Gajim - 2019-08-18

  1. ValdikSS Hello everyone. I'm trying to fix the following bug:
  2. ValdikSS If I handle OOB data as a message without a text, it requires lots of changes (text checks) in different files and would probably introduce issues with third-party plugins.
  3. ValdikSS Could I, in this case, just set OOB URL as a body text if the body is missing? Could this be considered a proper workaround?
  4. ValdikSS < here's the patch which properly handles OOB messages.
  5. andy lovetox, are yo change something with shortcut Alt+M it should show emoji picker. I use Gajim from git and today its not working. Yesterday I have switched to one window for all messeges.
  6. andy changing window behavior will not fix the problem so please check if U can reproduce it on your installation.
  7. lovetox no i cant, alt + m opens the emoji picker for me
  8. andy hm
  9. lovetox ValdikSS, i look into it later
  10. lovetox andy you can run gajim with -l gajim.message_window=DEBUG
  11. lovetox to see if your shortcut triggers an action
  12. andy nothing useful in console
  13. wurstsalat andy: you could try gtk's native emoji chooser (alt+,) I think
  14. andy wurstsalat, its not working too. Strange. I dont have this problem few days ago.
  15. lovetox hm try pressing escape
  16. lovetox and see if you get console output
  17. Odo hello again, "we" have got another problem with Gajim, hopefully it happens only under Windows, but we are already 2 people who can confirm this problem (both same Gajim version 1.1.3, problem seems to occur under Win7 and Win10):
  18. Odo I'll try to describe the problem using example accounts that represent existing accounts, therefor the use of the example accounts seem perhaps a bit strange, but are using part of names of the corresponding xmpp-servers.
  19. Odo our problems in short (longer explanation follows):
  20. Odo in detail describing it by an example: I've got this acc here (let's call this acc Odo-jabber) and I created another acc on another server today (let's call the other one Odo-jabjab). Now I added a new (2nd) contact of someone else (let's call that one "trash") to both contact lists of my above mentioned accs (perhaps including some restarts of Gajim on both sides, to have the contacts correctly added).
  21. lovetox history is merged if its to the same contact
  22. lovetox at least i think there was something like that let me test
  23. Odo Then I double-clicked the contact "trash" under my acc "Odo-jabjab" to write with Odo-jabjab a message to "trash" ... and I can see in the opened chat window the previous chat between "Odo-jabber" and "trash", I am also able to see their complete history of days and months ago (remember: the new contacts "Odo-jabjab" and "trash" were just added a few minutes ago, they even didn't exits a few minutes before).
  24. lovetox yes just tested
  25. lovetox history is merged if recipient is the same
  26. lovetox there is a issue open about this, we want to change it in the future
  27. lovetox but its not often that people want to manage 2 accs in gajim that have the same contacts in it
  28. lovetox is this actually useful? or is it just something you do because of testing
  29. Odo Okay, but perhaps the problem is even bigger:
  30. Odo oops, why is there a "view paste (3 lines)" instead of the text I wrote? I'll post it again in 2 lines:
  31. Odo Okay, but perhaps the problem is even bigger: I then have added myself 2nd and 1st acc to my contact list, so "Odo-jabber" has "Odo-jabjab" and vice versa in their contact lists.
  32. Odo After that I have written with "Odo-jabjab" to "Odo-jabber", but in the chat window opening in Gajim by clicking on the corresponding contact I see the previous chat between "Odo-jabber" and a completely different acc (a 3rd contact, not even involved in this testing), let's call it "sv", ...
  33. Odo ... let's call it "sv", where I also was able to see from "Odo-jabjab" the complete history of past days and months between the accs "Odo-jabber" and "sv", so the account I was writing from, even doesn't KNOW that contact "sv" or does have it in it's contact list.
  34. lovetox Odo
  35. lovetox dont do that
  36. Odo what exactly?
  37. lovetox we all can click the link if we want to read more
  38. lovetox that is intended
  39. Odo ah ok, but opening an extra browser just for reading the text, seemed a bit overkill for me
  40. Odo my firefox opened just by clicking the link, that seemed a bit strange to me, sorry, just wanted to describe our problems completely
  41. lovetox yeah its so people can paste big texts without beeing spammy
  42. lovetox like logs
  43. lovetox maybe we should up the threshold for that
  44. lovetox maybe your Server has a message archive?
  45. Odo > ‎[16:41:23] ‎lovetox‎: is this actually useful? or is it just something you do because of testing I definitely think it's useful, as we opened those 2nd accounts, as the one with the "trash" account has daily problems with his other account (I name it "tchncs"), where in Gajim (and only in Gajim), all messages after midnight get lost daily, also omemo keys get lost on a daily basis, so we wanted to test, if the problems are Gajim or server related before we would bother the programmers here
  46. lovetox yeah but that is for testing
  47. lovetox what i asked is if it makes much sense to have 2 accounts with the same contacts in it, in your daily usage
  48. lovetox thats bit of an edge case for me
  49. Odo > ‎[16:49:12] ‎lovetox‎: maybe your Server has a message archive? I don't understand what the message archive of a server has to do with the above problem of the merged chats (or what exactly do you mean)?
  50. lovetox you mentioned you beeing suprised that you see message logs of "months" while you just added the account
  51. Odo as we want to have a working Gajim, which not loses or doesn't decrypt messages on a daily basis, this seemed to be essential, testing this, before bothering you
  52. Odo we're testing this for months now and messages get lost daily, omemo keys get lost, so after trying this and that (e.g. a fresh install of Gajim), we wanted to try, if it's better working on other xmpp-servers
  53. lovetox ok but why not test this with you friend
  54. Odo > ‎[16:51:28] ‎lovetox‎: you mentioned you beeing suprised that you see message logs of "months" while you just added the account yes, so this seems to be related to Gajim, wrongly mixing up chat logs in its own database, which seems to be an issue, so god to know that and therefor I at least know, it seems to be a problem with Gajim and not with one of the servers
  55. Odo we ARE 2 people testing that
  56. Odo so what do you mean by "why not test this with you friend"?
  57. lovetox but you say you add 2 accounts to your own gajim installation
  58. lovetox why if you have a friend with whom you can test this?
  59. Odo yes, after months of problems with Gajim (e.g. messages not arriving in Gajim, Omemo keys lost, etc) we wanted to axclude that it's a problem on server side
  60. Odo as I already wrote above (twice?)
  61. Odo again: we ARE testing it as 2 people
  62. Odo what exactly is the point where you don't understand what I wrote? English is not my mother tongue, so erhaps there's a misunderstanding
  63. Odo but we previously only had 1 acc each and had some of the above described problems, so therefor, to exclude that those problems are server-related, we decided to get another 2nda account (each of us) to test this again with our 2nd accounts on different servers, so we wouldn't have to bother you here, if the problems won't occur any longer and therefor could be server-related
  64. Odo I don't know how to describe it more precisely
  65. lovetox yeah i understand
  66. Odo in the testing were ALWAYS 2 people involved, me and a friend of mine
  67. lovetox it confused me why you would add your old contacts though on the new account
  68. lovetox as then the old server is involved again
  69. Odo the history / chat mix-up was just another problem, that occured since having those 2nd accounts, and if the chat history is only mixed up in Gajim and as the problem seems to be known as a Gajim problem, that's okay for us
  70. lovetox ok, yeah chat merging is known
  71. lovetox is there another problem?
  72. Odo I also asked regarding this problem in another (german) chat where they told me, I should report it here ;)
  73. lovetox what does it mean that a omemo key is gone?
  74. lovetox how do you recognize that this is the case?
  75. Odo we hope that the daily loss of Omemo keys and chat messages is server-related, that was the main reason for creating a 2nd acc
  76. lovetox so what server did you choose for your test?
  77. Odo I didn't have this problem so far, but a friend, who described it as: the messages aren't any longer decrypted for this or that device (some day the phone, other day the tablet, another day Gajim)
  78. Odo this acc I write now from is at, my 2nd acc is at the accounts of the contact are at and the 2nd one at (iirc)
  79. Odo so far we had 2 possible reasons for those problem: the server or a corrupt Gajim installation concerning that account
  80. Odo also complete message losses encountered (only for my contact, never for me), sometimes on phone, tablet (pix-art-messenger), mostly in Gajim
  81. lovetox has a very recent server version
  82. lovetox so seems well maintained
  83. lovetox i would say lets get debug logs from the machine where the problems happen
  84. lovetox then we can say more
  85. lovetox in preferences -> advanced you can enable debug logging in gajim
  86. Odo and we figured out, that the losses were always after midnight (middle European time, atm UTC+2), but we had a look at the server, which seems to reset at midnight, but is running again since midnight (so about 17 hours now), but messages were lost from e.g. this morning (8 hours ago) and on other days
  87. Odo lovetox: as we today refreshed our Gajim installations and added our ne 2nd accounts, we would like to firstly test for some days, if the problems will now be gone and contact you later on, if they still exist, is that okay for you?
  88. Odo the reason why I posted today here was, that the first mentioned problems with the mixed up chat histories occured on top, so we were completely confused
  89. Odo and all this xmpp and Gajim problems with reinstallation, testing and describing the problems detailed in 2 languages already stole now about 8 hours of my day time so far ... and it's Sunday ^^
  90. lovetox yeah i dont think you have to reinstall Gajim all the time
  91. Odo > ‎[17:07:58] ‎lovetox‎: in preferences -> advanced you can enable debug logging in gajim -> done and I'll tell my contact, too
  92. lovetox for example deleting an account from Gajim will not delete the chathistory
  93. lovetox if you setup a totally different account and add the same contact again, you will see the chat history again
  94. lovetox that is what it means, all history to a specific contact is merged across all accounts, previous or current
  95. Odo but you should only see the chat history saved on the server (e.g. for 14 days) and not from e.g. 2018
  96. lovetox obviously there is a database that contains these messages from 2018
  97. lovetox so gajim displays them, why wouldnt it?
  98. Odo ok, so if I use more than 1 account in Gajim and have in both accounts the same contact, Gajim mixes up the chat histories, but hopefully only those Gajim has saved on my device, so the chats are only mixed up for one self and not the other chat partner is able to see all histories of all of my chats with my account?
  99. lovetox yes its only locally on your machine
  100. Odo it's just strange that it displays the chat history of a completelz different contact, that's not even in the contact's sontact list, that's what seems moe than strange
  101. Odo it's just strange that it displays the chat history of a completelz different contact, that's not even in the contact's sontact list, that's what seems more than strange
  102. lovetox that would be definitly a bug
  103. lovetox but i cant imagine how you get into this situation
  104. Odo which seems to be already known, so good to know that it's just a local history bug
  105. Odo I described it above
  106. Odo 2 or 3 times, so I could copy/paste it, but that doesn't help, I guess ^^
  107. Odo let me explain the intention of both of us testing xmpp: we both know many people (family and friends) using WhatsApp, facebook messenger, Skype, Hangouts, Apple chat (don't know the name)
  108. Odo and before trying to persuade someone to use xmpp instaed of all those chat protocolls with it's walled gardens, we wanted to WIN them for xmpp by conviction
  109. Odo and as those people are beneath android and iOS mainly using Windows, Gajim seemed so far to be the only client supporting Omemo encryption under Windows
  110. Odo so we both installed Gajim (portable) and wanted to test it before serving our family & friends a not working xmpp solution for their phones and PCs, because if it is that buggy as it is at the moment, most of them will be done with xmpp, as the usual prejudices like "you have to be studying computer science to use such buggy chat solutions to get them to work" etc will drive them away and will fortify their prejudices against FOSS
  111. lovetox yeah ok, but do you really need a desktop client for that?
  112. lovetox are your family actively using whatsapp on desktop?
  113. Odo and so far it seems that there is still no really working xmpp client for windows working with (Omemo) encryption which works out of the box without having daily problems and having to tweek here and reinstall there and so on
  114. Odo one of my parents don't even have a smart phone, so: yes
  115. Odo one of my parents doesn't even have a smart phone, so: yes
  116. lovetox many problems come through multidevice setups
  117. MattJ Odo, for the record my family use XMPP without any problems - well, as long as I don't let the server certificate expire as usual :)
  118. lovetox i added my girlfriend as contact in my gajim installation 3 years ago, and omemo never broke or had any problems
  119. Odo the other one uses conversations for chatting via xmpp with me, but I'm often using a client like Gajim, or would you like to text long messages like above on a 4-5 inch display? this would've taken days, my parents wouldn't even try it ^^
  120. lovetox problems often come through people who test too much, installing on X devices then uninstalling if i look at your contact, you have 4 devices online
  121. Odo MattJ, which clients do you and your family use? with conversations there seem to be no problem at all with my family, but with a freind, where often messages I wrote in Gajim, get lost or are displayed as "not decrypted for this device" on a nearly daily basis (mostly after midnight)
  122. lovetox of course server should not shut down every day at midnight and such sutff
  123. Odo lovetox, we didn't test at all in the beginning, we just installed Gajim and had 1 contact each of us (the other one of us) in the beginning
  124. lovetox to me this sounds like the server loses state at midnight
  125. MattJ Odo, most of them use Yaxim or Bruno on their phone, I think one may be using Conversations, one uses Dino and one uses Gajim
  126. MattJ Only a couple of family members actively use a desktop/laptop
  127. Odo and there all those problems already occurde just for the 2 of us, later on we added perhaps a contact here and a contact there, but not that much (you acn use 1 or 2 hands to count them, I guess)
  128. lovetox Odo, test the new server, if you still have problems supply debug logs and we will look to solve this mystery
  129. Odo lovetox, yes, and exactly therefor we now created second accs just to test that, why should this be so unusual? and we didn't wanst to delete our existing accounts just because of having a second account
  130. Odo lovetox, yes, that's our intention .. just because of having since then those new problems with the chat mixup was the main reason, why I asked in another chat and then here about this problem
  131. lovetox its not unusual, but in your plan to test omemo on another server, now suddenly you also test multiaccount setups in gajim, and you will run into new problems, that probably none of your family every encounter because they will never use multiaccount setups
  132. Odo our other problems we were having and testing for months so far, and we didn't complain so far, but each day having to ask: "did you get this message?" and copying it again ... or one not reacting to a question ... or the display of "not decrypted for this device" and then having to trust those already (daily) trusted keys again and again in Gajim ... and then on top of this those problems we got today with the chat mixup was annoying enough to ask here, if those problems are known of ;)
  133. Odo > ‎[17:37:52] ‎lovetox‎: its not unusual, but in your plan to test omemo on another server, now suddenly you also test multiaccount setups in gajim, and you will run into new problems, that probably none of your family every encounter because they will never use multiaccount setups for my family I hope so ^^ but for friends I'm sure that some of them will use multiple accounts, one for anonymous use (like I do here) and another one known to e.g. friends and family
  134. Odo > ‎[17:34:22] ‎lovetox‎: to me this sounds like the server loses state at midnight yes, we guess this, too, that was another reason testing with another account on another server; but that server was directly online after midnight again (since 17:45 hours now), we'll have a look, if this happens daily in future, but it still seems strange why messages written 8-9 hours after server restart get lost and why the Omemo keys should get lost at all ...?
  135. lovetox its not about keys
  136. lovetox the server has a list of active omemo devices
  137. Odo ok, and that server perhaps deletes them daily at midnight, you guess?
  138. lovetox every device you have adds itself to the list, but only if it comes online
  139. lovetox so if after deletion, you dont bring your gajim online, your conversations will assume its not an active device anymore
  140. lovetox and would not encrypt to it
  141. lovetox just a guess
  142. lovetox there could also be other reasons, its more useful you reproduce it and send me a log so i can look at it
  143. lovetox the server version uses should not lose state
  144. lovetox on restart
  145. lovetox so i would find this weird
  146. Odo in Conversations' settings one can set something like "accept omemo keys automatically" (by default, but can be changed) and there no such Omemo problems occur at all, as it seems; so perhaps it is worth to consider such an option in Gajim, too?
  147. lovetox MattJ is pep store across restarts a option an admin has to activate?
  148. Odo for clarification of the message losses and Omemo key losses it's been like this: a friend and me are chatting, up to midnight all messages are arriving, we're chatting more and midnight passes ... and from then on my messages don't arrive at the other side and vice versa, on other devices of that contact, messages don't arrive or aren't decrypted .. and we are writing daily
  149. Odo (I'm just writing a bit mor details just to let zou better understand the problems we have with xmpp, I hope that's okay)
  150. Odo (I'm just writing a bit more details just to let you better understand the problems we have with xmpp, I hope that's okay)
  151. lovetox thats weird he has to retrust the fingerprints?
  152. lovetox that does not sound like a server issue
  153. lovetox he should gather logs and send them
  154. asterix wurstsalat: hugo binary installed on the server
  155. bot Screemer Goldie created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9798: < Auto dock and hide of roster? >
  156. lovetox asterix do you want to have the new website in the end in a new repo
  157. lovetox ?
  158. lovetox like website2
  159. asterix I'm wondering ...
  160. lovetox or should we develop in the new repo, and once everything is alright, we push it to the old
  161. asterix maybe just git rm *; git add * and keep the same repos
  162. lovetox yeah, so we will setup a development repo where wurstsalat can play
  163. lovetox and once everything fits we push it to the main
  164. lovetox i try to set this up in the evening, maybe you have to add a subdomain for the development page
  165. asterix yep, and we can also play with CI to build automatically
  166. lovetox i tell you once everything is done
  167. asterix yep, I'll do, np
  168. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9798: < Auto dock and hide of roster? >
  169. wurstsalat asterix: nice! Something similar to would be helpful so one can test the new site and also set up CI and automate everything :)
  170. asterix there is already
  171. asterix when the repos will be here, a CI script shouldn't be hard to do
  172. asterix Traceback (most recent call last):
  173. andy > [15:32:14] lovetox: hm try pressing escape > [15:32:25] lovetox: and see if you get console output lovetox, for escape I get this in console: 18.08.2019 20:39:20 (I) gajim.message_window Activate action: escape, active control:
  174. asterix
  175. lovetox wurstsalat i created the project and added you
  176. asterix I guess I need to install hugo in the runner?
  177. lovetox hm
  178. asterix gitlab-ci.yml is executed in the runner
  179. lovetox yes
  180. lovetox hugo: command not found
  181. asterix else I can just create a hook to build hugo on the server itself on every commit
  182. asterix so no need of ci
  183. lovetox but thats not pretty, we want to look at all scripts and outputs in the web
  184. lovetox so we see whats wrong fast, and dont need server admin all the time :)
  185. asterix and how will CI put the static pages in the server then?
  186. lovetox can we not issue a move command in gitlab ci to a path?
  187. lovetox or is the runner completly sandboxed
  188. asterix gitlab and the runner don't run on the same VM
  189. asterix but running a scp command in the runner could work. but scp won't remove old files
  190. bot Frank Nord created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9799: < Program crash >
  191. lovetox wait the runner does not share disk with the server?
  192. lovetox then the runner could package the whole site as an articfact
  193. asterix no, it's a separate VM
  194. lovetox and on a hook you can download that artifact and do stuff on the server?
  195. Odo [18:10:11] lovetox: thats weird he has to retrust the fingerprints? [18:10:17] lovetox: that does not sound like a server issue [18:10:39] lovetox: he should gather logs and send them yes. on a daily basis after midnight
  196. lovetox but how does the webserver then get access to the git repo?
  197. lovetox ah only runner is on another vm
  198. lovetox and he fetches the repo
  199. lovetox i get it
  200. asterix hugo installed, pipeline run successfully
  201. lovetox still i think we want to build maybe translations in CI and stuff like that
  202. lovetox runner could upload an artifact
  203. lovetox to the webserver
  204. asterix
  205. lovetox i think we could upload articfacts directly to the webserver
  206. lovetox so all we would need is a special ftp account for this repo that has access to the website folder
  207. lovetox but actually there is this Gitlab Pages feature
  208. lovetox i have to look how this works
  209. lovetox but it maybe can do this for us
  210. asterix it's not enabled on my server. I don't know how to setup that for now
  211. lovetox yeah maybe we go with the ftp account for now
  212. lovetox i look how to add this to gitlab.yml
  213. asterix
  214. asterix all links point to
  215. lovetox did you manually deploy the artifacts now or did you write a script?
  216. asterix yes
  217. asterix manual
  218. lovetox ok could you add a ftp user that has access to where ever points?
  219. asterix yes I look at that
  220. lovetox and send me the credentials by email? then i look into how we can do this with gitlab.yml
  221. asterix maybe a scp is enough, no credential, just the ssh key to exchange
  222. lovetox yes
  223. lovetox but it may be easier than that
  224. lovetox as gitlab can show the artifacts, this means the artifacts are already on the machine where gitlab is or not?
  225. lovetox and this machine is the same machine as the webserver
  226. asterix yes
  227. asterix but not sure we can tell gitlab to move the artifact after the CI has run
  228. asterix and BTW even if we transfer the artifact via scp, that won't unzip it
  229. lovetox i think this is what the Pages feature is for
  230. lovetox as you can tell ci to build this for gitlab pages and then it just works
  231. asterix probably but we have to setup that. And is it nice to redirect ti or sth like that?
  232. lovetox hm lets do the ftp thing then
  233. lovetox like we do with windows build built by appveyor
  234. asterix then you have to FTP the folder unzipped
  235. lovetox yeah
  236. asterix scp is configued
  237. asterix you should be able to scp public
  238. lovetox scp seems to allow recursivley transfer a whole folder
  239. lovetox so no need to zip it
  240. asterix scp -r
  241. asterix ha it seems easy to enable gitlab pages
  242. lovetox yeah maybe its worth to take the time and configure this correctly, we have than build and deploy all managed by gitlab
  243. asterix gitlab internat webserver has to listen on port 443. I'll have to proxy that through apache2
  244. asterix
  245. asterix first step
  246. Eduard I have started feeling some slow response in Gajim, something like: I send a message and it have a small delay while sending since that I press enter and the message appear.
  247. Eduard Happens mostly in OMEMO chats.
  248. Eduard Will be because my contact have several OMEMO keys?
  249. asterix Hehe !!
  250. asterix just running the pipeline
  251. lovetox great job asterix !
  252. lovetox Eduard, in 1:1 chats?
  253. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *0391fb0f* < > Presence: Add is_nickname_modified property
  254. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  255. lovetox asterix, i fixed the bug you posted earlier
  256. asterix thanks
  257. asterix I don't know if it's known, but URL Image Preview and clickable nickname plugins don't run correctly
  258. asterix no, only clickable nicknames
  259. asterix File "/home/asterix/.local/share/gajim/plugins/clickable_nicknames/", line 26, in init colors = colors.split(':') AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'
  260. andy > ‎[22:10:51] ‎Eduard‎: Will be because my contact have several OMEMO keys? This happend with every contact?
  261. Eduard lovetox: yes
  262. Eduard > This happend with every contact? Well, yes but with contacts that have more keys, it's most notorious
  263. Eduard Anyways, it isn't a big deal, of course. The delay is somehting like 1 sec.
  264. Eduard In MUCs i haven't delays.
  265. Eduard Seems that it's something related to OMEMO
  266. andy Probably Gajim first encrypt message and after that show it in the window, so if someone have more keys the whole process take time.
  267. andy Maybe Gajim should do this two things in paraell? This will fix this lag.
  268. Eduard > ‎[04:18:16 PM] ‎andy‎: Probably Gajim first encrypt message and after that show it in the window, so if someone have more keys the whole process take time. I think exactly the same.
  269. andy Eduard, I think You should make an issue at gitlab about this problem.
  270. Eduard I will.
  271. andy Eduard, how many keys this contact have?
  272. Eduard 5 keys and I have 3 of three devices, then it's encrypting for 8 keys.
  273. Eduard Well, for 7 really
  274. Eduard Because one of them is Gajim
  275. andy my girlfriend have one, I have two and lag is about 0.3 -0.5s.
  276. andy Even if I send huge message :)
  277. andy Eduard, Gajim stable or nightly from git?
  278. Eduard stable
  279. andy I use from git.
  280. andy Maybe try this from git?
  281. Eduard That means I need to reinstall plugins, etc? :P
  282. lovetox dont Eduard, nothing will change
  283. andy hmmm, good question ;)
  284. lovetox andy, dont suggest to people they should upgrade from a stable version to a unstable dev version
  285. andy lovetox, not upgrade. Just test.
  286. lovetox this will not work correctly, often you cant downgrade gajim
  287. lovetox without losing your database
  288. andy but if you backup your profile, then remove stable gajim, install nightly and create new profile for testing? After this it is possible to restore profile
  289. lovetox yeah if if if, but if you tell people to upgrade you dont tell them all that
  290. andy oh right ;)
  291. lovetox they just install, afterwards they go back, and nothing works anymore
  292. lovetox then i have even more tickets and support requests :)
  293. andy I will remember that ;)
  294. lovetox Eduard, do you have Gajim installed on a SSD?
  295. Eduard lovetox, no, it's a HDD
  296. lovetox yeah i guess thats the problem
  297. lovetox omemo does many HD operations
  298. andy lovetox, but I use HDD. I have laptop from 2011 and dont have this problem with 3 keys.
  299. andy lovetox, but I use HDD. I have notebook from 2011 and dont have this problem with 3 keys.
  300. lovetox yeah but he uses 7
  301. andy hmmm
  302. lovetox the more the worse it gets
  303. lovetox maybe he has a very slow hdd
  304. lovetox ok n8
  305. andy lovetox, mine is 5400 rpm ;)
  306. andy lovetox, does OS will make a difference? Gajim run exacly the same in windows and linux?
  307. andy I ahev Gajim at work on W10 and at home at Linux. I think that at home Gajim run better.
  308. andy I have Gajim at work on W10 and at home at Linux. I think that at home Gajim run better.
  309. andy I have Gajim at work on W10 and at home at Linux. I think that at home run better.
  310. Eduard Well, my HDD isn't slow sincerely, it isn't older (just about 1 year)
  311. Eduard And I have disk I/O tuned
  312. Eduard Like, I'm using BFQ I/O scheduler instead of deadline atm
  313. Eduard The issue is just with gajim, not with other apps that I'm sure have more I/O tasks
  314. andy Eduard, maybe try turn off temporary all plugin except omemo, and test if this fix the problem?
  315. andy Eduard, maybe try turn off temporary all plugins except omemo, and test if this fix the problem?
  316. Eduard I will try
  317. Eduard Anyways as I said, it isn't a big deal
  318. Eduard Delay is like 1 sec
  319. Eduard Or less
  320. Eduard Just that in unencrypted chats it haven't any delay
  321. andy Eduard, do you have a contact with one key?
  322. andy but hmmm, all operations related to aes should be made in memory and intell cpu have hardware support for it.
  323. andy aes in xts mode and key length 512b have 1100MiB/s for encryption and 1126MiB/s for decryption - this values are without i/o
  324. andy aes in xts mode and key length 256b have 1100MiB/s for encryption and 1126MiB/s for decryption - this values are without i/o