Gajim - 2019-08-03

  1. concerto Uh, what happened to switching tabs with Alt-1/2/etc?
  2. lovetox removed it for now
  3. lovetox makes not much sense to me as you can have more than 9 tabs
  4. lovetox Alt + arrow left/right
  5. concerto 😭
  6. lovetox we move in a direction where tabs will sort depending on activity, where you can have favourites that are always on top etc
  7. lovetox if we have all that we can look into if it makes sense to have shortcuts for favorites
  8. EmleyMoor Is there anything that can be done to make Gajim work well with large rosters on low spec machines? All XMPP clients play up to some extent, if I log in to my account with the Facebook transport active
  9. lovetox hm, maybe disable avatars in roster
  10. lovetox dont use any plugins that do stuff with the roster
  11. lovetox other than that no
  12. lovetox maybe dont use the roster as much?
  13. lovetox use one window mode and hide it
  14. EmleyMoor lovetox, It's not "using" the roster, it's its mere existence
  15. lovetox yes so hide it and see if that makes it better
  16. lovetox in one window mode, you have the option in View -> Show Roster
  17. EmleyMoor I'm getting the trouble even in clients that do not *use* a roster. I will nevertheless try what you say but I think it's likely to make no difference
  18. asterix Even if roster isn't shown, I think it's still drawn
  19. EmleyMoor asterix, my impression exactly
  20. lovetox at what point do you have problems?
  21. lovetox at startup?
  22. lovetox about how many contacts are we talking
  23. EmleyMoor Within a few minutes of startup. Several hundred
  24. lovetox but after the initial lag, it works fine?
  25. EmleyMoor In Gajim's case, this is already diagnosed. I am looking for a way round it.
  26. EmleyMoor No, it works coarse. Because it never completes the bookmarks it never connects to some of my group chats. Other clients bounce
  27. lovetox do all facebook contacts always show as online?
  28. lovetox or are there offline ones
  29. EmleyMoor lovetox, there are plenty both ways
  30. lovetox then you could try and activiate in the roster, only show online contacts
  31. lovetox this should increase the performance
  32. lovetox im not sure what the problem is
  33. EmleyMoor It's roster *drawing* that's causing the problem, not roster anything-elseing
  34. lovetox thats why i suggest to activate options that roster does not draw as much contacts
  35. lovetox further in preferences under roster appearance
  36. lovetox everything should be unchecked
  37. EmleyMoor lovetox, It always draws the whole roster
  38. lovetox im not sure what you mean by that, if we set the option to *dont* show offline contacts
  39. EmleyMoor Well, actually. it's what happens immediately after it's drawn, and it's not anything that can be switcrhed off
  40. EmleyMoor It's not *showing* that is the problem
  41. lovetox they are obviously not drawn
  42. lovetox else they would show
  43. EmleyMoor Not if they're set not to show, they won't.
  44. lovetox yeah so less drawing more performance
  45. EmleyMoor Yoeu can't draw less. It's all or nothing.
  46. lovetox why?
  47. lovetox im not sure how you come to that conclusion
  48. EmleyMoor Because that's the way the protocol works
  49. lovetox you talking not much sense, the xmpp protocol has nothing to do with what we show in the roster
  50. lovetox but i have now other things to do, you ask for help, but you seem to know exactly how everything works anyway
  51. EmleyMoor This is not a "show in" issue. This is a mere "possible live entries in the roster exist" issue
  52. lovetox the issue is you dont get your bookmarks
  53. EmleyMoor lovetox, in Gajim's case I've already had this diagnosed. I need a cure, not a diagnostic.
  54. lovetox the problem is, UI thread maybe blocks
  55. lovetox solution is, less UI work
  56. EmleyMoor No, solution is more forgiving of my hardware on the part of Gajim
  57. EmleyMoor spectrum2's support guys say this has to do with the huge amount of present requests... they've seen it before
  58. lovetox but its not huge, if you have 500 contacts there are 500 presence stanzas
  59. lovetox a stanza has maybe 500 bytes
  60. lovetox that times 500 is 250 kb
  61. lovetox on a normal connection this is a matter of seconds
  62. EmleyMoor But it's too huge for my laptop to cope with
  63. lovetox yes the UI drawing of these stanzas takes a lot more time
  64. lovetox but this has nothing to do with the protocol, and can be dealt with
  65. EmleyMoor It's not merely taking time, it's *breaking*
  66. lovetox yes, so did you try disabling the options i told you?
  67. EmleyMoor I would have to install gajim first
  68. lovetox in the far future i want to move away from disaplying the roster as the main window
  69. lovetox so this would probably solve this issue
  70. lovetox but nothing short term, other than disabling all the things i wrote above
  71. bot Selwyn James created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9780: < Bug Report >
  72. EmleyMoor It's not, I repeat *not*, to do with the *displaying* of the roster. On that fact I would bet my shirt!
  73. lovetox why?
  74. lovetox as i said above, 250kb downloading from a server is even no problem on VERY old machines
  75. EmleyMoor Becauso it's affecting a client that *does not display* a roster, too
  76. lovetox what client is that?
  77. lovetox maybe you can open the xml console at start, and see how long it takes to receive the roster
  78. lovetox or maybe send me a debug log from a start
  79. lovetox so i can look whats up
  80. lovetox maybe the server breaks the connection after X unaknowledged stanzas by Gajim
  81. lovetox at least this could be solved by increasing the threshold of the server
  82. lovetox i can take a look at a debug log
  83. lovetox otherwise i dont feel like continuing speculating what the problem is
  84. EmleyMoor I am prepared to try all this when time permits... So I will be back then
  85. lovetox but yes i know of problems when servers have to send really much
  86. lovetox andrey.g, can tell you storys about it
  87. lovetox this could also be this problem, that the connection simply breaks
  88. lovetox and we end up in some reconnect/break cycle where we lose the bookmarks
  89. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *6a116676* < > Muclumbus: Use HTTP API for requests - HTTP is anonymous - Works with servers that have s2s disabled - Add ACE setting to switch between http and iq API
  90. lovetox andy, ^
  91. andy lovetox, i'm here ;)
  92. andy oh
  93. andy :)
  94. andy nice
  95. andy I will check it when I will back to work from holidays
  96. andy thx
  97. andy lovetox, probably i found another bug :P When I delete contact on instance Gajim at work and back home, that contact was still visible in Gajim at home. Restarting Gajim fix it.
  98. lovetox maybe there was a chat open with that contact?
  99. andy nope.
  100. andy I dont close my laptop (sleep mode) and Gajim is opened as well
  101. andy lovetox, I've got error where try to search:
  102. andy
  103. lovetox as always, you have to update also nbxmpp
  104. andy lovetox, updated python-nbxmpp to version from git and now I've get this:
  105. andy What is this soup module?
  106. lovetox in debian its called libsoup-gnome
  107. lovetox a package we use for http requests
  108. andy
  109. andy i have it
  110. andy I use openSUSE
  111. lovetox and still does not work?
  112. andy yep still get this error
  113. lovetox open a python console
  114. lovetox and type, from gi.repository import Soup
  115. lovetox what error do you get
  116. andy Ok I fixt it installing libsoup-devel
  117. andy Ok I have it fix by installing libsoup-devel
  118. lovetox very weird, should not be that way
  119. lovetox you should mention that maybe to the package maintainer
  120. andy searching is working, but after get result Gajim throw this error:
  121. lovetox yes i fixed that already i push in a minute
  122. andy :)
  123. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  124. lovetox there you go
  125. andy btw, I have made some fixes for polish translation some time ago, and dont still missing it in Gajim. I mus manually get them?
  126. andy btw, I have made some fixes for polish translation some time ago, and still missing it in Gajim. I mus manually get them?
  127. andy btw, I have made some fixes for polish translation some time ago, and still missing it in Gajim. I must manually get them?
  128. lovetox you mean via
  129. andy yep
  130. lovetox you have to download the po file here
  131. lovetox load it into poedit
  132. lovetox save it as compiled .mo file
  133. andy ah ok.
  134. lovetox and put that into .local/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES
  135. lovetox and it should be namend
  136. lovetox we only merge translations into master branch from time to time
  137. lovetox but mostly before a release
  138. andy ok
  139. EmleyMoor lovetox, what do you need by way of logs
  140. lovetox start gajim with -v and just record a log for i dont know 20 seconds or so
  141. EmleyMoor Unbelievably I seem to have had a "lucky" work this time
  142. EmleyMoor I do hovewer have one non-proceeding Facebook group chat
  143. EmleyMoor I have a log, start to disconnect... Will shut off Facebook and connect from that machine to send it
  144. EmleyMoor OK, what do I do with this log?
  145. lovetox send it to me in a private message
  146. meaz I don't know if I'm the right place to ask that, but since I upgraded from Stretch to Buster, I don't have any notifications anymore on my Desktop Environnment. Any idea?
  147. Eduard Only for gajim or all apps?
  148. andy meaz, KDE or GNOME?