Gajim - 2019-08-01

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  2. ta howdy, im getting "Server returned unsecure transport" whenever I try to upload an image in gajim. Is this something gajim related or is it my server? i can upload images from my phone, just not through gajim
  3. ta also is there an image preview plugin that works with OMEMO?
  4. wurstsalat ta: this means your server doesn't serve links with https. Url image preview works fine with omemo
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  8. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *5a8289b6* < > Improve Email/JID regex Fixes #9776
  9. Link Mauve lovetox, can’t that cause some big regressions? For instance when using i18n’d domain names.
  10. Link Mauve Those can contain various Unicode characters.
  11. Link Mauve XMPP notably doesn’t use punycode for them.
  12. lovetox but gajim should punycode them before displaying
  13. Link Mauve Really?
  14. Link Mauve This doesn’t sound like something you’d want.
  15. lovetox maybe not before displaying but on click before its run through rege
  16. lovetox maybe not before displaying but on click before its run through regex
  17. lovetox cant hurt to punycode a uri or?
  18. Link Mauve This would make JIDs invalid, so you’d need to do the inverse operation asap.
  19. lovetox or are there uris that are destroyed when i punycode them?
  20. Link Mauve Hmm…
  21. Link Mauve It’s not about all URIs, only domain names make sense to punycode-encode.
  22. lovetox before i can extract a domain name, i first have to use a regex to discover that its a jid that has a domain part or
  23. Link Mauve But let’s say my JID is linkmauve@ö, if I send you that, with this change Gajim won’t detect it as a JID anymore right?
  24. lovetox it does if you add xmpp: in front
  25. lovetox this email/jid regex is only the fallback if you dont add mailto: or xmpp:
  26. lovetox but yes it wouldnt right now, not sure if we even can make easily a regex that matches all chars allowed in IDN
  27. lovetox the one before was even worse, as it matched as emaikl
  28. lovetox the one before was even worse, as it matched as email
  29. lovetox i prefer a regex that IF it matches its correct, rather having a regex that matches also stuff thats definitly not a email
  30. Link Mauve xmpp:linkmauve@ö
  31. Link Mauve So that still works?
  32. Link Mauve Because you convert the domain name to punycode?
  33. lovetox yes fine by me
  34. Link Mauve Ok, then I worry for no reason. :)
  35. Link Mauve Nevermind then.
  36. lovetox no i dont convert the domain name here
  37. lovetox just anything after xmpp: is a jid
  38. lovetox i could run this then throug a jid validator
  39. lovetox but jid validator has nothing to do with chars
  40. lovetox it matches everything that has @ and / at the right positions
  41. lovetox ah no thats the jid splitting algo
  42. lovetox rest is run through precis
  43. lovetox yeah i dont validate jids in links right now, should add this
  44. stp Hi, my sister got a new device to replace her old one. She got a new fingerprint, and while between her device running Conversations and my Conversations client everything OMEMO-related works we can't communicate OMEMO-encrypted between her Conversations and my Gajim installation. Gajim shows the correct fingerprint and it's trusted. I can't untrust and/or remove the fingerprint since those functions still seem to do nothing in Gajim. How can we make it work again?
  45. lovetox hm i fear this can only be solved if you fix something in the sqlite db
  46. lovetox stp on what system are you?
  47. stp lovetox‎, Gajim is on Windows 7
  48. lovetox then download this
  49. lovetox
  50. concerto
  51. lovetox i think yes
  52. lovetox can you tell us when this happend?
  53. lovetox right after start?
  54. lovetox on what room? by any chance a IRC room?
  55. lovetox concerto,
  56. lovetox are you on the latest master commit?
  57. concerto lovetox: I updated today IIRC. This is gajim-default-nightly
  58. concerto I tried opening the German XMPP channel
  59. lovetox weird i guess not reproduceable?
  60. lovetox as in if you restart gajim
  61. concerto let me try
  62. concerto lovetox: yeah, gone after restarting o.O
  63. lovetox hm damn
  64. lovetox i have an idea, have to test that
  65. lovetox but maybe you could run gajim in a way so logs are stored to harddisk?
  66. lovetox then when it happens next time we can analyse how it came
  67. concerto lovetox: oh wait, I did ._.
  68. concerto (And restarting erased it -_-)
  69. MattJ Does Gajim do CSI these days?
  70. lovetox no
  71. lovetox MattJ,
  72. stp ‎lovetox, I have that installed already from the past since I just it under your guidance before. I don't remember though what I need to do now.
  73. lovetox hm open the db
  74. lovetox browse to the identities table
  75. lovetox delete all rows where recipient_id = jid of your contact
  76. lovetox then browse to sessions table
  77. lovetox and do the same
  78. lovetox dont forget to click save
  79. lovetox start gajim
  80. lovetox write a message to refetch the keys
  81. lovetox hope that works then
  82. stp ‎lovetox, thanks, I'll try now.
  83. lovetox Gajim should be closed while you are doing that
  84. stp lovetox, yes of course. Is Logs.db teh correct file?
  85. lovetox no
  86. lovetox yourjid_omemo.db
  87. stp lovetox, allright :-)
  88. stp lovetox, Upon sending an OMEMO message now to my sisters Gajim popped up the fingerprint window so I guess it'll work again although my sister didn't send any answer yet. Strangely enough though my contact list does not show up anymore after editing the db-file.
  89. lovetox the omemo.db?
  90. lovetox has 0 to do with any contacts stuff
  91. lovetox double click account row?
  92. lovetox not sure what you mean with it does not show up anymore
  93. stp lovetox, yes, the omemo_yourjid.db. I know it can't have a influence on the contact list, but since then it's hidden somewhere. I'm in the process to toogle the options to see if it brings the contact list back.
  94. lovetox are you in one window mode?
  95. stp lovetox, I was in one windows mode since forever. I now toogled the options a detaching the contact list makes it show up again. However setting it back to one windows mode makes it disappear again. Strange since I never experienced that before.
  96. lovetox try CTRL + R
  97. lovetox or View -> Show Roster
  98. stp The contact list windows is now also titled "Nachrichten", just like the chat window.
  99. lovetox maybe try to restart Gajim
  100. lovetox maybe look in the console for errors
  101. stp I had tried View -> show roster and that made the tabs move a milimeter but nothing more happened.
  102. lovetox maybe its just really small
  103. lovetox try to resize it
  104. stp I restarted Gajim multiple times, but without success regarding the contact list.
  105. lovetox otherwise try and look in ACE
  106. lovetox for roster_hpaned_position and roster_width
  107. stp That did the trick, it was so small in width that it was hidden from view!
  108. stp Nice. I'm going to safe the procedure regarding repairing the OMEMO-stuff now in case I need to do it again in the future.
  109. lovetox do this only if you experience the, cant untrust or delete fingerprint thingy
  110. lovetox and actually it should be only necessary once
  111. lovetox so this problem should not occur anymore with this contact
  112. lovetox this stems from the python2 -> python3 migration
  113. lovetox did you use omemo in Gajim 0.16.5?
  114. lovetox did you use omemo in Gajim 0.16.x?
  115. stp lovetox, ah ok. Yes I'm pretty sure I did use OMEMO in that old Gajim version.
  116. stp 99% sure that is.
  117. stp So with contacts that I did exchange OMEMO messages for the first time only after using Gajim with Python3 that problem of not being able to delete/untrust would never come up?
  118. lovetox *should*, im 90% sure :D
  119. stp lovetox, haha ok. I have some fairly new OMEMO contact in the list so I'll observe that.
  120. bot tuxayo created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9779: < The operation inhibition has been requested for is already running >