Gajim - 2019-10-23

  1. wurstsalat SaltyBones: to the bottom of the list there is a button
  2. SaltyBones wurstsalat, the one on the left?
  3. wurstsalat Yes. It has a tooltip as well!
  4. SaltyBones Yes, and when I click on it I get a popup saying "Plugin Updates Downloaded: Updates will be installed next time Gajim is started." but then nothing happens.
  5. SaltyBones wurstsalat, note: i might have set up the plug-ins wrong
  6. SaltyBones i linked the plugin repo to CONFIG_DIR/PROFILENAME.plugins
  7. SaltyBones that made them show up in the list but might still not be the right thing to do....
  8. wurstsalat I symlinked them for my dev profile. When I update via gajim (instead of git), the symlink of that plugin gets overwritten
  9. SaltyBones hm..actually had that backwards was plugins.PROFILENAME but no, it didn't get overwritten it seems
  10. SaltyBones btw I've added PyCharm setup to
  11. SaltyBones It's pretty great if you want a modern IDE•
  12. Deant Hello
  13. SaltyBones Deant, hello :)
  14. Deant Everybody's right ?
  15. wurstsalat SaltyBones, nice, I'll add that
  16. SaltyBones Here's something odd: I got a log message: 10/23/2019 08:33:50 (I) gajim.p.plugin_installer ...
  17. SaltyBones Somehow plugin_installer is not really mentioned in code and I cannot find where this message is coming from.
  18. SaltyBones I mean, this is sort of bad for a log message in general but it is also kind of surprising. :)
  19. wurstsalat SaltyBones,
  20. saltybones ah...
  21. saltybones i'm in the wrong project!
  22. saltybones have to add that to my project definition
  23. saltybones wurstsalat: what are you using to develop?
  24. wurstsalat VS Code
  25. 1010 I installed the Audio Video plugin but cannot find a Button in the Window. How can I use it?
  26. wurstsalat 1010, I doubt you installed a plugin for that. which version of gajim are you running? in current versions, audio/video support is broken
  27. 1010 I have the Version from Linux mint installed. This is not the last Version.
  28. wurstsalat so I guess Gajim ~1.x
  29. 1010 I will Look at home.
  30. saltybones I don't think AV has ever really worked.
  31. lovetox_ Audio schould work in master
  32. lovetox_ And yes it really worked at one point, but doesnt since our migration to python3
  33. saltybones Hm...could never get it up and running. :)
  34. saltybones wurstsalat: VS code sounds great! Does debugging and everything work?
  35. wurstsalat saltybones, I did not use VS Code to debug yet.
  36. wurstsalat but "and everything" works well :D
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  39. lovetox_ saltybones you seem to be under the impression that the IDE does some debugging for you or provides you with this capability
  40. lovetox_ in python either you set a breakpoint and that sends you into a shell where you can use pdb to debug (has nothing to do with your IDE, pdb is its own application)
  41. lovetox_ or you set print statements into your code and see how it flows with that
  42. lovetox_ both things totally independent from your IDE
  43. lovetox_ you could do this with notepad
  44. lovetox_ what a IDE for python can give you is, code completion, static analysis like pylint does to see errors before you compile the code
  45. wurstsalat and that, VS Code does well for me
  46. wurstsalat lovetox_, what are you using?
  47. lovetox_ sublime text
  48. saltybones lovetox_: pycharm allows setting breakpoints with the gui you use to develop and stepping there etc. i like that more than having a separate debugger.
  49. stp Can it please be changed that the ESC-key closes the currently viewed chat?
  50. lovetox_ and what should it do?
  51. wurstsalat stp, what should it do when hitting Esc?
  52. stp wurstsalat, Maybe just closing an open right click context menu but nothing regarding the chat windows.
  53. wurstsalat stp, it does close an open context menu for me (on current master though). which system are you on?
  54. wurstsalat 1. Esc closes the menu, 2. Esc the window
  55. stp wurstsalat, ok it does, so the 2. should do nothing
  56. wurstsalat hm why are you pressing Esc though? It's a pretty standard key for closing a window, I really like it that way
  57. wurstsalat By accident? What do you expect from pressing Esc other than terminating something?
  58. wurstsalat I'm just trying to understand ;)
  59. stp wurstsalat, for example sometimes on Windows the whole Gajim input field acts weird, doesn't let you type and hitting ESC just once often doesn't solve it so I press ESC multiple times.
  60. stp wurstsalat, in no browser, filemanager etc. I know of does ESC close a tab btw.
  61. wurstsalat hm you are right, closing the whole window does not happen so often using Esc
  62. wurstsalat and while I think about it, Esc closing the window annoys me when using the history window's search input. it does not hide the suggestions, it closes the window instead
  63. stp wurstsalat, :-) good spot!
  64. wurstsalat we have Alt+F4 to close the window, and Ctrl+W to close the tab, so Esc is not really needed, is it?
  65. wurstsalat every other dialog in Gajim uses Esc to destroy itself, I really got used to it
  66. SaltyBones i rarely notice but also find it annoying
  67. stp wurstsalat, yes, Alt+F4 and Ctrl+W are the usual key combinations for closing a tab, Ctrl+W being the more modern it seems.
  68. wurstsalat lovetox_, what do you think about this?
  69. andrey.g stp, Ctrl+F4 for tabs
  70. wurstsalat that in addition to Ctrl+W, right
  71. stp ‎andrey.g, yes sorry, I mixed that up.
  72. andrey.g stp, no problem
  73. andrey.g btw, Ctrl+F4 doesn't work for me
  74. stp wurstsalat, yes, I think Ctrl+F4 is used by some Linux desktop environments to Ctrl+W is needed as backup.
  75. lovetox_ you have to differentiate between stuff, closing a tab is probably Gajims own business and we can use whatever shortcut we want
  76. lovetox_ closing dialogs not so much
  77. lovetox_ a dialog should close with ESC
  78. lovetox_ its synonym with abort
  79. lovetox_ rather than close
  80. lovetox_ of course only if you are not inside another process like writing into a input, where esc could have another meaning like clearing the input
  81. lovetox_ especially because we removed all "close" buttons of almost all dialogs
  82. wurstsalat looking into ACE, there actually is a setting for that. 'escape_key_closes' to close active windows/tabs
  83. wurstsalat stp^
  84. wurstsalat stp ^
  85. wurstsalat default is enabled
  86. stp ‎wurstsalat‎, ok, I can change that but it's a matter of a good default value for that then.
  87. wurstsalat that's right
  88. stp I'm looking forward to that default being in future releases then :-)
  89. wurstsalat you convinced me, I don't know about the others ;)
  90. stp wurstsalat, they blindly follow the leader :-D
  91. stp Another topic: how to delete a MUC which is not shown on the rooster but in the window "Chat starten" (whatever that's exactly called in English, "Start chat" most likely)?
  92. wurstsalat did you check your bookmarks?
  93. wurstsalat Start Chat will also take recently used MUCs into account. these should clear themselves out after a while
  94. wurstsalat (I think)
  95. stp wurstsalat‎, I thought "Start chat" via menu is the bookmarks. Is it not?
  96. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: HistoryWindow: Close search results first
  97. lovetox_ start chat is a list of all contacts and mucs
  98. lovetox_ not sure why you would want to delete something from there
  99. lovetox_ its not like you scroll through that list
  100. stp Because I thought those are the bookmarks. I can't find the bookmarks then.
  101. lovetox_ account -> advanced
  102. wurstsalat stp on 1.1.x it's Gajim > Bookmarks
  103. stp ‎wurstsalat‎, I'm on 1.1.92 and it's not there.
  104. lovetox_ account -> advanced
  105. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *cd9885c0* < > HistoryWindow: Close search results first This checks if the search results scrolled window is visible when pressing Esc. It will first hide the scrolled window, and only then close the history window.
  106. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: HistoryWindow: Close search results first
  107. stp lovetox_‎, there it is, called "Gruppenchat verwalten" I guess "Manage groupchats" in English.
  108. wurstsalat ha, that was a quick merge :)
  109. stp Nice 👍 👍 👍
  110. marmistrz lovetox, what's the status of my trust PR?
  111. lovetox same as before, i will include it before 1.2, but plugin stuff comes after gajim refactoring changes
  112. stp Does Gajim supports read markers?
  113. lovetox not yet
  114. lovetox but soon
  115. stp ok, thanks for the reply.
  116. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: