Gajim - 2019-07-25

  1. bot Citrodata closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9592: < plain text password in Config >
  2. ButterflyOfFire Gajim issue with resolving domain name :
  3. ButterflyOfFire I have this : `Err :9 unstable InRelease Ne parvient pas à résoudre « »`
  4. Zash
  5. Zash DNSSEC borked?
  6. ButterflyOfFire Got a REFUSED answer via
  7. wurstsalat asterix? ^
  8. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display current trust status for encrypted messages
  9. raghavgururajan Hello Folks!
  10. raghavgururajan What is the difference between PGP and OpenPGP plugins in gajim?
  11. wurstsalat raghavgururajan: PGP plugin is old (legacy), OpenPGP is the new standard, but it's not implemented in any other client yet (I think)
  12. raghavgururajan wurstsalat Thanks :)
  13. Zash OpenPGP is OX ?
  14. joergsorge Hi, in the last days, I was trying to move a user to xmpp with gajim on windows. I think, it's a normal user with basic kowledge for using a computer and software. His comment, after installing, configuring and making the first chat: "They probably are not interestet that this software is used?"
  15. joergsorge I'm using xmpp for years, but the user experience of gajim is IMHO not a good deal for xmpp
  16. Zash I'm not quite understanding that quote.
  17. joergsorge Why is it so hard for new users to use gajim on windows? Why are not the basic plugins (OMEMO, URL-Preview) preinstalled? Why are the status is set to offline on the beginning? Why is there no eye catching button to start a new chat? Why are chats/user not proerly listet in the main window? Why are the history of messages is not simple scrollable? Why are the keys in the standard setting not automatically trusted, maybe with a warning?
  18. Zash Gajim has historically been a fairly advanced client for power users. At least that's my impression.
  19. Zash Lots of UI/UX overhaul has been done in the last few years tho, it's barely recognisable anymore.
  20. joergsorge I'm paying attention on the huge and very good work on gajim.
  21. joergsorge But the user interface and presets needs IMHO a lot of tweeks
  22. joergsorge for new users
  23. joergsorge tweaks
  24. Link Mauve joergsorge, people nowadays don’t think to double-click on a contact to start a chat?
  25. joergsorge A new user havn't a contact.
  26. joergsorge He must searching thru menus to find a way to start a new chat
  27. joergsorge An improvement IMHO could be to replace the big button for status setting on bottom of the main window with the function to start a new chat.
  28. r00tobo Hi people
  29. r00tobo any idea why the main website and the gitlab site are down ?
  30. asterix It seems there are dns problems ...
  31. r00tobo I see
  32. asterix I can join both sites
  33. r00tobo to be fair I use a custom dnscrypt so
  34. r00tobo and it's not as big as the main giant cloudflare . google . opendns etc..
  35. asterix Maybe my dnssec has problem, but I only have my phone for 2 weeks, so not easy to correctly check
  36. r00tobo asterix, I see. I will tell u when it works for me
  37. wurstsalat joergsorge: almost all of your suggestions are either already implemented or at least on the list of things to do :) but only a few people are involved in development
  38. wurstsalat Already implemented meaning in current master development branch, not released yet
  39. wurstsalat The status being set to offline is probably due to your connection not being established at that point (for me this happens a lot when the wifi connection is not there while starting). The connection logic could have some enhancements.
  40. wurstsalat Most linux packages suggest relevant plugins already, don't know why we are not packaging some plugins for windows as well. Maybe that would be an idea.
  41. wurstsalat There will most likely be a prominent button to start a conversation (of any kind) with the next chat window overhaul. This will rework the way of how your active chats are displayed as well.
  42. wurstsalat Showing your history on scrolling is another point many people mention. This is notneasy to implement in the current display-logic and needs a lot of work to be implemented properly.
  43. wurstsalat And for the last point: blind trust before verification (omemo) is on the list as well
  44. joergsorge Thanx for your replies and please don't understand my rant as bad criticism, wurstsalat and thanks to all developers!
  45. wurstsalat No, having this kind of feedback is a good thing :)
  46. Zash joergsorge: Have you (or your contact(s)) tried other clients? Maybe eg Dino suits them better?
  47. Zash One of the nice things about XMPP is that you can choose a different client if you want
  48. joergsorge I know. For myself I don't have a problem with using gajim, but actually use dino. But I've seen how hard it is for users are new on xmpp
  49. joergsorge I'm also on Linux, but it seems that gajim is actually the only client for windows?
  50. Zash Swift looked promising for a while.
  51. joergsorge And is able to crypt with omemo?
  52. Zash Seems development slowed down a lot.