Gajim - 2019-10-25

  1. lovetox_ pep. we dont have timeouts on contact chatstate notifications
  2. lovetox_ we show the last value the contact sent us
  3. lovetox_ whatever that may be
  4. stp Hello, I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to add scroll buttons to Gajim, at least optionally. I had a look into the ACE, but I found nothing regarding that in there.
  5. wurstsalat stp: what do you mean, scroll buttons? The ones on each end of a scroll bar? In the conversation view?
  6. stp wurstsalat‎, yes, I mean those. I miss them in conversations view and in the messages view in "Unterhaltungsverlauf".
  7. bot Dominik Danelski created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9870: < Error when trying to turn off an account >
  8. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9870: < Error when trying to turn off an account >
  9. saltybones wurstsalat: I've updated the Ubuntu Guide
  10. UsL there are no scroll buttons? I like my scroll buttons. They indicate wether or not I have mistankely scrolled one line up and making the room go "silent". If the scroll down button is inactive it means I am at the bottom.
  11. wurstsalat UsL: don't know if it's dependent on your desktop env
  12. UsL ah, I thought it was forceibly removed by gajim or some such. Good to know.
  13. wurstsalat UsL: I don't know
  14. stp I'm on Windows 7, which has scroll buttons but Gajim does not.
  15. wurstsalat re scrollbar arrows:
  16. lovetox you have a scroll bar
  17. lovetox if the scrollbar is not at the bottom then you are not at the bottom
  18. lovetox no need for buttons to indicate that
  19. lovetox if they evern would indicate that
  20. lovetox the asumption that a scrollbutton has to be inactive if the scrollbar is down is highly theme / framework / OS dependend
  21. lovetox its probably different on every os
  22. lovetox just a quick test with firefox on windows 7
  23. lovetox no scrollbutton goes inactive ever
  24. stp Not sure about current Firefox, but FF56 on Windows 7 has scrollbars.
  25. lovetox you have to decide about what you want to talk
  26. lovetox either its scroll buttons
  27. lovetox or scrollbars
  28. lovetox which is it
  29. stp Sorry I meant FF56 has scroll buttons!
  30. lovetox you didnt say what you need them for
  31. stp to click on them to scroll line for line