Gajim - 2019-08-26

  1. meaz I'm using gajim -l gajim.c.m.vcard=DEBUG to try to understand I don't see my bot's avatar. I see this: is not ready to promote an avatar What does that mean?
  2. meaz I'm using gajim -l gajim.c.m.vcard=DEBUG to try to understand why I don't see my bot's avatar. I see this: is not ready to promote an avatar What does that mean?
  3. ralphm Good morning! I've been running into issues with MUC history not being retrieved for rooms I am in. seems related, but comments there suggest that history is received but not displayed. I don't see any history being retrieved, even for this room. I wonder if it has something to do with preferences (I've been using Gajim since the beginning). Currently running 1.1.3+b63dd2ed8.
  4. wurstsalat ralphm, have you checked the sync threshold (either in the room's settings or in preferences > chat)?
  5. ralphm For this room the threshold is apparently set to 1 day. But I haven't received the messages from meaz that were sent before I joined.
  6. wurstsalat and Ctrl+H doesn't show is as well?
  7. ralphm No, it is not in my local archive.
  8. ralphm For I have it set to no threshold, but I still miss messages if gajim wasn't online.
  9. ralphm wurstsalat: do you have suggestions on debugging this?
  10. wurstsalat hm I'd start gajim with -v or have a look at the xml console, but I have no idea what could be the reason
  11. ralphm ok, I'll start with that.
  12. ralphm .
  13. ralphm ..
  14. ralphm wurstsalat:
  15. ralphm But weirdly, I don't see any messages in between, so not the '.' or '..' messages I sent when Gajim was offline.
  16. wurstsalat what you could also check: Account > Advanced > Archive settings (or something similar). That's where mam settings are set
  17. wurstsalat I have no idea protocol-wise, but first and last message uid are the same and probably shouldn't be
  18. ralphm Right
  19. Zash Why not?
  20. Zash Based on the same ids being in it looks like it asks for after= the '.' message and got a page with only the '..' message
  21. ralphm Except I didn't get the '..' message
  22. wurstsalat Zash, like I said, I have no idea protocol-wise (an probably should't speculate here)
  23. Zash No idea about that tho
  24. Zash Was it not in the stream or did you filter your xml console?
  25. ralphm There are only <r/> and <a/> stanzas in between
  26. wurstsalat ah, I didn't know muc_log was showing IDs, nice :)
  27. ralphm Yeah, me neither, that's very useful
  28. ralphm So to me it looks like the query was ok, but the response from the server wasn't?
  29. ralphm As in, not actually sending the archived messages.
  30. ralphm I'm curious if this might be because I joined the MUC with more than one resource.
  31. Zash Got any firewall or other filtering script?
  32. ralphm let me think
  33. Zash Resources shouldn't matter here
  34. Zash It should be sending the result messages to the origin of the iq
  35. ralphm there might be one prosody module on my server that potentially is the cause
  36. meaz why would a user "not ready to promote an avatar" ?
  37. ralphm Zash: maybe it is mod_block_strangers, as MAM messages are not of type 'groupchat'?
  38. Zash Looks plausible
  39. ralphm Zash: what would be the 'from' and 'to' addresses on MAM messages?
  40. Zash Same as on the iq-result I believe
  41. Zash Ie from the room bare JID
  42. ralphm Are MUC joins recorded in whatever is checked by has_directed_presence()?
  43. Zash mod_block_strangers checks for directed presence, but that would be your full room/nick JID
  44. Zash No, directed presence is just the full JIDs, no MUC knowledge
  45. ralphm But it seems to call has_directed_presence(, from_jid), with from_jid being jid_bare(stanza.attr.from)
  46. Zash You haven't sent directed presence to the bare room JID
  47. ralphm Oh, crap
  48. ralphm So it should check both
  49. Zash But it has no way to know the full JID
  50. ralphm hm
  51. Zash can track MUC joins, but mod_block_strangers would have to be adapted to it
  52. ralphm Ah, nice.
  53. ralphm I'll first see if disabling the module entirely fixes the issue, and what the current influx of spam is.
  54. ralphm I suppose it would be nice if the module would log drops
  55. ralphm ...
  56. ralphm Zash: disabling mod_block_strangers indeed fixed it :-(
  57. ralphm
  58. wurstsalat hm good to know for debugging stuff like this in the future
  59. ralphm wurstsalat: yeah, that was an interesting one
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  63. lovetox_ meaz it means the bot does not include its avatar hash in his presence
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  75. asterix I think chat markers (XEP-333) has nothing to do with MUC. So it there a way to tell my other resource(s) that I read everything in a MUC?
  76. asterix same thing for normal chat. I'm not looking at the right XEP for that
  77. asterix which XEP is it?
  78. lovetox no it is xep-333
  79. lovetox can be used in muc too
  80. lovetox you send out a displayed marker, you other device will see it an mark the message as read
  81. asterix hmm ok, right. You reply to your own message of your other resource
  82. asterix thanks
  83. lovetox but should only be used in small groups
  84. lovetox if you send a message here, and get 127 displayed receipts back
  85. lovetox this is bad
  86. lovetox arguably its only useful in small groups anyway
  87. asterix yes and no ... I agree I don't care to know if participants read my message, but I care if my other resources read it, so I can mark it as read locally
  88. asterix I mean if I have Gajim and conversation opened, there is a long thread here, I read it from my phone, I don't want it to be marked as unread when I go back to Gajim
  89. lovetox yeah understandable, but chat markers in bigger mucs i dont know
  90. lovetox this gets very spammy very fast
  91. lovetox there is another solution
  92. lovetox if we receive a chatstate from your other resource, we could deduce you looked at the chat
  93. lovetox but i dont think many clients send chatstate for just looking
  94. asterix chatstate doesn't mean I read this particular tab ...
  95. asterix I may wake up my phone but not read conversation
  96. lovetox but waking up should not send a active chatstate to a muc
  97. lovetox only looking should
  98. lovetox if someone wants to know if you are active on the device as a whole he should look at status
  99. asterix indeed. that could work but it's not perfect. It doesn't mean I reach the end of the conversation ...
  100. lovetox yes
  101. lovetox Conversation does send chat markers in non-anon/private rooms
  102. lovetox so actually even if Gajim would support it, Conversation would not send it here
  103. asterix ok
  104. lovetox but i think maybe we can implement for now acting on receiving a displayed from own jid
  105. lovetox and cancel the notifications
  106. lovetox should not be too hard
  107. asterix yes. but in this case all message must contain a <markable> tag
  108. asterix and sending a <displayed> when we grab focus or scroll to end should not be hard either
  109. lovetox yes, just displaying a visual indicator for every message woudl be work
  110. lovetox i wonder if this would be acceptable without that
  111. asterix for my personal use, that would be perfect for sure. I started looking at that
  112. lovetox sending displayed should be the most easiest one
  113. wurstsalat This would be a nice feature indeed!
  114. lovetox we should not support acknowledged and received markers
  115. lovetox received is already done by recepts
  116. lovetox and will be probably removed from the xep
  117. asterix Yep of course
  118. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: