Gajim - 2019-10-15

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  4. SaltyBones guess I should go back to master :)
  5. wurstsalat At least not 1.0.1 :)
  6. SaltyBones hey, it's what ubuntu ships
  7. SaltyBones that's probably what many people are using ;)
  8. wurstsalat yeah on LTS. latest gajim version for current stable ubuntu release is 1.1.2
  9. wurstsalat some are stuck on gajim 0.16.5 with ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  10. SaltyBones yeah, that's why I started using master back then
  11. SaltyBones but using master does come with its share of problems
  12. SaltyBones but maybe i'll set it up again later
  13. wurstsalat SaltyBones, does it?
  14. SaltyBones that was my impression
  15. SaltyBones in the end i had four different installations because something had broken in a weird way
  16. SaltyBones okay, okay
  17. SaltyBones I will try again.
  18. SaltyBones And let you know. j)
  19. SaltyBones ;)
  20. wurstsalat hm, no I'm not saying you should use master in your daily env, but I'm interested in the struggles you experienced
  21. bennypr0fane Hello, I installed Gajim on Linux and enabled OMEMO plugin. Is there a way to decrypt previous conversations encrypted on another device?
  22. bennypr0fane I.e. I first started using XMPP on my Android phone
  23. bennypr0fane all conversations started there are encrypted and I can't read them in Gajim on my desktop now.
  24. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: no that is not possible for a reason (perfext forward secrecy)
  25. SaltyBones Indeed, that is intended for omemo. But isn't there some way to have a decrypted archive on the server?
  26. SaltyBones wurstsalat: ^
  27. wurstsalat I don't think so
  28. pep. SaltyBones, what do you mean by "a decrypted archive"?
  29. pep. No e2ee?
  30. SaltyBones Something that stores messages in the clear for synching between devices...
  31. pep. So you don't want e2ee?
  32. SaltyBones I remember hearing about such a thing at some point..
  33. pep. (end to end encryption)
  34. SaltyBones pep.: I understand that it contradicts e2e that s why it came up
  35. pep. k
  36. bennypr0fane SaltyBones, afaik, What I want to do doesn't contradict e2ee, but PFS. If one wants that....
  37. bennypr0fane I find that that's not really a feature for regular consumers, as well as plausible deniabiltiy. It's good that it's available, we want it to work and be secure. But most people really don't need it
  38. bennypr0fane So you can't use OMEMO without the PFSW, is that it?
  39. bennypr0fane *PFS
  40. bennypr0fane but having a decrypted archive on a server is indeed the opposite of e2ee
  41. bennypr0fane However I thought, that if I have access to the keys that encrypted my previous conversations, I could justt import those and decrypt them - While PFS meant that someone who doesn't have that access, can't
  42. wurstsalat bennypr0fane: i guess you could do that with pgp
  43. SaltyBones bennypr0fane: PFS means you throw away old keys so if somebody hacks you they cannot use them to decrypt old messages
  44. SaltyBones and yes, it's built into omemo and as wurstsalat already said you could use PGP instead
  45. SaltyBones but I agree that there should be some way to keep a server side encrypted archive, would be nice
  46. SaltyBones i actually don't know how it works now...i m pretty sure I can read arbitrary amounts if history even for chats with omemo
  47. SaltyBones which contradicts....somethinf
  48. pep. "bennypr0fane> I find that that's not really a feature for regular consumers", I agree, but users generally don,t know what they want. They want PFS very much, but they also want to be able to retrieve messages more than once.
  49. pep. Re PFS:
  50. Ketchup901 how do I remove group chats from the list?
  51. lovetox_ right click -> disconnect
  52. lovetox_ if you dont want to autojoin on next start, gajim -> bookmarks
  53. Ketchup901 I want to delete it, not just disconnect
  54. wurstsalat Ketchup901, that you can do as well when viewing bookmarks
  55. SaltyBones pep.: that reddit comment is total nonsense :)
  56. pep. SaltyBones, yeah well..
  57. Zash People writing nonsence on the Internet?!
  58. Zash Rude nonsense even
  59. SaltyBones <<<||| BREAKING NEWS |||>>>
  60. nichts is there a way to get rid of that „enter your passphrase“-thing on startup of gajim? I already encrypt my drives, so no need for another layer of encryption and another passphrase here
  61. wurstsalat Gajim > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Configuration Editor > "use_keyring" > False should do the trick
  62. wurstsalat nichts ^
  63. nichts I’ll try that, thanks
  64. ccx bennypr0fane: FWIW you could just store the chat logs in an encrypted backup (say, NextCloud, Syncthing or Tahoe-LAFS). People generally do that with Signal and Google cloud from what I understood.
  65. ccx And sure, it will degrade the claimed security properties.
  66. ccx The difference from non-PFS protocol would then be the repudiation of logs.
  67. rom1dep huh, there is a stream of new features here which is quite insane, are you guys alright ? :)
  68. lovetox rom1dep, thats just moving features from Gajim to the xmpp lib
  69. lovetox so nothing new
  70. rom1dep lovetox: still, nice to see that everything is steadily getting better :)
  71. lovetox yeah slowly, wish i had more time, but with my kid right now i have maybe an hour tops per day
  72. lovetox or i have to trade sleep :/
  73. rom1dep lovetox: eh, health (and family!) first, it's hard to find reasons to complain about gajim these days ;)
  74. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9863: < KeyError: 'could not find foreign type Surface' when starting Gajim >
  75. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9863: < KeyError: 'could not find foreign type Surface' when starting Gajim >
  76. SaltyBones wurstsalat, maybe mention creating a fork here:
  77. SaltyBones otherwise you cannot get any of your changes integrated, right?
  78. SaltyBones bla. I mean here:
  79. wurstsalat huh? I don't understand
  80. SaltyBones I mean if I just clone the main repo I cannot commit and then I cannot create pull requests...
  81. wurstsalat forking is mentioned in the wiki's "how to git" page
  82. wurstsalat
  83. SaltyBones hm...okay
  84. SaltyBones easy to miss if you know git but aren't used to the pull request workflow but I guess that's okay
  85. wurstsalat yeah I see your point
  86. SaltyBones also, since gajim needs the matching nbxmpp, don't we need that as well + a venv?
  87. wurstsalat SaltyBones, I added hints for both parts you mentioned
  88. SaltyBones wurstsalat, oh nice!
  89. SaltyBones so a reasonable way of starting would be something like: PYTHONPATH=../python-nbxmpp/ ./ -p testprofile -s -l gajim=DEBUG
  90. SaltyBones right?
  91. SaltyBones hm...there seems to be interference between the ipython console and maybe the debug logging..?
  92. wurstsalat SaltyBones, I haven't tested this line. what errors do you see?
  93. SaltyBones the output of commands in ipython goes to the terminal window
  94. wurstsalat ah but no errors, "just" wrong window
  95. SaltyBones yeah
  96. SaltyBones wurstsalat, what is !450 waiting for?
  97. bot SaltyBones closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9854: < Remove "account has been added dialog" >
  98. SaltyBones this is a pretty cool issue...people using computers with a mouse only...who would have though
  99. lovetox yeah wurstsalat 450 looks nice
  100. lovetox dataform has support for inline cpatcha
  101. lovetox so not sure why you are not seeing it
  102. lovetox i can look into it tomorrow
  103. lovetox would be nice if you could rebase this, as its not possible with webui without removing wip status
  104. SaltyBones it seem "local account" cannot be switched on on the current master
  105. SaltyBones what is this feature and why is it disabled? :)
  106. lovetox you can connect to other devices over your local network
  107. lovetox you need avahi installed for that
  108. SaltyBones ah
  109. SaltyBones how to i join a group chat with the current master?
  110. SaltyBones accounts -> advanced -> bookmarks seem too difficult for normal people
  111. SaltyBones and it requires a restart to actually join :)
  112. lovetox ctrl + n
  113. lovetox then type a jid, or use the global muc search button
  114. lovetox bookmark window is not needed anymore
  115. lovetox and yes i plan to make this more obvious
  116. SaltyBones hm interesting
  117. SaltyBones thanks