Gajim - 2019-08-04

  1. meaz andy Gnome
  2. meaz Eduard, I'm not sure if it's for all apps, as I don't have many apps installed that used notification. I don't have the little gajim icon anymore, so for example I can't quit Gajim when I open it now.
  3. Eduard meaz: try it in your terminal: `notify-send "Hello"`
  4. meaz get the notification
  5. meaz But for gajim, I don't have them, nor the icon next to the clock
  6. Eduard Ok, then it's a issue with Gajim. What notification daemon are you using?
  7. meaz I don't know. How do I get this information Eduard ?
  8. Eduard What desktop/window manager are you using?
  9. meaz gnome
  10. meaz I'm on a debian buster
  11. Eduard Gnome have their built-in notification server and it's started at login.
  12. Eduard Can you run gajim from terminal then I mention you and see what happens?
  13. meaz Eduard, I'm ready, gajim is launched with terminal
  14. Eduard meaz: test
  15. asterix There is a plugin for notification, but I think it's for Ubuntu,not for a normal Gnome
  16. Eduard As far as I know, Gajim needs the notification-daemon package.
  17. Eduard meaz: try installing that
  18. meaz I already have notification-daemon installed
  19. meaz it used to work fine with stretch. I don't understand what happened between stretch and buster...
  20. meaz btw I didn't get your mentions Eduard
  21. Eduard Weird... meaz now?
  22. meaz nope
  23. Eduard Weird, then that's probably the cause because you don't get notifications
  24. meaz i'll try to install latested gajim (nightly)
  25. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9780: < Bug Report >
  26. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9779: < The operation inhibition has been requested for is already running >
  27. lovetox meaz, the solution is not to install nightly
  28. lovetox this will just fuck up everything more
  29. lovetox as you are now on an unstable experimental version
  30. lovetox solution is to ask at gnome support what setting could prevent you from seeing notifications of Gajim
  31. lovetox and for the icon you can install the appindicator plugin
  32. andy lovetox, when I send a lot of emoji Gajim some of them not show correctly. This is a know issue?
  33. andy
  34. andy
  35. lovetox no
  36. lovetox did you input this via emoji selector?
  37. lovetox or did you copy paste
  38. lovetox is this on Windows?
  39. andy via emji selector
  40. andy openSUSE
  41. lovetox looks like a GTK bug then to me, but you can open an issue if you feel its important to you
  42. andy I use KDE
  43. andy I use KDE as a desktop envirnoment
  44. andy If its not a problem for U guys
  45. andy If its not a problem for U guys, I will create it
  46. andy But if its a bug of gtk, making a issue at your gitlab it usless?
  47. lovetox no, thats just a guess
  48. lovetox make an issue with gajim, and i will create one upstream at GTK if i can reproduce outside of Gajim
  49. andy okay thx
  50. bot andy created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9781: < With a large amount of emoji Gajim some of them show incorrectly >
  51. bot andy modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9781: < With a large amount of emoji Gajim some of them show incorrectly >