Gajim - 2019-08-09

  1. bot Thilo Molitor created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9788: < SMACKS resume fails and MAM query fails, too >
  2. hayopai is it possible to transfer/backup the omemo fingerprint?
  3. lovetox just save yourjid_omemo.db
  4. hayopai which is located where?
  5. hayopai < linuxuser
  6. lovetox .local/share/gajim
  7. lovetox while transfering to another installation, you should not write omemo encrypted messages from another client
  8. hayopai alright, thank you!
  9. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9788: < SMACKS resume fails and MAM query fails, too >
  10. marmistrz Is there any ETA for 1.2?
  11. lovetox nope
  12. lovetox what killer feature are you waiting for?
  13. marmistrz And re: gajim-plugins!130: lovetox, I'm wondering at which point to exactly add the trust cache. Probably the best place would be (add a function getTrust and update the cache on setTrust)
  14. marmistrz 1. muc desktop notifications :) 2. I'm wondering how much time I have to finish the trust pr :P
  15. marmistrz but still, this would probably mean that I have to create a global object to cache the trust, and global objects are bad. In Python there's no thread-unsafety risk because of GIL, but anyway
  16. andy lovetox, are there plans for implement Jingle audio/video and conferences using xep-0340? Not tommorow, in this year but do you even think of it? :)
  17. lovetox no im not into audio/video stuff, but im not against adding these if someone else provides it