Gajim - 2019-09-25

  1. mrdoctorwho the most recent gajim doesn't show any participants in groupchats
  2. mrdoctorwho and this
  3. mrdoctorwho 25.09.2019 13:43:16 (E) gajim.c.ged Error while running an event handler: <bound method GroupchatControl._on_user_joined of <gajim.groupchat_cont
  4. wurstsalat mrdoctorwho, this came up two days ago > could you try and install pygobject (3.34.0-1) from debian testing?
  5. mrdoctorwho I can try installing from pip
  6. mrdoctorwho that helped, thank you
  7. mrdoctorwho the gorupchat roster looks much much better now
  8. andrey.g just FYI: for me it works with 3.32.2
  9. wurstsalat yeah for me too (3.32.2)
  10. kros does anyone know public XMPP server that support video call?
  11. pep. kros: video calls are not a server feature
  12. kros so, it is pure client feature?
  13. Timur Davletshin kros, I've never seen gajim calling. This feature just doesn't work. Last time I tried was in Debian Testing with gajim 1.1.3.
  14. Link Mauve testy123: sure, by making said servers implement XMPP.
  15. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Subscription fixes
  16. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9848: < Add server contact adresses to ServerInfo Dialog >