Gajim - 2019-08-14

  1. concerto > lovetox: Gajim seems to become unusable (until a restart) if one pastes too many lines in the input box I can still reproduce this, though.
  2. lovetox also with spell check disabled?
  3. concerto lovetox: yeah
  4. bot Marcin Mielniczuk created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9794: < Client-side only contacts names >
  5. concerto Also...what's this?
  6. wurstsalat concerto: disable client icons plugin ;)
  7. concerto wurstsalat: but I enabled it :D
  8. concerto What's the bug?
  9. lovetox or upgrade
  10. lovetox this is fixed in the new version
  11. asterix I have to look at config to get bot notifications for plugins repos ...
  12. concerto huh.
  13. concerto alrighty
  14. schongo hi! can anybody tell me what the *yellow* ball next to the green "send" arrow means? thx
  15. lovetox can you make a screenshot?
  16. schongo got a screenshot, but can't send the file
  17. schongo the icon for sending files is missing
  18. schongo @lovetox: first question - nvm. it was a brainfart. the person I was chatting with told me they had enabled transmitting the status of their activity, but I couldn't see it. so we tried to solve the problem, and they let me know that the "sending" arrow was yellow. They were using *conversations* on mobile phone, though... second question - how can I send a screenshot?
  19. concerto schongo: you don't get a paper clip in Gajim?
  20. concerto What version?
  21. schongo no paperclip
  22. schongo version 0.16.8
  23. marmistrz re: #9794, I'll probably implement it in the future, but I'm mostly raising the issue to discuss the UX.
  24. lovetox why would you change the UX?
  25. lovetox its just about the place where you store it
  26. lovetox not about UX to rename a contact
  27. lovetox we have that already
  28. lovetox and i think its fine
  29. lovetox schongo, use the httpupload plugin
  30. lovetox but you should upgrade to a newer version of Gajim then this functionality is included
  31. schongo ok, thanks!
  32. raghavgururajan Hello Folks!
  33. raghavgururajan What does "desynced" mean? Usually, when I start Gajim, my gets connected without any errors. But for past few times, when I start gajim, there is a red cross on my account mascot and the status (bottom left) shows "Available (desynced)" instead of "Available".
  34. Link Mauve raghavgururajan, it’s when you have multiple accounts, and only a few of them are online.
  35. raghavgururajan Link Mauve‎ Ah I see. Yes I have two accounts setup. Usually both connects well upon starting gajim. Now one of them shows redcross. I have to reconnect to get it active.
  36. raghavgururajan *had to