Gajim - 2019-07-30

  1. andy lovetox, when I block someone using a XEP191, Gajim still display this person in my contact list, of course its marked in a group "not in contact list", but still... I think Gajim should remove it permanently.
  2. andy ...after a user move it to ignore list.
  3. lovetox yes, its on the todo list
  4. andy :)
  5. andy Btw, nice to have a simple way to block someone, than making privacy list...
  6. andy Using this XEP I cannot block communication for a whole server?
  7. andy nvm
  8. andy I can add a domain :)
  9. lovetox yeah under advanced blocking list
  10. lovetox BUT beware this XEP is not really thought through for MUCs
  11. lovetox if you block someone in a MUC
  12. lovetox this means you will not see him anymore in the muc roster
  13. lovetox but he is still there and can read everything you write
  14. lovetox but you cant see him
  15. Eduard Makes sense because that's a MUC and he doesn't have you blocked.
  16. Eduard Though that's the behavior of most applications, Signal works in the same way.
  17. lovetox yeah but i find it problematic that you cant even see the blocked participant in the roster
  18. Eduard That's right
  19. Name How can I alter the length of chat tabs so that they show whole usernames and not a short preview with ... ?
  20. lovetox they must have a fixed width
  21. lovetox or at least i think they must have
  22. lovetox you can try to change the tabs position to left or right
  23. lovetox this should give you more space
  24. Name I have a friend who has much longer top tabs than I do, while mine are tightly packed together with plenty of unused space. I'll try that though
  25. lovetox it depends on your theme i think
  26. lovetox there was some css magic you could do to make them longer
  27. lovetox i try to look it up
  28. Name Thanks. I'll look in the themes
  29. lovetox what version are you using
  30. lovetox Gajim
  31. Name 1.13
  32. Name None of the theme customizations with "font" in the name change the tab size, I have found
  33. lovetox no, i mean your system GTK theme
  34. lovetox but wait i look up the css thing
  35. Name Ah, I'm on Windows 7, dark theme enabled in Gajim
  36. Name Okay
  37. lovetox windows hm
  38. lovetox im also on windows i dont have that problem
  39. lovetox
  40. Name The other person with normal sized tabs is also on Windows
  41. lovetox is this the size you have?
  42. Name That's how I'd like it, I have much smaller
  43. Name
  44. lovetox hm yeah something wrong on your installation
  45. lovetox it seems it ignores our css theme
  46. lovetox can you activate logging in preferences -> advanced
  47. Name Sure
  48. lovetox then restart and send me the log
  49. lovetox do you have portable installation?
  50. Name I do
  51. lovetox then the logs should be under Gajim\UserData\Debug
  52. Name Ok, brb