Gajim - 2019-08-06

  1. rom1dep huh, is cb97b189996b supposed to fix the nick stealing issue? :)
  2. lovetox yes
  3. Tschaeggaer Huhu. In another MUC one guy's font size is bigger than usual: Everything else is in normal font size but this one guy's messages are displayed bigger than the rest. He uses libpurple if that matters. Can you send font formatting information (besides / * _) with your messages? Does Gajim parse and display them? Is there any chance I can override that with my local settings?
  4. Tschaeggaer
  5. concerto Tschaeggaer: there's XHTML-IM, supported by some clients
  6. concerto Tschaeggaer: and Gajim both sends and displays it. :)
  7. concerto Tschaeggaer: you can "Ignore formatting of incoming messages", but that might cover Message Styling too (/* _), and you might not want maybe some Gajim wizard knows some hack.
  8. Tschaeggaer Yeah, that's probably it. I could have found that myself. 🤦‍♂️ Thank you!
  9. asterix I think the ignore is only for HTML
  10. Tschaeggaer Yep, problem solved. Thanks again.
  11. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Add DOAP file
  12. wurstsalat Link Mauve ^
  13. bullgard4 Tach!
  14. gerald Hi. Has anyone else MAM not working in Gajim? I'm on 1.1.3 (debian version) and noticed after a recent Prosody upgrade that Gajim won't sync conversations from other clients.
  15. asterix Even in history window? Sync isn't shown in opened conversation window, but it's in history window
  16. gerald yeah, nothing in history either. Behaviour before was like this: -Gajim offline, receive message on other client -Open Gajim, open conversations -Messages get synced automatically in conversation view
  17. lovetox gerald, supply debug logs with -v
  18. gerald lovetox,
  19. lovetox hm yeah looks like whatever we query is not anymore in the archive
  20. lovetox seems we have no real fallback for that situation
  21. lovetox to get out of that situation i fear you have to delete something from the sqlite db
  22. lovetox can you do that?
  23. gerald yes
  24. lovetox open logs.db
  25. lovetox in ./local/share/gajim
  26. lovetox first look at the jids table
  27. lovetox and search the jid_id that belongs to your jid
  28. lovetox then go to last_archive_message
  29. lovetox table
  30. lovetox and search the jid_id there
  31. lovetox set the field last_mam_id to NULL on that row
  32. lovetox save and restart gajim
  33. lovetox with logging and look if there is still the same error
  34. gerald lovetox, guess you fixed it :) the error is gone, and mam is working as expected! thank you very much
  35. Jens I downloaded and unpacked it. With programms in C I usually do a ./configure && make and get the binary. How do I get the binary/script with gajim?
  36. Jens Ok, isn't executable by default
  37. bot hrxi created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9784: < Jingle SOCKS5 fallback does not work correctly if Gajim is the initiator >
  38. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9784: < Jingle SOCKS5 fallback does not work correctly if Gajim is the initiator >