Gajim - 2019-10-04

  1. asterix Hi wurstsalat, spanish translation of the website seems to be finished, could you add it in menus?
  2. wurstsalat asterix: yes, I will as soon as I have time!
  3. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Groupchat: Add invite page
  4. wurstsalat gerald, ^
  5. asterix Thanks
  6. gerald wurstsalat, clean and simple 👍
  7. gerald How about adding little clickable arrows after each contact to communicate clearly that you can push them into the invitees list on the right. Correspondingly, you could add little X next to the invitees to remove them. Just a suggestion.
  8. wurstsalat gerald: yeah I had arrows in mind. I'll test this
  9. gerald If I right click on a muc participant -> information, it says "has errors" for every single status. Is this because of the MUC being pu blic and default pep configuration for vcards?
  10. gerald ah, if a user manually added a status, this status is shown, though it's still preceded by "has errors"
  11. wurstsalat gerald: we're in the process of redesigning this window as well. This error should be gone
  12. gerald nice, Gajim is really shaping up nicely imho :)
  13. wurstsalat :)
  14. gerald btw, would you rather people create gitlab issues for this "small" stuff or chatting about it here ok?
  15. wurstsalat gerald: mentioning it here first would be better
  16. gerald ok
  17. hexy hello guys, I'm using Gajim on linux here and I can't seem to be able to install it due to "python3-precis-i18n" , I have it installed, I manually installed it with pip but I still get an error from apt that "python3-precis-i18n is not installable" so I'm stuck with Gajim 0.16. Any idea how to fix this? I haven't found solution on the internet
  18. lovetox_ what os are you using?
  19. hexy lovetox_, Linux Mint 18.2
  20. lovetox_ does this not use the debian packages?
  21. lovetox_ Gajim should be available there
  22. lovetox_ if the installation via package from your distro does not work, please contact support of your distro
  23. hexy lovetox_, I will try, thanks
  24. gerald Is it just me or is the "default sync threshold" value not respected in the individual mucs? I had the default setting on "no threshold", but in each MUC, it was still set to 1 day.
  25. wurstsalat gerald: that setting is taken into account when joining a new MUC the first time
  26. wurstsalat Right now the MUCs you are joined in use the default at the point where you joined them first.
  27. gerald I see, thanks
  28. wurstsalat You can set the threshold indivudually for each MUC. Newly joined MUC should respect your default
  29. lovetox hm no sure thats true wurstsalat
  30. lovetox the default should be respected for every muc where you didnt activily change the treshold at some point
  31. lovetox hm no wurstsalat is right, its only respected on first join
  32. lovetox maybe we should change that
  33. lovetox not sure why i did that ..
  34. gerald >maybe we should change that 👍
  35. bot moppman created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9851: < Global Group Chat Search complains about missing Soup module >
  36. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9851: < Global Group Chat Search complains about missing Soup module >
  37. gerald have you devs ever thought about an option of displaying a tiny resized avatar of a muc user between the time stamp and his nickname?
  38. wurstsalat gerald: yes, this needs a different conversation view, there is an issue open for this
  39. wurstsalat
  40. wurstsalat gerald: ^
  41. gerald wurstsalat, oh yeah, that's a very promising list, thx
  42. bernd hallo
  43. bernd hi
  44. bernd oh ... a little bit delay
  45. bernd maybe anybody can help me
  46. bernd i have running a little bot with nbxmpp. but since a few days, he cant join a muc.
  47. bernd server replies: 'debug Attempted join without <x>, possibly desynced'
  48. bernd any ideas?
  49. bernd code was not changing
  50. bernd nbxmpp was from debian-repo
  51. bernd now i have pull master branch fom git und rewrite the code ... same problem
  52. Zash That probably means it does not speak the MUC protocol, but the older Group chat 1.0. You're probably seeing this because support for that was removed from Prosody.
  53. bernd how can i solve this?
  54. Zash Your bot does this:
  55. Zash It should do this instead:
  56. bernd thank you ... i will check this
  57. Zash I can only remember one other software that had this issue, which was fixed.
  58. bernd hmmm ... i was reading this ... but i was thinking, nbxmpp sends this correct, because i found '' in the logfile.
  59. bernd this was looking for me like a correkt namespace
  60. bernd sorry for my bad english
  61. lovetox nbxmpp does not support MUC by it self
  62. lovetox you tell it what to send to a groupchat
  63. Zash The debug line you sent above is what Prosody says if you try to send a presence update to a room that you have not joined.
  64. lovetox so adapt your code
  65. Zash In GC 1.0, that's also how you join.
  66. Zash This causes problems, so we wanted to get rid of it.
  67. bernd how can i now join a muc?
  68. lovetox zash gave you the link to the xep
  69. lovetox adapt your join code accordingly
  70. bernd is there a api docu?
  71. lovetox i think there is somewhere a docu but its not a good one
  72. lovetox didnt you write the bot yourself?
  73. bernd i write ... oriented at the xsend example
  74. bernd but this example dosn#t join a room
  75. lovetox so add a x child to the join presence so it looks like this
  76. lovetox
  77. bernd thank you ... i will try
  78. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *35cb5c69* < > Carbons: Use namedtuple for carbon data
  79. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  80. bernd Zash, lovetox: thank you ... it works
  81. Zash great!