Gajim - 2019-09-18

  1. lovetox_ none, why you want to do that?
  2. lovetox_ your contacts are on your server
  3. lovetox_ great job asterix / wurstsalat 🙂
  4. lovetox_ i see we can release the new page soon
  5. lovetox_ why is a user called GitLab making commits on the website repo?
  6. asterix Yes, if the content is what we want.
  7. lovetox_ content is the same as is now on our old page, so i guess its ok
  8. asterix don't you find the pages too sober?
  9. asterix no color, nearly no image
  10. lovetox_ yeah ok it looks very minimal, but all infos are there, its now better editable thanks too .md format
  11. lovetox_ And if someone wants to play with styles and make it a bit more special he/she can do that
  12. lovetox_ but i would not want to wait for that 🙂
  13. lovetox_ biggest benefit of the new page for me is that we can extend easily now install instructions with syntax highlighting
  14. lovetox_ thats why people go to the page
  15. wurstsalat asterix: I agree, a little color here and there wouldn't harm. I'll look into how we could add some elements (color/images). But this is not a release blocker I think :)
  16. cmmorz hello, is there any quick way to install/enable a plugin from cli instead of using the zip file gui? thanks
  17. lovetox_ no
  18. lovetox_ if you talk about adding a plugin while gajim is running
  19. lovetox_ there is only the gui
  20. cmmorz i see
  21. cmmorz i am developing a plugin, is there a recomended workflow?
  22. lovetox_ fork the plugin repo, add a folder for your plugin, symlink that folder to the gajim plugin dir under .local/share/gajim/plugins
  23. lovetox_ develop on it, and restart gajim to refresh code
  24. cmmorz i'll try that thanks
  25. wurstsalat cmmorz: what are you working on? :)
  26. cmmorz wurstsalat‎: i have written another piece of software, a video player with built in chat that i currently use with pidgin, so that you can watch a video in fullscreen with someone, and see your im chat on the screen, but i haven't made a public release
  27. cmmorz now i want to switch from pidgin to gajim so i am writing a plugin to connect with it
  28. wurstsalat cmmorz: I see!
  29. debacle Minor issue in url_image_preview 2.3.23 with Gajim 1.1.3: Exception while loading 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_cursor' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gajim/./data/plugins/url_image_preview/", line 485, in add_to_textview image.get_window().set_cursor(get_cursor('HAND2')) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_cursor'
  30. Link Mauve debacle, HAND2 doesn’t sound like a common cursor name, maybe only on some specific cursor themes.
  31. Link Mauve You may want to change it to e.g. left_ptr.
  32. Link Mauve Uh, additionally your issue is that image.get_window() is None.
  33. lovetox_ Link Mauve this is already changed in master, we now use cursors that are available everywhere
  34. lovetox_ but the issue is here that the image seems to be already destroyed for some reason
  35. Link Mauve Ah, good. :)
  36. Link Mauve Even in plugins?
  37. lovetox_
  38. Link Mauve Good. :)
  39. debacle > Uh, additionally your issue is that image.get_window() is None. Yes. Any solution for that?
  40. lovetox_ would need to reproduce that first
  41. pep. debacle: introduce option types :-°
  42. asterix wurstsalat: your MR needs changes in my script?
  43. asterix I mean the fact that config is now splitted? I guess hugo can handle that blindly?
  44. wurstsalat asterix: I don't know, I'll have to check when I'm back home ;) that's not MR
  45. asterix
  46. asterix I move the new website in the real website repos to remove the website-dev one, no problem with that?
  47. wurstsalat asterix: that's ok with me (as long as the currently open MRs and issues are moved as well)
  48. asterix no they won't ... I just move files, the website-dev project was temporary
  49. asterix we can maybe move issues though
  50. asterix but not the MR
  51. asterix but there is only one issue no problem to re-create it on the other project
  52. wurstsalat If that complicates stuff, you can also check out the remaining MR, see if it works like intended, merge it and I'll open a new issue on the other project
  53. asterix ok I merge the MR to test if it works
  54. asterix if it doen't I won't copy it to the website project
  55. asterix seems to work fine
  56. wurstsalat Alright :)
  57. wurstsalat asterix: there are some more MRs from hannibal, can you still merge them before the copy?
  58. asterix too late
  59. asterix he opened them a few minutes later
  60. wurstsalat Okay! hannibal, do you mind openin your recent MRs against the new repo? If not thats ok, I'll add them on friday then
  61. hannibal Working on it
  62. wurstsalat hannibal: thanks again! :)
  63. asterix I'll sorry hannibal
  64. asterix I'm sorry hannibal
  65. asterix wurstsalat: on this page: the menu "Entwicklung" doesn't point to a de/ page ... an error in menu configuration?
  66. wurstsalat asterix: I noticed that as well but I couldn't check yet
  67. asterix ok
  68. wurstsalat Is it present in the deployed content folder?
  69. asterix
  70. asterix yes
  71. cmmorz is there a way to use chat_control.send_message without clearing the chatbox? or a better way to send a message programmatically? thanks
  72. asterix I don't know if it's possible, but that would be nice to make those install commands untranslatable
  73. asterix from outside of Gajim, using dbus capabilities?
  74. lovetox_ cmmorz:
  75. wurstsalat asterix: yes, that would be nice, don't knoe if it's possible though
  76. wurstsalat asterix: if you don't have it on your list already: the old website should be removed from pootle
  77. asterix done thanks
  78. wurstsalat Ah, and may I be Maintainer again for the 'new' repo? :)
  79. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9726: < AttributeError: 'ActionOption' object has no attribute 'action' >
  80. miro where is gajim.desktop or what is used for gnome app menu? can't find it in any common place
  81. miro I am using budgie with gnome menu, app is listed but I have to edit args
  82. miro on arch linux
  83. miro I think I found it
  84. wurstsalat miro: share your insights :)
  85. miro sudo nano org.gajim.GajimTor.desktop
  86. miro sry
  87. miro usr/share/applications/org.gajim.Gajim.desktop
  88. miro had to look into package files
  89. miro I need 2 profiles, one normal and one for onions that will have global proxy for tor
  90. miro also I need to point to profile shared with Windows, using -c arg
  91. bot Andrew created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9843: < Crashed when I try open profile >
  92. bot Serhii Bobok created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9844: < Crash during chat open >
  93. ButterflyOfFire Hi ! Can you add arabic `ar` to Pootle. I want to test some RTL on the new website :) cc asterix
  94. asterix ButterflyOfFire: done
  95. ButterflyOfFire Oh ! That was fast ! Thank you asterix o/
  96. asterix it's not in the menu though. if you do a MR, no problem
  97. ButterflyOfFire No problem :) If I can do `/ar` in the url is sufficient for a test :) before translating all the strings :)
  98. asterix yes. it's available here:
  99. asterix it's built every hour
  100. ButterflyOfFire 👍 Nice job :)
  101. lovetox hey cool, asterix we could use the website-dev repo to test our changes, and only merge them later to the website repo
  102. lovetox probably that was your idea anyway
  103. asterix Hmm not really. Sync them is not easy. We can commit in website, we preview in, if it's ok, we move it to
  104. lovetox ok, how do you do that
  105. lovetox you have to do it manually? to push it to
  106. wurstsalat Yes, I was wondering, too :)
  107. meaz I'm trying to use gpg so I install the plugin and python-gnupg but when I start gajim I see this "gajim.c.gnupg gpg returned a non-zero error code: 2" and I can't access the wheel to set the keys.
  108. lovetox did you also install gpg?
  109. meaz yep louiz’
  110. meaz yep lovetox
  111. lovetox what gajim version?
  112. meaz 1.3 on Debian testing
  113. meaz 1.1.3
  114. meaz is there any more info I could provide?
  115. meaz do I need to open an issue ticket lovetox ?
  116. lovetox no its certainly a problem with your setup
  117. lovetox i have too look up how we can get more debug info
  118. lovetox try -l gajim.c.gnupg=DEBUG
  119. meaz I have some messages like this, don't know if this is relevant: "gajim.c.gnupg 27077: gpg --status-fd 2 --no-tty --no-verbose --fixed-list-mode --batch --with-colons --version"
  120. meaz also these, quite a few times: 18/09/2019 22:13:45 (D) gajim.c.gnupg stderr reader: <Thread(Thread-5, initial daemon)> 18/09/2019 22:13:45 (D) gajim.c.gnupg stdout reader: <Thread(Thread-6, initial daemon)>
  121. meaz and this: 18/09/2019 22:13:54 (D) gajim.c.gnupg verify_file: <_io.BytesIO object at 0x7f1be6dc6bf0>, None
  122. meaz 18/09/2019 22:13:54 (D) gajim.c.gnupg verify_file: <_io.BytesIO object at 0x7f1be6dc6bf0>, None
  123. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _python-nbxmpp/master_ < >: make BOSH work when more than 16384 bytes need to be sent
  124. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *fedc80c9* < > make BOSH work when more than 16384 bytes need to be sent
  125. meaz I'm not sure what I should look for though.
  126. lovetox hm gpg seems tow work
  127. lovetox so what is the problem? are you sure you are using it correctly?
  128. lovetox you have to add your key, under accounts
  129. lovetox is the plugin activated?
  130. meaz > ‎[22:22:35] ‎lovetox‎: you have to add your key, under accounts Oh! I was trying to add it from the plugin, trying to click on the wheel thinking it would open the configuration window of the plugin. Thanks!
  131. lovetox after you added your key under accounts
  132. lovetox you have to right click contact in the roster
  133. lovetox and select assign key
  134. lovetox and assign a public key in your keyring to the contact
  135. meaz ok! thanks a lot for the help lovetox. Just out of curiosity, is that documented anywhere?
  136. lovetox no i dont think so
  137. meaz we'll create some then!
  138. asterix lovetox: yes I do it manually, it's just a cp
  139. Eduard > we'll create some then! PRs are a good way to start
  140. bot Hub-O-Gits created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9845: < Roster Tweaks "programming error has been detected" >