Gajim - 2019-09-06

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  5. lovetox_ wurstsalat im not sure its the right place in the certificate dialog
  6. lovetox_ maybe we make a second page in the serverinfo dialog?
  7. lovetox_ with some connection related infos
  8. wurstsalat Hm I was thinking about adding a button there to view the certificate anyways
  9. lovetox_ yeah normally i would say lets move the certificate dialog into server info
  10. lovetox_ but we need the certificate dialog on its own
  11. wurstsalat Yes. Server Info is a good starting point. I'll figure something out
  12. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: GroupchatControl: Add group chat info popover and display JID in banner
  13. kartoshka How to make gajim go to the tray after pressing x?
  14. andrey.g kartoshka, preferences -> advanced -> ACE -> hide_on_roster_x_button
  15. kartoshka Quotha, but it doesnt work.
  16. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ServerInfoDialog: Add Connection tab
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  18. wurstsalat kartoshka, what does not work exactly? which OS are you using?
  19. kartoshka Windows 10, Gajim doesnt appear in tray after pressing a cross, but happens the same thing as for "quit" option. It just closes.
  20. wurstsalat maybe you have "quit_on_roster_x_button" activated?
  21. kartoshka Yes, I had. But God! Why?
  22. kartoshka Thank you for help.
  23. wurstsalat It's a setting you can reach in Preferences (not ACE) as well. Maybe it was set accitentally ;)
  24. kartoshka Maybe you even know why after pressing a hyperlink one time, whole Gajim window becomes this very active hyperlink until the next restart?
  25. wurstsalat Which gajim version?
  26. kartoshka 1.1.3
  27. kartoshka not portable one
  28. wurstsalat Url image preview installed? Try turning it off
  29. lovetox_ kartoshka, this is a bug, you dont have to restart gajim, rather close that chat or switch a few times between other windows and back to Gajim. dont know why this happens
  30. 0ic0 regarding the SNI 'thing' and the self-sgned certificate returned by the gmail xmpp server ... it turns out that the issue is caused as the alpn extension is enabled in gajim only for the direct TLS connections
  31. 0ic0 the google server offers STARTTLS
  32. 0ic0 here is the fix for that
  33. 0ic0
  34. lovetox_ hm how is that a fix?
  35. lovetox_ would this not fail for all servers that dont use sni/alpn for starttls?
  36. Zash I think that it just gets ignored if it's not supported by the server. Not 100% sure tho
  37. Holger How does using SNI/ALPN even make sense for STARTTLS? While doing STARTTLS the server already knows what host name and protocol you're trying to use, no?
  38. Zash Holger: Not at all.
  39. Holger o.O
  40. Holger Ah.
  41. Zash As in, it doesn't really make sense since the same info is already transmitted in the pre-starttls part
  42. Holger Right, mis-parsed your response.
  43. Zash I answered before reading the second sentence 🙂
  44. Zash So as a server dev, you get to figure out wtf to do if the client sends different names in the different slots.
  45. Zash Because they might maybe potentially be able to bypass per-host TLS settings by using a different SNI name
  46. Holger Yeah.
  47. Zash And you get confusion from TLS target vs XMPP service name and all sorts of fun
  48. Holger We could try this stuff with Google!
  49. lovetox_ why does gmail host a xmpp server?
  50. Zash I keep being surprised that they still have parts of their XMPP service running.
  51. lovetox_ whas this not shut down long ago?
  52. 0ic0 client connections are allowed
  53. Holger lovetox_: s2s was.
  54. Zash s2s has been down for some time
  55. Zash Has anyone written down a timeline?
  56. Holger lovetox_: Gajim is still a Gmail client!
  57. lovetox_ Ok so SNI is basically i send the hostname in the handshake
  58. lovetox_ necessary if someone runs different domain services on the same port?
  59. Zash Needed for direct TLS since there's no pre-starttls handshake to carry the same info
  60. lovetox_ Zash how would a Starttls connection know the domain i want to connect to?
  61. lovetox_ if i connect to IP:Port, and start tls
  62. lovetox_ i never pass the domain or?
  63. lovetox_ ah in XMPP i do
  64. Zash You send `<stream:stream to="blah">`
  65. lovetox_ ok i thought about http just now
  66. Holger HTTP doesn't have STARTTLS :-)
  67. lovetox_ yes i also realized this as i typed
  68. Holger Hah Conversations can still connect to my Google account.
  69. lovetox_ ok makes sense now 🙂
  70. Holger Zero green checkmarks tho!
  71. lovetox_ but still it doesnt hurt to include it or?
  72. Zash XMPP like it's 2006
  73. Holger Plus some presence spam.
  74. Holger Angelina und Nicole want to be my friends.
  75. lovetox_ ok what im reading on the internet
  76. Zash Still? Despite shutting down s2s?
  77. lovetox_ if you set SNI and server does not support SNI, you fail
  78. lovetox_ so i think its correct that gajim sets it only on direct tls if the port was determined through 0368
  79. lovetox_ which mandates SNI
  80. Zash That sounds sane.
  81. Holger Zash: Both are Google accounts (actually not but, but their local parts sound highly spammy.
  82. Zash So it depends on how much you wanna add workarounds for Google
  83. Holger Weird world. I'll leave it and have another look in 10 years or so.
  84. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ConfirmationDialogs: Add Accept action for some dialogs
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  86. rafaelgrego 😎
  87. rafaelgrego olá. testando esta ferramenta
  88. rafaelgrego olá, testando a ferramenta
  89. rafaelgrego alguem já implementou ?
  90. wurstsalat rafaelgrego, written language in this chat is english
  91. 0ic0 lovetox_ SNI is a TLS extension and should not break anything if the remote server TLS implementation has no support for it
  92. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Roster: Fix file drop and take HTTPUpload into consideration
  93. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: RosterWindow: Take httpupload into consideration when sending file
  94. lovetox 0ic0, yes it does, according to my information if the remote does not support SNI connection will not happen
  95. 0ic0 do you know such server ?!?
  96. 0ic0 you can perform an openssl test if you do
  97. 0ic0 looking at the tcpdump output openssl (1.1.1c) always use the SNI extension
  98. 0ic0 openssl s_client -connect <host>:5222 -starttls xmpp
  99. lovetox 0ic0, i consider always setting SNI
  100. 0ic0 ok, I will patches to my client manually until then :)
  101. 0ic0 ok, I will apply patches to my client manually until then :)
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  104. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9741: < Crash on events while having avatar's Save As dialog open >
  105. 0ic0 another thing which looks like a bug to me ... I use multiple clients on different machines, message carbons is enabled on my servers ... on the PCs where gajim is used there is some infinite loop when a message is received while the chat window is closed
  106. 0ic0 the animated red/white icon is displayed in front of the contact when this happens and the status drop-down menu at the bottom of the contact list shows me as offline
  107. 0ic0 the loop stops as soon as I open the respective contact to see the message
  108. 0ic0 any hints why this may happen ?!?