Gajim - 2019-10-06

  1. pitchum lovetox, I think that being able to chose the nickname *before* joining a MUC can be useful when we don't want to leak to everyone our real username on some channels
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  5. guybrush88 hi asterix, I'm translating some strings into Italian and I have a question: if I want to report something wrong with strings, should I use the report button in the translation page or should I open a ticket in the tracker?
  6. pep. guybrush88, wrong how?
  7. pep. And I would say an issue in the tracker, probably
  8. lovetox no pep.
  9. lovetox we have a translation page for that
  10. pep. Ah ok
  11. guybrush88 pep., in one string there's a typo, in another string I still get a critical error even if I double-checked to put any XML tag properly
  12. lovetox guybrush88, maybe asterix can make you maintainer of italien on the translation page, dont know if that is possible
  13. lovetox guybrush88, do you mean in the english version is a typo?
  14. guybrush88 ah, the typo is in the original string, not in a translation
  15. lovetox or in the translation?
  16. lovetox ah ok thats another story
  17. pep. lovetox, yeah that's what I thought :p
  18. lovetox tell me what it is called
  19. guybrush88 lovetox,
  20. guybrush88 there's "Ttitle", with an extra 't' at the beginning
  21. pep. guybrush88, time to learn git? :P
  22. guybrush88 pep., maybe :P
  23. guybrush88 the other string I'm having problems with is
  24. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b60b725a* < > HistoryWindow: Remove not used string
  25. lovetox yeah whats the problem with the second
  26. lovetox you have to add the <b>%s</b>? to the translation
  27. lovetox let me try
  28. guybrush88 lovetox, it doesn't accept my translation, it seems that the critical error is still there
  29. lovetox no idea maybe asterix knows
  30. wurstsalat lovetox: some strings seem to be correctly typed but get flagged anyways. You can choose to ignore these (few) errors as language maintainer
  31. gerald Question: Is the right-click "send single message" option still needed? 1. afaik none of the current clients display subject lines 2. Those messages are always send unencrypted.
  32. asterix Plural forms aren't correctly recignized in pootle. Just ignore the error. I marked them as ignored
  33. lovetox gerald, some people use this to send a message to multiple people
  34. lovetox but in the end i think we have to change this in some form, like it is now its not very attractive
  35. gerald I agree :) btw I hope you devs don't feel nagged at, I just mention things I notice, bc I love the constant efforts put into Gajim and how the client is changing and imho improving :)
  36. lovetox no always interested what users think of course :)
  37. guybrush88 thanks @ all for the replies
  38. lovetox hm about markers, i guess having one config setting to either send markers or dont is not really enough
  39. lovetox at least i would want to send displayed markers to my girlfriend but not to this muc for example
  40. lovetox i also would default to off
  41. lovetox in reality you would need 3 config settings
  42. lovetox public muc default
  43. lovetox private muc default
  44. lovetox roster contact default
  45. lovetox and then a switch to override that default for every contact ^^
  46. lovetox thats bit insane but i dont see a way around it, all other solutions are lacking
  47. elfchen 👍🏻
  48. gerald re. chat markers: I think a toggle for each contact and for each muc would be enought, wouldn't it?
  49. gerald defaults all off?
  50. jubalh Does gajim log incoming muc messages only or also the outgoing ones?
  51. lovetox technically there are only incoming messages in a muc
  52. lovetox depends on why you ask this
  53. jubalh Incoming should be enough I suppose. As long as one has trusted their own omemo keys if one uses that
  54. jubalh Because I saw that profanity logs the outgoing/sending muc messages
  55. jubalh And I don't see a reason for that. So I would like to change it
  56. lovetox what does log mean for you
  57. jubalh But wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything:)
  58. jubalh Log to file for archiving
  59. lovetox it depends i dont think there is a right way
  60. jubalh I see: log both then in incoming ones filter own
  61. jubalh But not sure why wants to do that
  62. lovetox i dont get what problem you want to solve
  63. jubalh I'll ask later when I'm on the computer:)
  64. lovetox if you use encryption its probably easier to log the outgoing one
  65. jubalh Need to change train soon. Maybe I'm not expressing well
  66. lovetox otherwise you have to remember the payload you sent, wait for the muc to send it back to you
  67. lovetox because you cant decrypt your own messages
  68. jubalh lovetox, ok. so does gajim log the outgoing messages? :)
  69. lovetox no we wait on the muc reflection
  70. lovetox but that also means we cant track outgoing messages that are not yet reflected
  71. lovetox meaning, i cant show the user his messages is in flight
  72. lovetox so hence i said there is no right or wrong here, it depends what your client wants to do
  73. lovetox and then it makes maybe sense to store the outgoing message
  74. jubalh I see
  75. jubalh well this not about the storing the message (to display) just the writing to the log file
  76. lovetox yeah i still dont know what the problem is that you want solve
  77. jubalh lovetox, so far profanity logs to a file when it sends a message to MUC. and when a message comes in via muc it also logs it to the same file. so it's there twice.
  78. jubalh so i think "why log outgoing when we receive everything anyways via reflection"
  79. jubalh and I'm thinking whether encryption might be a reason. and wanted to know how othres do it
  80. lovetox do both, but you definitly need the reflection
  81. lovetox the muc attaches other infos to the stanza
  82. lovetox like the mam id you will need
  83. lovetox log on outgoing, and update the database entry on incoming
  84. jubalh hm we don't have MAM yet. so it's interesting to know about this
  85. jubalh so thats what i will need to filter later when i display logs from local history/logs vs MAM
  86. lovetox jubalh, you may want to show in the future messages you tried to send to a muc but did not go through
  87. lovetox so i think in the end it makes sense to save the outgoing messages
  88. lovetox you just have to make sure the message does not look like it went through if there was no reflection yet
  89. lovetox so there probably need to be a db field "reflected=true/false"
  90. lovetox i would do it this way if i write a new client :)
  91. jubalh lovetox, our logs so far just are normal text files containing stuff like "19:50:39 - jubalh: thanks"
  92. lovetox thats problematic then
  93. lovetox how would you mark a message that was sent, but not reflected
  94. lovetox have to go, night