Gajim - 2019-08-30

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  4. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9816: < high cpu load after suspend-resume (1 core 100%) >
  5. Odo Hello lovetox, just a short feedback, as you're perhaps still waiting for another debug log:
  6. wurstsalat asterix, I started adapting the script ButterflyOfFire mentioned to our needs. md > po / po > md works for me :)
  7. Zash wurstsalat: Nice, that'd be of interest to us (prosody docs) too
  8. wurstsalat yeah for modernxmpp as well I guess
  9. wurstsalat Zash,
  10. Zash MattJ ^
  11. ButterflyOfFire Nice :)
  12. bot Stéphane Chamley created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9817: < Crash when OpenPGP plugin install >
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  16. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #446: < Crash when installing OpenPGP plugin >
  17. bot Jonny Rimkus created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9818: < toogled enable archive messages >
  18. hannibal wurstsalat: you don't have to rename the generated .md file, if you use content directory
  19. wurstsalat Right, there are two ways
  20. wurstsalat This is far from finished, but rather a POC. I don't know the internals of asterix scripts for translations :)
  21. lovetox assume the .po files are in the gitrepo and add the conversion to md files into the CI
  22. lovetox converting md to pot, + import in pootle asterix will do on the server with some cron job i guess
  23. asterix wurstsalat: nice!
  24. asterix I thing the idea is to update pootle on evey commit, so we can translate
  25. asterix now what to do with .de.po files .... I don't know. I'd say just copy them to the folder where points so we have translations
  26. asterix and I can generate po files daily for example
  27. asterix but pot / po and translated files should not be in the repository, those are generated files
  28. asterix if that sounds ok, I'll start configuring that
  29. bot Jake Sallee created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9819: < Crash when receiving a message from Cisco Jabber >
  30. asterix carbons transfer only messages that contains a body?
  31. lovetox no asterix
  32. asterix hmm not only. Chat states seems to be transfered. But markers are not
  33. lovetox did you set them to type=chat?
  34. asterix no
  35. asterix it's not in the XEP
  36. lovetox if the xep does not forbid it its allowed
  37. lovetox examples often only provide the minimal solution
  38. asterix yes probably. I try that
  39. lovetox but its totally valid to set it to chat if we want it carbon copied
  40. lovetox of course we could also open issues with the server impl
  41. lovetox but we would always be dependend on the impl
  42. lovetox type=chat, must always be carbon copied
  43. asterix I start to have somthing working for chat markers, but I have a problem. In markers, we have the id of the last message. so I want to compare with the id of the last message I received. The problem is ... Where to store that? currently I store that in the chat control, but thta's not good. I may have events even if the control is not opened ...
  44. lovetox asterix in the database
  45. lovetox everything is already setup for that
  46. lovetox the database has a field for message-id, and it also has a field "marker"
  47. lovetox so you set the marker to "displayed" for the corresponding message-id
  48. lovetox in a second step you issue a gui event with the message-id and the marker state
  49. lovetox this can be picked up by the chatcontrol, and the conversation_textview already holds all messages with their corresponding message id
  50. lovetox and then in a last step you have to insert icons in the textview
  51. lovetox oh you mean for sending a displayed marker not receiving
  52. lovetox hm of course you always have a chatcontrol when you send a displayed marker
  53. lovetox otherwise how would the user have read it?
  54. lovetox and you dont need to store the message id on incoming messages, its already stored to the database
  55. lovetox maybe you have to make sure that it actually gets loaded when the textview querys the database
  56. lovetox yeah seems like you just have to add it to restore_conversations