Gajim - 2019-09-30

  1. chunk Could a guy make a plugin for gajim that allowd a posted url to show a meta preview?
  2. Eduard Do it!
  3. tom sometiems
  4. okong how to use it on mint linux
  5. mrdoctorwho Gajim's omemo plugin asks me to accept fingerprints even if I preemptively accepted them
  6. wurstsalat mrdoctorwho, I notice that too sometimes
  7. wurstsalat okong, just like on ubuntu (which linux mint is based on)
  8. wurstsalat Link Mauve, when selecting X11 as video source in latest master, I get the following traceback
  9. Link Mauve wurstsalat, thanks, I’ll have a look tonight.
  10. wurstsalat Link Mauve, I'm looking forward to having audio/video work again :)
  11. Link Mauve lovetox, I just pushed the branch:
  12. Link Mauve asterix, if you want to have a look, the issue is that the current code is sending session-accept instead of transport-accept, and then if I change that the transport sid is still the Socks5 one instead of the new IBB one we just received.
  13. Link Mauve And on that note, the Stockholm XMPP Sprint is officially finished I guess?
  14. asterix That's really great those sprints! Thanks a lot Link Mauve and Thanks a lot Lovetox!
  15. asterix When I'll have tume I'll look at the fallback. But I already made it work previously. It doesn't work anymore?
  16. wurstsalat asterix,
  17. wurstsalat also
  18. lovetox_ asterix we did send a session accept instead of a transport accept
  19. lovetox_ you probably tested this only with gajim -> gajim, so it was missed
  20. lovetox_ i would appreciate if you could take a look at Link Mauve branch as you know the jingle codebase better than iam
  21. lovetox_ Link Mauve, branch is a hack to make it work, but im sure it can be done more nicely
  22. lovetox_ we just did not understand the jingle codebase enough to do it
  23. Link Mauve lovetox, asterix, why does the line at 20:11:41 here look smaller?
  24. Link Mauve Gajim 1.1.3.
  25. lovetox it has a delay tag
  26. lovetox but yeah not obvious
  27. pep. Not only poezio is doomed with delay tags!
  28. Link Mauve lovetox, a delay tag in an IRC channel?
  29. Link Mauve I’ve never seen that.
  30. mathieui Link Mauve, from MAM maybe?
  31. Link Mauve He was still connected.
  32. Link Mauve Maybe because the connection is somewhat bad here?
  33. Link Mauve And now biboumi is telling him Connection closed everytime he tries to join it again… /o\
  34. lovetox Link Mauve, its 99% a delay tag
  35. lovetox but not MAM
  36. lovetox so maybe this irc channel has no MAM activated, and biboumi simulates MUC history?
  37. lovetox or bioumi adds the delays for some other reason
  38. asterix gitlab update running ...
  39. asterix ... Done
  40. asterix lovetox, Link Mauve: does that sound ok now:
  41. daniel asterix, that looks correct
  42. daniel we can also try to reproduce with Conversations
  43. asterix yes I try with conversation
  44. asterix Hmm conversation sends with HTTPS upload ..
  45. daniel yes; that's why I was offering to do that with you. because even if you have disabled http upload you need it to fail the candidates
  46. asterix I can easily fails the candidates in Gajim and send no candidate, so conversation will fail them too
  47. daniel sure. if you control the server you can also disable http upload to make Conversations use jingle
  48. asterix yeah ok I'll disable it
  49. daniel and thank you for looking into that