Gajim - 2019-07-24

  1. zinid
  2. zinid probably the error message can be improved
  3. wurstsalat zinid: any suggestions? Current text is slightly different already:
  4. zinid no idea
  5. zinid whatever, my main concern is another "bug": Gajim doesn't check the validity of its certificate and always sends auth EXTERNAL even when it doesn't provide the certificate
  6. zinid also, PKCS12 format of the cert is retarded
  7. zinid I converted PEM to PKCS12 and Gajim doesn't want to use it (no errors are reported)
  8. zinid ah, lol, it works after Gajim restart
  9. zinid so two bugs 😉
  10. zinid also, Gajim doesn't report reason for sasl failure, e.g. a server returns: ``` <failure xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"> <temporary-auth-failure /> <text xml:lang="en">Database failure</text> </failure> ``` but Gajim only reports "Authentication failed with localhost: check username and password"
  11. zinid obviously a user doesn't need to check username and password in the case of such failure 😀
  12. zinid I guess in the case of <temporary-auth-failure /> Gajim should retry connection attempts
  13. zinid but it just stops
  14. andy
  15. andy What do you thing?
  16. andy Another approach is to modyfi a create new chat and ad a tab called "Existing room/search rooms"
  17. andy Another approach is to modify a create new chat and ad a tab called "Existing room/search rooms"
  18. andy Another approach is to modify a create group chat and ad a tab called "Existing room/search rooms"
  19. andy All existing options will be placed on a tab called new group chat?
  20. wurstsalat andy, there is a search service for public group chats integrated into the start chat dialog. though not for group chat discovery on your currenct server, that's correct. normally you would be invited (making the main join step obsolete) I guess
  21. andy wurstsalat, how search services for public chats works? What server it include?
  22. andy wurstsalat, how search services for public chats works? What servers it include?
  23. wurstsalat on current master, there is a button right to the search input in "Start Chat", it searches the muclumbus service
  24. andy Maybe it would be good idea, to include all public groupchats for used server?
  25. andy and place it at top of that list?
  26. andy btw, this tree dots should be changed to something that better fit to search, maybe a magnifier icon?
  27. andy or a group chat icon
  28. andy searching muclumbus service are through xmpp or it have an api for it?
  29. andy they offer a xmpp api Nice.
  30. andy Im curious about how long they collect this information from servers :D
  31. bot andy created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9768: < Automatically capitalize first letter in sentences >
  32. Link Mauve asterix, do you have an easy to use script to deploy a development environment for Gajim in Wine?
  33. Link Mauve I’m playing with Gstreamer right now and I’d like to also test on that platform.
  34. Link Mauve From what I understand, I “just” need to use ksvideosrc instead of v4l2src and it will work.
  35. Link Mauve But I don’t believe in “just” doing things for this OS.
  36. Link Mauve Also, is there any similar way to test for OS X when all I have is a normal PC, or a G3 mac?
  37. lovetox andy if you want a server added im sure the muculumbus maintainer are happy to help you
  38. lovetox Link Mauve, i can test for you on Windows
  39. lovetox and no you need MacOSX to test there
  40. lovetox but i would say you do too much here, it would be nice enough if you get it working on Linux
  41. lovetox yes zinid everything regarding stream establishing is pretty old and shitty code, its on the list to do
  42. zinid lovetox, okay
  43. zinid lovetox, would be great to at least not require to restart Gajim when certificate is changed in the configurator 🙂
  44. zinid and use PEM format if possible (not sure why PKCS12 is used, probably due to library)
  45. lovetox no its openssl wrapper
  46. lovetox so it does certainly support loading PEM
  47. lovetox we could support both, what i see is that PKCS12 can have a password
  48. lovetox not sure how people usually work when they distribute client certs
  49. zinid PEM also can have password
  50. lovetox ah yeah sorry just saw it looking through the docs
  51. zinid I guess PKCS12 is pre-internet era, now PEM is dominant
  52. Link Mauve lovetox, ok, I’ll give you a patch shortly.
  53. lovetox Link Mauve, MR against master would be nice
  54. Link Mauve lovetox, I only improved the configuration thing in preferences with a video preview for now.
  55. Link Mauve asterix, could you disable Gravatar support on It’s trying to track us with cookies. :/
  56. pep. evil cookies!!
  57. wurstsalat I'd be happy to test this, Link Mauve :)
  58. bot Link Mauve proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Add a video preview in the preferences, and use more modern Gstreamer elements
  59. Link Mauve lovetox, wurstsalat,
  60. Link Mauve Since I have no opponent to test Jingle with, I focused on GTK+ integration in this window.
  61. Link Mauve Currently, srcs which expose devices shouldn’t be selected.
  62. Link Mauve Always pick the default device instead.
  63. lovetox Gravatar support disabled
  64. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9768: < Automatically capitalize first letter in sentences >
  65. Link Mauve I’m thinking about providing this device selection in the chat window instead of in the preferences, so you can e.g. do screen sharing instead of camera sharing on srcs which support it.
  66. wurstsalat sounds reasonable to me! we should also think about how to activate a video chat (later). currently the menu checkbox is not the best way
  67. Link Mauve I’ll focus on replacing the awful X11-only thing with GTK+ afterwards.
  68. mathieui zinid: pkcs#12 is still the norm in Windows-land, though they call it .pfx and have no clue what it is
  69. zinid mathieui, sure, it's invented by M$ 🙂
  70. Link Mauve lovetox, wurstsalat, as per the TODO in the element detection code, I’ll need the element name of the capture element on OS X.
  71. Link Mauve So no need to test on that environment yet, it won’t work.
  72. Link Mauve Ah, it’s avfvideosrc.
  73. marmistrz I'm getting delivery failed after replying to the gitlab e-mail: (replied to
  74. marmistrz DNS Error: 43887734 DNS type 'mx' lookup of responded with code NOERROR 43887734 DNS type 'aaaa' lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN 43887734 DNS type 'a' lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN
  75. Link Mauve Pushed.
  76. bot Link Mauve updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: WIP: Add a video preview in the preferences, and use more modern Gstreamer elements
  77. asterix Link Mauve, remind me in 2 weeks. I currently have no computer with me. Real holidays !
  78. asterix Ha lovetox did it
  79. Link Mauve asterix, enjoy!
  80. Eduard wait for the new gajim release
  81. andy lovetox: > andy if you want a server added im sure the muculumbus maintainer are happy to help you Even if it is company internal (S2S off) server?🙃
  82. Link Mauve lovetox, what is .realize() on a GTK+ object?
  83. lovetox Link Mauve, internal GTK stuff, im not sure about what GTK widget you talk, but chances are 99.9% there is no need to call that for you
  84. lovetox its related to if the widget is drawn to the window
  85. lovetox read the documentation for more info, i dont think we use that even once in Gajim
  86. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s called on the {incom,outgo}ing_drawingarea widgets before taking their X11 xid atm.
  87. Link Mauve I won’t use X11 anymore.
  88. Link Mauve It’s all GTK+ now.
  89. Link Mauve So I can ignore those?
  90. lovetox is this in your code of the MR? then i take a look now
  91. Link Mauve It’s in your code.
  92. Link Mauve But yeah, the GTK+ codepath (for now contained in the MR) shouldn’t need any X11 thing anymore, for the preferences.
  93. lovetox ah i see
  94. lovetox drawing area is the one widget where this might be needed ..
  95. lovetox drawing area is a blank empty widget, so depending on what we draw on it and at what point, we may have to call that ourself
  96. lovetox i would try to remove it, and look if everything works
  97. Link Mauve I’ll remove the widget altogether anyway.
  98. Link Mauve Now using GtkGst{Gl,}Widget or something like that.
  99. lovetox yeah then im not sure why we talked about it ^^
  100. Link Mauve I just wanted to know what it was for before removing it.
  101. lovetox i think it is the method that draws the widget to the display
  102. lovetox its for example called implicitly if you call show() on a widget
  103. Link Mauve Ok.
  104. lovetox so normally you dont have to call that yourself
  105. pep. Traceback (most recent call last):
  106. pep. Should I open an issue for this?
  107. pep. gajim/nbxmpp master
  108. lovetox hm no
  109. lovetox this looks like you dont have all files?
  110. lovetox your missing the org.gajim.Gajim icon
  111. lovetox as it seems
  112. pep.
  113. pep. That's what the package installs
  114. pep. I do have stuff in ~/.local/share/icons though, maybe gajim is struggling with that?
  115. lovetox how did you install Gajim?
  116. pep. pacman
  117. pep. aur/python-nbxmpp-git and aur/gajim-git
  118. lovetox what do you have in site-packages/gajim/data/icons?
  119. pep. lots of things :x
  120. pep.
  121. lovetox and this happens reproduceable?
  122. pep. yeah, I can't start gajim because of this
  123. lovetox can you open a python console and do
  124. pep. Ok, it moves if I move ~/.local/share/icons somewhere else
  125. pep. :(
  126. pep. *it works
  127. lovetox from gi.repository imprt Gtk print(Gtk.IconTheme.get_default())
  128. lovetox pep. but we dont want to move it
  129. lovetox thats not the solution
  130. pep. I know
  131. pep. we want to iterate over all of them
  132. lovetox can you check these 2 python lines please
  133. pep. <Gtk.IconTheme object at 0x7f2c41c29500 (GtkIconTheme at 0x5600571d7870)>
  134. lovetox hm k icon theme found .. weird stuff
  135. lovetox any other errors now after moving the files?
  136. lovetox wait did you just say you moved ~/.local/share/icons?
  137. lovetox i thought you moved the icons from data/icons into that folder
  138. pep. I moved ~/.local/share/icons somewhere else
  139. lovetox and what stuff did you have in there?
  140. pep. wine stuff
  141. pep. apparently
  142. pep. But that shouldn't matter anyway
  143. lovetox but not a icon that is named org.gajim.Gajim?
  144. pep. nope
  145. pep. That goes into /usr/share
  146. pep.
  147. pep. startup logs
  148. lovetox pff no idea
  149. pep. (I don't use flatpak, it's just installed)
  150. lovetox yeah some plugins use old stuff that does not exist in Gajim anymore
  151. lovetox have to update them
  152. Phil Hi! How do I change the font size in the message window? The default setting is too small for me :-/
  153. lovetox hm no they are updated, you have to update to the most current version pep.
  154. lovetox Phil, preferences -> style
  155. lovetox theme manager
  156. lovetox add a theme, then add a setting for conversation font
  157. Phil Hmm ok, nice. Thanks! I don't think this changed the size of the message history for personal chats though? Is there a different setting for that?
  158. pep. lovetox, the plugins you mean?
  159. lovetox yes
  160. pep. k
  161. pep. Should I open an issue for the icons thingy?
  162. lovetox you can, but prepare to help investigating this :D
  163. pep. Sure
  164. lovetox ok maybe you can zip and save that icons folder, so maybe in stockholm we can reproduce that
  165. pep. k
  166. lovetox Link Mauve
  167. lovetox self.av_pipeline.add(self.av_src) TypeError: Argument 1 does not allow None as a value
  168. lovetox so av_src seems empty for me on Windows
  169. lovetox do you have an idea why this could happen?
  170. lovetox maybe i dont have all plugins installed? Gst Plugins i mean
  171. lovetox is there something particular you installed?
  172. Link Mauve lovetox, which video_input_device did you select, in the combobox?
  173. Link Mauve I don’t know if there is a default.
  174. lovetox Phil, restart Gajim
  175. Link Mauve Maybe I could reintroduce autovideosrc.
  176. lovetox i dont get to the point where i can choose something
  177. lovetox this prevents me from opening the preference window
  178. Link Mauve Oh, ugh.
  179. lovetox ah wait
  180. lovetox i get it this is pulled from config
  181. lovetox maybe i have some old invalid value there
  182. Phil lovetox, alrighty, will do that
  183. Link Mauve Try putting ksvideosrc there.
  184. Phil lovetox, after restarting the message history is still small. :(
  185. lovetox what version of Gajim?
  186. Phil 1.1.3
  187. pep. lovetox, I think nbxmpp is missing tags btw
  188. pep. git tags
  189. lovetox Phil, what do you mean by history?
  190. lovetox ctrl + H ?
  191. pep. My Arch package reports 0.6.8.r177.g7b7746b-1, it's using git describe --tags
  192. lovetox last tag is nbxmpp-0.6.10
  193. lovetox but i think this is just the version where the packages was made
  194. lovetox but the package always downloads latest master
  195. lovetox so this does not mean something
  196. Link Mauve lovetox, it’s the first tag on an ancestor on the master branch.
  197. pep. No, the PKGBUILD has got a pkgver function so it recomputes the version each time you build
  198. lovetox yeah pep. no idea about this, we have higher tags on git
  199. lovetox so its not a problem with our tags
  200. Link Mauve lovetox, in branches, right?
  201. Link Mauve Not on master.
  202. lovetox ah damn true
  203. lovetox ..
  204. Phil lovetox, when I am chatting with one of my contacts, after opening the message window there is the history at the top. It has like font size 8 or so
  205. lovetox ah only the preloaded history
  206. bot Maxime Buquet created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9769: < AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'load_icon' prevents gajim from starting >
  207. lovetox Phil, i think you have to live with that, or you disable showing the history messages, and use the history window for now
  208. lovetox its fixed but not in 1.1.3
  209. Phil hmm ok. Well optimally I would like to have the full message history available at the same font size, like in WhatsApp where you can just scroll up and read the history
  210. lovetox yeah Phil, but not there yet sadly
  211. lovetox Link Mauve, now i have in input device a entry "Windows"
  212. lovetox in output device its null-video-output
  213. lovetox the video window is just black
  214. lovetox "videotest" produces test output
  215. Phil I hope that it will be fixed soon! :) Thanks for your help
  216. lovetox and this
  217. lovetox device_monitor = device_monitor.start()
  218. lovetox does create a warning for me
  219. Link Mauve lovetox, and if you select it, does it display anything?
  220. Link Mauve Do you see any other device there?
  221. lovetox Warning: invalid cast from 'GstWasapiDeviceProvider' to 'GstElement'
  222. lovetox and (gajim:1028): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 21:49:55.920: gst_device_monitor_dispose: assertion '!self->priv->started' failed
  223. lovetox so i think there is probably a reason why i only see black
  224. Link Mauve Hmm, maybe I should .stop() there.
  225. Link Mauve But the monitor isn’t very useful, you can comment it all out.
  226. Link Mauve Lines 970-974.
  227. Link Mauve I have to eat, my parents are calling pep. and I. :-°
  228. lovetox yeah, see you later
  229. Link Mauve “21:49:28 lovetox> in output device its null-video-output”, it should be GstGtkGlSink or something.
  230. lovetox hmm that could be the reason i look into it
  231. lovetox Link Mauve, but what to put into the output config setting?
  232. lovetox now i have fakesink in it, so that obviously does not work
  233. Link Mauve lovetox, before you removed the Gst.DeviceMonitor stuff, did it print something on line 974?
  234. Link Mauve How many devices?
  235. Link Mauve Of which type?
  236. lovetox yes but not very helpful stuff only objects
  237. lovetox
  238. Link Mauve lovetox, ok, so it might be selecting the first one, which is doing sound, and then obviously failing at piping sound data into a video element.
  239. Link Mauve Could you run `gst-inspect-1.0 ksvideosrc`?
  240. Link Mauve Maybe there is a way to only ask for video src devices.
  241. lovetox Link Mauve,
  242. jla :-)
  243. lovetox Link Mauve, ksvideosrc, i think works as input device
  244. lovetox ist shows me "Windows" to select
  245. lovetox but i need a output device
  246. lovetox hm no the video test works also without having a output device set
  247. Link Mauve lovetox, Windows is the name I gave to ksvideosrc.
  248. Link Mauve See line 105, gajim/common/
  249. jla Is there people using XMPP to login and manage a server as if they were in ssh session or may have i dreamed it ?
  250. lovetox there are adhoc commands
  251. lovetox right click the roster account row -> commands
  252. lovetox Link Mauve, but is the gtkglsink actually needed to show the preview in preferences?
  253. Link Mauve lovetox, what else would you use?
  254. lovetox i dont know how this all works, i know only that the videotestsrc seems to work and is completely independent from the output device i set on the comboxbox
  255. lovetox it always shows me teh test stream
  256. Link Mauve Oh, I forgot to plug in the video_output_combobox… >_<
  257. Link Mauve Let me fix that.
  258. Link Mauve Do we want to allow a fakevideosink anymore?
  259. Link Mauve It creates a case where there is no widget, so we’ll have to check for None everytime.
  260. lovetox i guess its not needed
  261. lovetox but gtkglsink is None for me, maybe i need to install some plugin
  262. lovetox or this sink does not work on windows in general
  263. Link Mauve It’s for systems which support OpenGL.
  264. lovetox $ gst-inspect-1.0 gtkglsink No Element or Plugin »gtkglsink«
  265. Link Mauve It comes from /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/
  266. Link Mauve From gst-plugins-good.
  267. lovetox k i look if i have that installed
  268. Link Mauve Which version of Gstreamer are you using btw?
  269. jla > there are adhoc commands > right click the roster account row -> commands Can i run bash commands on the server with those Gajim adhoc commands ?
  270. lovetox no
  271. lovetox you can only execute commands the server offers, and these you see in that window
  272. lovetox there is nothing else that comes to mind how to administrate a server
  273. lovetox Link Mauve, gstreamer 1.16
  274. Link Mauve Ok, same as mine.
  275. lovetox plugins good is installed, but it cant locate that plugin
  276. lovetox so maybe this is really not for windows
  277. Link Mauve lovetox, which elements does `gst-inspect-1.0 gtk` print?
  278. Link Mauve Does `gst-inspect-1.0 opengl` work?
  279. lovetox Plugin Details:
  280. lovetox yeah opengl also works
  281. Link Mauve Weird.
  282. lovetox ok but that cant be the only sink or?
  283. Link Mauve No, my code already fallbacks to gtksink when that doesn’t work.
  284. lovetox gtksink though is working
  285. lovetox as in it shows in the combobox for me
  286. Link Mauve You just won’t get all of the nice effects available with OpenGL.
  287. Link Mauve It shows only the software one, not the OpenGL one?
  288. lovetox yes
  289. Link Mauve Perfect.
  290. lovetox yeah so maybe with your combobox fix this will work?
  291. Link Mauve It should already work, since the combobox was just ignored.
  292. lovetox this is why i dont want to get into gstreamer, there is a million plugins lol
  293. Link Mauve It was first testing gtkglsink, then if that didn’t work gtksink.
  294. Link Mauve Since testvideosrc works, there is no issue gtk-wise.
  295. lovetox yeah just only black screen, maybe we can further gather debug output?
  296. Link Mauve lovetox, just one plugin providing the two elements we want to use.
  297. Link Mauve The gtk plugin.
  298. Link Mauve lovetox, I think it may be getting video from something else than your camera.
  299. Link Mauve Could you run it with GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR=/tmp and then send me the .dot file appearing there?
  300. lovetox yes
  301. pep. (you might want to adapt the path for windows :P)
  302. lovetox no shit :D
  303. lovetox
  304. Link Mauve lovetox, looks perfect.
  305. Link Mauve Can you add back 970-974 and look at whether there are still audio sources being returned.
  306. lovetox yes nothing changed on that front
  307. Link Mauve Super weird that it adds audio and sink things. :/
  308. lovetox im not suprised about audio
  309. lovetox i mean this think is named Gst.DeviceMonitor
  310. lovetox audio is also a device
  311. Link Mauve lovetox, where self.av_src is set, before the next line, could you add self.av_src.set_property('device-index', 1), then check with 0, 2, 3, etc.
  312. Link Mauve lovetox, do you know if GTK+ provides GtkGLArea on Windows?
  313. lovetox ive never encountered GTK stuff that was not available crossplatform
  314. Link Mauve lovetox, could you set GST_DEBUG=*:3 in your environment?
  315. Link Mauve Gstreamer will print errors and such on stderr afterwards.
  316. lovetox yeah so this with device-index does not work, everything above 0 yields device not found
  317. lovetox and 0 yields
  318. lovetox
  319. lovetox so it seems the src is the problem not the sink
  320. Link Mauve So a KsClock issue? I have no idea what that is.
  321. Link Mauve I guess we could stop caring about Windows for now, it’s not like a few days/weeks more of wait will do much harm to their users.
  322. Link Mauve And try to integrate the gtksink things in Jingle already.
  323. lovetox yes absoluteley ! just focus on getting this on linux
  324. Link Mauve Since videotestsrc works for you, that means GtkSink works on Windows and it’s all that counts.
  325. Link Mauve I’d welcome some OS X testing though.
  326. lovetox i can do that i have a MAC also
  327. lovetox but not today
  328. Link Mauve Sure.
  329. lovetox maybe for testing purposes its also easier to just add on video activate a new window with the widget inside
  330. lovetox instead of using the thing in the chatcontrol
  331. lovetox which is probably broken
  332. Link Mauve Why?
  333. lovetox Dont know i just thought it would be easier, i never saw the video thing in the chatcontrol
  334. lovetox im not sure how broken it is, and how much time you have to invest to fix it
  335. Link Mauve I’ve already replaced it with a Gtk{Gl,}Sink.
  336. lovetox The problem is not fixing up the UI for me, the problem is all the gstreamer and jingle stuff
  337. lovetox once that works, im happy to make this UI wise nice in Gajim
  338. Link Mauve lovetox, I was thinking about removing the two drawingareas and making it a single OpenGL drawing area, on which we can render both videos at the size we want.
  339. Link Mauve A bit like Jitsi Meet, if you’ve ever used it.
  340. Link Mauve Also in prevision of multiple participants, not just two.
  341. lovetox yes sounds good