmpp
  66. Demosthenex given we have users on bitlbee, pidgin, trillian, and now gajim, i value a federated private standardized service.
  67. Demosthenex i was just working on fixing the upload hole i found when a trillian user sent screenshots. i enabled upload on our server, but pidgin doesn't support it.
  68. Demosthenex gajim does, i'm going to recommend that as the best client now
  69. Demosthenex hrm, forgot conversations.
  70. Wiktor lovetox: blurhash is very small ( but that'd require support from clients
  71. lovetox yeah like a NSFW flag
  72. lovetox for messages
  73. lovetox we dont have that yet in xmpp
  74. Wiktor Yep used for that but it's also minimal thumbnail
  75. Wiktor Sounds like an idea for a XEP! ;)
  76. lovetox yeah but the thumbnail is not important, there is no need to transport a blurred thumbnail
  77. lovetox just transport the real one
  78. lovetox and let clients itself blur them if they find a nsfw tag
  79. lovetox or not if the user wants to always see that
  80. Wiktor Oh I see. I thought there was a discussion about small thumbnails...
  81. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *be2f3053* < > Refactor blocking non-roster messages
  82. saltybones Demosthenex, gajim is the best client for desktop afaik...
  83. Demosthenex do you have to open the history window to scrollback?
  84. lovetox yes
  85. saltybones Demosthenex, I'm not saying it's great. It's just the best.
  86. saltybones The XMPP landscape is not pretty. :)
  87. Demosthenex pfft, i'm the bitlbee user ;]
  88. saltybones Nothing wrong with bitlbee except that it doesn't support omemo. ;)
  89. Demosthenex i'm saying i don't expect pretty ;]
  90. saltybones oh
  91. saltybones When I said pretty I didn't refer to UI. ;)
  92. doczkal The use case I know for bitlbee is to run it on a server, which opens a lot of attack vectors for the received message even though at some point in the future it might have omemo support.
  93. Demosthenex i'm afraid i don't see your point
  94. Demosthenex receiving a message, if that's your attack vector, doesn't matter if it's desktop or server, or encrypted (omemo) or not
  95. Demosthenex you might run bitlbee anywhere you have headless, but i run it on my desktop. i read email in mutt too. i dislike big GUI apps, i prefer terminals.
  96. lovetox did you try poezio?
  97. Demosthenex multiuser bitlbee as a service is a vector because it controls all the messages.
  98. Demosthenex no, and that looks *awesome*.
  99. Demosthenex i use irssi already for irc, so using irssi with bitlebee was an easy choice
  100. Demosthenex that and multiple IM networks
  101. Demosthenex but given they are kinda dying off except xmpp, i may try that
  102. Zash Didn't irssi also have an XMPP plugin?
  103. Zash Not that I remember that working well, but then I found poezio.
  104. Zash And biboumi for my irc needs
  105. Demosthenex not sure about a plugin
  106. Demosthenex peozio's python. neat.
  107. Demosthenex i find it weird that gtail was supposed to close xmpp, but i still see mangled user ids and can chat with bitlbee
  108. Demosthenex s/gtail/gtalk/
  109. Zash They closed down federation gradually and it's been gone for a while now.
  110. Zash Seems they still have c2s tho