Gajim - 2019-08-20

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  13. andy lovetox, asterix: today ive updated my nightly gajim on windows (work), to snapshot from 20.08.2019 and Ctrl+M does not work too..
  14. wurstsalat Ctrl+M ?
  15. wurstsalat either Alt+M or Ctrl+.
  16. andy after restart they show up.. strange
  17. Odo andy, wurstsalat, what are those shortcuts good for in Gajim? do those (or other) shortcuts already exist in Gajim 1.1.3 (Win)?
  18. wurstsalat They open the emoji chooser, Alt+M should be available in 1.1.3
  19. Odo lovetox, I just wrote you a PN about our continuing problem in Gajim losing messages; as I had Gajim's debug logging active, this perhaps could be of help
  20. Odo lovetox, I just wrote you a PN about our continuing problem in Gajim losing messages; as I had Gajim's debug logging active, this perhaps could be of help
  21. andy Odo, Ctrl+M open Emoji picker
  22. Odo wurstsalat, thanks, Alt+M seems to work for me in Gajim 1.1.3 (Win)
  23. Odo andy, thx too ;)
  24. Odo andy, just fyi: only Alt+M works under 1.1.3, not Ctrl+M
  25. andy oh right
  26. andy sorry ;)
  27. andy I mean Alt+M
  28. andy :D
  29. andy now it not work..
  30. wurstsalat andy, does Ctrl+. work for you?
  31. Odo Ctrl+M deleted all my histories (just joking, I hope it didn't change anything at all ^^)
  32. andy no, I mean that Alt+M not working again...
  33. Odo ups, ctrl+. opens other emojis
  34. andy I have this problem from few days
  35. Odo what is the difference? Unicode chars vs. emoticon-graphics, or what?
  36. andy Emoticons are smiles made from letters
  37. andy
  38. wurstsalat andy, does Ctrl+. work?
  39. wurstsalat Odo, Alt+M is generated by Gajim, Ctrl+. by GTK
  40. andy wurstsalat: no. Writing Ctrl+M was mistake. I mean Alt+M
  41. wurstsalat andy, I asked for Ctrl+. twice
  42. andy It's not working.
  43. wurstsalat "Control + dot" does not work?
  44. andy I'm out of office right now so i will check it tomorrow - Ctrl+.
  45. marmistrz Odo: OMEMO or unencrypted?
  46. Odo marmistrz, concerning the message losses? Omemo
  47. marmistrz Odo: I did a little debugging with lovetox and apparently messages were decrypted but neither stored nor shown
  48. marmistrz See
  49. Odo marmistrz, ok, so that's a Gajim issue? and why does it only happen between some contacts and/or servers and not others?
  50. Odo I just read the linked issue, so thanks for the info, a placeholder or warning instead of silently dropping messages would indeed be helpful :)
  51. marmistrz Odo, it looks like a gajim issue. I tried fixing #426 so that the messages aren't dropped silently at the very least, but the code uses exceptions for control flow (in other words, it was spaghetti for me) so I gave up
  52. Odo marmistrz, hmmm, so the workaround for us seems to be: not using Omemo with Gajim and or Gajim at all :(
  53. marmistrz The encryption code is quite messy in gajim, unfortunately. For that reason the encrypt-by-default is stuck and I don't see why it won't work:
  54. marmistrz Odo, ^
  55. Odo we'll perhaps try to send messages in Gajim to each other w/o Omemo activated, just to get sure, that this doesn't happen to unencrypted messages, too
  56. Odo marmistrz, ok, thx for clarification, that at least stops us fromchoosing other xmpp-servers ... again ^^
  57. marmistrz Odo: we debugged it by forcing MAM queries and seeing what happens
  58. marmistrz Because MAM was a first suspect
  59. Odo strangely I haven't encountered such problems with other contacts so far (also on different servers)
  60. Holger marmistrz: I'm not into this stuff but #426 sounds slightly weirdo to me as it says (1) Gajim eats the live message and (2) Gajim also eats the message when re-received from MAM; and then says Gajim should fix (2) rather than (1)? I mean behavior (2) seems correct once (1) is fixed, no?
  61. Odo marmistrz, btw: these message losses between two of us only happen from me to my friend, not vice versa (I never lost messages from my friend, as far as I know), that's strange, too, isn't it? perhaps it's some inter-server related problems, too? just wanted to let you know
  62. marmistrz Hmmm, for me the problem happened randomly, it may have been more with a specific contact, but I don't remember.
  63. marmistrz Holger: but if gajim finds out it has eaten some message, it should inform the user that "I don't know what it was but we've lost something". you can always have a power outage in the wrong moment
  64. Holger marmistrz: Maybe. I would've thought the question of whether/how (2) should be "fixed" depend on the details of issue (1). Whatever.
  65. lovetox Odo what marmistrz says its just a wild guess
  66. lovetox he makes it seem as he would know why you lose messages, but he doesnt
  67. lovetox there could be a million other reasons
  68. Holger Welcome to XMPP!
  69. Odo -.- ^^
  70. lovetox also the issue does not even describe why messages are lost, it just takes a guess and invents "for some reason"
  71. lovetox yeah if "some reason" happens, then messages are not shown.
  72. Odo lovetox: We just decided to stop using Gajim in chats between us two and try to mainly use pix-Art and Conversations . But yesterday's Debug log still exists, if you are interested, as I told you via PM.
  73. lovetox maybe he just has not activated MAM for his account
  74. lovetox Odo tell him to look under account -> advanced -> archive preferences
  75. Odo Since we both changed servers, the Problem only exists on one side and only while Gajim isn't running there. Daily loss of Omemo keys seemed to be related to a previous used Server … or we've just been lucky since sunday.
  76. lovetox combobox should say "always"
  77. Odo lovetox: MAM is "always", We checked it more than once, also for all 4 accounts.
  78. Odo Checked it today again
  79. lovetox yeah i need debug logs from that machine
  80. lovetox at the time you start gajim, and where you should get the history from what you talked while gajim was offline
  81. lovetox so from start gajim the next 3 minutes
  82. lovetox seems like a problem with MAM
  83. Odo OK, so logs from my machine won't help?
  84. lovetox if it works while Gajim is online, and suddenly stops if its offline
  85. lovetox this means there is something wrong with retriving messages sent while Gajim was offline
  86. lovetox no Odo
  87. lovetox easy test this
  88. lovetox tell your contact to go offline with gajim
  89. lovetox send 3 messages to him while is online with conversations
  90. lovetox tell him to start gajim
  91. lovetox get mit the next 3 minutes of debug logs
  92. Odo OK, he activated Debug logging today, but don't know if he has the according logs, but not today, as he seems to be pretty frustrated due to all the Gajim problems, so Gajim is off for today (for both oft us)
  93. ValdikSS lovetox, hi, did you have time to take a look at ?
  94. lovetox and you should really test if this happens for unencrypted messages also
  95. lovetox to rule out encryption
  96. lovetox not yet ValdikSS
  97. Odo lovetox: OK, l'll tell him tomorrow.
  98. marmistrz lovetox: I had MAM enabled and I forced the messages to be downloaded from MAM. They were there and were just discarded as duplicates. We debugged it together back then. No matter what the reason is, if Gajim discovers a missing message, a placeholder should be generated, so that the user can ask for retransmission and knows that something is going wrong. Of course, this is a guess. There's no guarantee that the reason was the same in here, but I suspect it the same issue.
  99. marmistrz I'll try to find the fork I used for debugging. It basically fetched MAM from the last 7 days and printed some stuff, which made the client try to decrypt all the message
  100. marmistrz You could manually check that the missing message was printed and rejected as duplicate.
  101. lovetox marmistrz, you described a issue where Gajim in some circumstances doesnt tell you that a message was not able to decrypt
  102. lovetox Gajim telling you that a message cant be decrypted does not solve the problem why its not decryptable
  103. lovetox Odo already knows that he misses messages, Gajim telling him that it also thinks that he misses messages does not help one bit
  104. marmistrz lovetox, but it at least lets you ask the sender to retransmit. At least you're aware when acdtually you're missing the messages
  105. Odo marmistrz, lovetox: Gajim telling me, that a messages didn't arrive (but only in the Gajim client of the receiver) could help ME to know, that the receiver can't read that message in Gajim, yes.
  106. Odo But resending those messages wouldn't help as long as the Gajim client isn't running at receiver's end.
  107. lovetox there is no need for resending messages
  108. lovetox you fix the problem why they dont arrive in the first place
  109. lovetox not work on a info message so you can retype everything and send it again
  110. lovetox thats not a solution
  111. Odo They just will get lost again for Gajim as long as Gajim isn't running on receiver's end (or possibly both ends?)
  112. lovetox exactly if you dont fix the problem why messages get lost, a info message will not help you much
  113. Ge0rG somebody should fix
  114. lovetox so to state my point, no the issue marmistrz linked does not describe in any way *why* your messages are lost, it does not even describe a scenario where messages are lost, it just says IF messages are lost, there is no info message about it
  115. Odo You're right, and that won't work, too, as Gajim has to be running on both sides to receive a message in the described cases.
  116. lovetox so and as much as i love discussion about IF things
  117. lovetox get the debug logs from the machine, otherwise there is really nothing i can do
  118. Odo ^^
  119. Odo Yes, I'll try to get them, just today he was frustrated with using Gajim and closed it for today (and me, too, using Conversations on smart phone now)
  120. marmistrz lovetox: it's better to know that an error occurred than not to know. It's better to ask for manual retransmission than to miss an important message. Of course, the root cause should be fix - but idk what it is and this is better than silently dropping messages
  121. sm0rux More stupid questions.. I'm using 1.1.3. The Spell Checker tick box is greyed out. How can I solve this? Using Xubuntu 18.04
  122. andrey.g sm0rux, most likely gir1.2-gspell-1 package is not yet installed.
  123. sm0rux andrey.g: Spot on! Thanks a zillion! Next question: can I spell check for multiple languages? Like using "sv, en" in the config?
  124. lovetox you can set your language when right clicking a word
  125. lovetox you have to install the language of course
  126. lovetox search for aspell or hunspell packages
  127. bot Marcin Mielniczuk proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: Set trust per JID
  128. andrey.g sm0rux, but not auto / simultaneously for more than one
  129. sm0rux lovetox andrey.g Thanks a lot! Your help is really appreciated!
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  133. marmistrz lovetox, if you have a while please take a look at It works, but probably needs some polishing. Thanks!